Angels of the 42-Letter Name, a Pathworking

So starting on the first of the year, I will be beginning a pathworking involving the Angels of the 42-Letter Name. This one bodes to be different than my previous pathworkings of the Ars Goetia, the Shemhamephorash, and 31 Named Archangels.

I’m still ironing out exactly how I will be progressing through this pathworking, but I have a pretty solid idea of the general process I will be using.

First, after getting robed up in full ritual garb, I will be entering a state of cosmic awareness via my connection to my highest self, viewing All from above as well as within my physical form.

From there, I will speak my intent to call upon the Angel for that particular day of invocation. With my intent resonating through the All, I will then bring forth all that I have already attained, as witness to the events of the operation.

From this point, I will call forth that day’s Angel, and bring myself into alignment with it’s current, calling to calcify myself on all planes connected, and rectify the dissonance within my physical and higher selves. I will command upon this Angel that it is to serve, as a part of myself and as an extension of divine will. After the oaths are sworn, I will release the Angel to commit to the tasks given to it.

Part of the oaths involved will contain a binding to a physical medium, either a ring or my sword, Ideam Ingis, possibly both.

In any case, I will be doing 6 days of invocation followed by a day of unification, where I will call forth all that I have claimed to that point.

The spirits I’ve already bound ask me to speak as if I am a King, in regards to these matters. They advise me and guide me, and they tell me to claim thy kingdom and glory. This step must be taken on my path, as it is willed to be, by my highest self, by the All itself. I will not deny that I am uncertain as to what will result from this pathworking, and the implications give pause, but I must continue forward, as is my way.


I verified that the physical link for the binding will be my sword.

I also verified/was informed that the end result will be me taking my kingdom as it would seem. What that means exactly, I can only speculate, as there are very many ways to interpret that. I suspect that it will be bringing me closer to realizing the unification of my highest self within my being.


Day 1. Orpaniel.

After I got home from work, I set up my ritual space, dressed myself in full robes, put on my crown, and picked up my sword.

I stood in the middle of my ritual circle, visualizing the world as myself-as-all, and spoke my intent to call forth Orpaniel. After speaking my intent, I called forth the 72 of the Ars Goetia to bear witness. Then I called forth the 72 of the Shemhamephorash to bear witness. Then I called forth the Archangels to bear witness. As a final step I called forth the will of myself and my kingdom.

Then I finally called forth Orpaniel into my space, declared that I have summoned him as a servant to my divine will, as my right as embodying myself-as-all. I commanded to unify his will with mine, to follow my will as myself-as-all. His manifestation knelt before me, and I drew my sword. I spoke to bind his presence and will to my own, to my sword, then tapped the flat of the blade upon either shoulder of his manifestation.

Then to seal the oath, I commanded he kiss the pommel of my sword (as I had held it point down) and directed him to strengthen my kingdom.

After the oaths were finished, I sheathed my sword, and bid him departure to enact my will. After he left, I bid the rest of my spirits to depart as well.

As I write this, I feel my being starting to shift within my chest, as if a portion of my being is growing while not expanding. Not like growing more dense, morso expanding within extradimensional space. Before I even started, my brow has been buzzing like mad, almost like a migraine but not painful, just uncomfortable, as if my frontal lobe tried to bash it’s way out of my forehead. I feel my awareness half-trancing out as my eyes unfocus and my attention shifts away from my writing of this post. Feels like some slight warping of my perception of three-dimensional space is occurring, depth and relative positions in space seem to be warping within my sight as I look at my monitor, which appears curved even though it isn’t.

I might post an update tomorrow morning sometime, if I notice anything else significant.


It’s weird, I feel both completely different and exactly the same as before I did the invocation last night… I guess it makes sense though, because the ritual is more to bring my highest self and my mundane self into the same space. I’m myself-but-higher-than-before, if that makes sense. I can only expect this sensation to become more pronounced as I progress through this operation. I have been lightly trancing out when I’m not focused on anything in particular, and the visual irregularities I was experiencing last night have all faded for the most part.


Day 2. Boel.

I did the same preparatory work as the previous invocation, so to keep things concise, I will only mention things that are new or different from this point on, or if something unexpected occurs.

I called Boel before me as a servant, gave him the command to unify his will with mine, to serve and extend my will as a part of my kingdom. Then to seal the oaths I bound his will and my own to the sword, as I did with the previous invocation.

I closed the rite in the same manner as before.

To this point so far, I haven’t really noticed anything majorly different, besides my brow lightly buzzing and seeing through my monitor as if it wasn’t there within my mind’s eye. Actually, I can see the studs and insulation and plumbing and wiring in the walls of my apartment when I look at the walls. Seeing as Boel has some affinity for exposing truth, I suspect I’ll be able to see into a person’s intention and being without effort. I’m not seeing any visual distortions besides the seeing through things part…

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I’ve noticed a few things since I woke up this morning. My thoughts seem more clear. Less nonsense thoughts jamming up my thought patterns. I’ve also been noticibly peppier about things. I also noticed that my hunch about seeing people’s intentions was pretty accurate too.

Things are just great today.


Day 3. Gavriel.

Same prep, same steps.

I called Gavriel, he appeared before me, I gave him the commands and took his oath, and bound our wills to my sword. Then dismissed him, and then everyone else.

My brow is buzzing. I’ve had to pop my ears 3 times and it feels like they should be ringing like tinnitus, even though they aren’t. It feels like my head is simultaneously being filled with cold running water and being pressurized with air. I have to fight to stay focused, I keep losing my focus just trying to type this. It feels like the time I tried shrooms, at least when they started to kick in, but also clear in thought. This is pretty weird. And now I’m laughing at my this is pretty weird comment and myself.

I’m gonna stop writing this now because I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain coherency much longer.

I’ll update everyone on what happens with this tomorrow.

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Things have stabilized. That was a really strong reaction to the manifestation of the invocation. Besides that, I haven’t really noticed much, but at the same time I haven’t really had much time to figure out what all changed. For all I know it could be something super subtle.

I feel a lot lighter than I did before though. Like there was weight pressing down on my shoulders and head, but now it’s gone. Maybe it removed some of my stress or something?

Day 4. Iophiel.

Same rite as before, nothing new there. Iophiel was pleasant and his presence was somewhat calming.

My brow is buzzing again, pretty strongly this time. Everything feels clear and cool. I feel like I was dipped in cool water then immediately removed from it, but somehow with my clothes and everything still being dry. Not so much wet as cool. My vision is tunneling slightly, where the things at the edges of my field of view are fading away, as if my vision is narrower than normal. Sounds are louder than normal. My brow is buzzing even harder. I feel the shirt pressed against my back as I sit in my chair at my computer desk, my awareness brought to every sensation, including the ones I normally don’t notice/pay attention to. I feel like I’m vibing.

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I seem more focused today, more motivated. I feel like I’m ready to grab life by the soft-bits and make it kneel before me as it’s master. Maybe some slightly megalomaniacal thoughts of domination and cotrol… But what is megalomania but ambition without restraint? Thankfully my ability to restrain myself hasn’t wavered at all.

I did make some realizations about myself last night meditating before I went to sleep. I’m not sure if it’s because of certain individuals or because I grew up mostly around women, I feel more comfortable talking to women than men about personal things. I also started to realize how far my own self-restraint is repressing my true self.

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Day 5. Tumiel.

Same steps as before, and it all went smoothly. His presence brought light, or maybe it encouraged me to create light? or something…

I seem to be expressing doubts about everything, questioning even things that are a given… I suspect the working is causing me to think over things and re-evaluate stuff that I might have missed at one point or another. Bringing issues to light as it were… I’m not really feeling any major changes so far besides that, but I feel like this one is one of the more subtle powers at work, which isn’t unwelcome after the last few ones that really messed with me a bit. The crown of my head is buzzing a little this time, which is interesting. Besides that, I can’t really say much besides what has already been said.

I’ll make an update in the morning.


I’m not sure what more to say about last night’s invocation. The manifestation was incredibly subtle but far reaching, as I expected from my first impressions of it. I can’t really put it into words, but the feeling of being happy while listening to a bittersweet song of love, a dream of hope and joy in the face of darkness, failed aspirations but content with the attempt. Joyful sadness, as it were. That’s what I’m feeling of things. But the joy and sadness are both my own. Not quite enough to shed a tear, but more than enough to make one wistful of the dreams of yesteryear, of the hopes for a thousand happy tomorrows. Tears of joy in spite of pain. It’s an exquisite feeling that is hard to quantify, it’s decadent and rich.

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Things have been pretty wild so far. I’m almost scared as to what the end manifestation of this whole operation will be.

Day 6. Tzadkiel.

Another invocation finished.

I feel a bit disconnected or ungrounded. My awareness hasn’t changed, but I feel like I’m fading from the physical world slightly. My brow is buzzing and feels like cold water was poured into the crown of my head. I feel like I could will the world to change with but a whisper. I feel that ‘water’ from before running through my body from my head, it kinda tickles my insides. Now I feel a chill too. Everything feels sort of fuzzy, not literal fuzzy, but like my senses are half a step removed from my perception kinda. The currents of the world feel more malleable too. I’m realizing how powerful I really am, how powerful I can be. This is a strange feeling.

Tomorrow I will be calling up the six I’ve bound so far to focus and advance the manifestation. Six days of single invocations and bindings, followed by a day to unify everything.


As I stated my intent to yesterday, I called up Orpaniel, Boel, Gavriel, Iophiel, Tumiel, and Tzadkiel.

I called for them in partial ritual garb (everything except my robes), they appeared and knelt before me. I thanked them for coming before me, then stated my intent to unify their wills to rectify their presences into a single homogenous form. I drew my sword and commanded that they unify their wills within my sword to balance the mixture of presences. After which I sheathed my sword and thanked them. I felt that they desired something, so I asked what they wanted. They wanted me to exercise their will, to command them and use them to further my goals more. I gave them a task and sent them on their way.


Week 2, Day 1. Kavtziel.

Everything went as expected, Kavtziel was ready and waiting for my call.

I feel ungrounded but focused. I can feel my kingdom within my being, all that I am and all that I have. I can feel a bubble protecting that which is mine. My brow is buzzing and my heart area feels like a pressure from within pushing inward and outward at the same time. I feel waves of power flowing from around my heart through my extremities and into my surroundings. As I type this I feel power being left behind as residue from my keystrokes, which starts to fade after a few seconds. I feel etherial wings from my upper back. I also have been feeling a slight muscle jerk in my core every minute or so, like a shiver or a shake kinda. I feel like I could punch out a construction worker or something. This is really an interesting feeling.


Week 2, Day 2. Ravchiel.

Another invocation finished.

I feel a sensation up my spine, like ticklish lighting or something. My brow is buzzing yet again. The crown of my head is tingling. I can feel myself smiling uncontrollably, I have to actively try to not smile. My more erogenous areas feel simultaneously warm and cold, with a slight tingle. I feel an urge to get cuddles, despite not having anyone to cuddle.

I double checked my resources, turns out Ravchiel’s sphere is passion and emotion, so a lot of what I’m feeling makes a lot of sense. I want to simultaneously cuddle, dance, kiss, fuck, and bind someone. This made me about half-horny too. I feel like I could sing. This is not unpleasant.


Week 2, Day 3. Oziel.

This one went pretty well.

I can feel my brow buzzing. I feel more steady. My sitting posture as I type this has shifted to one that isn’t terrible and it feels correct. My vision is simultaneously more focused and more likely to shoot off in random directions drawing my attention away from what I’m doing. I had a strange thought about seeing possible futures, but then I sneezed and lost it, but then I found it again. I feel an urge to start working out to build muscle mass. I feel an urge to go running. I feel an urge to go to bed and be lazy. I feel a lot of urges okay!

I feel like all the feelings and urges I’ve been ignoring or suppressing or unaware of are all coming out all at once, even if they are contradictory. I feel like I could punch out a bear, and I also feel like I could break if I leaned up against something too hard. I don’t know how to describe this any more than I already did.

My vision keeps pulling to the left when I don’t have anything that should be drawing my attention that way. I mean, the bathroom of the other apartment on this floor is on the other side of the wall to my left, and then the kitchen of that unit beyond that. And then beyond that is outside. And now my neighbors are arguing or flirting and leaving to go get food from what it sounds like. And now I’m thinking about frilly panties. And my vision keeps fucking pulling to the left! This is starting to annoy me.


I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night, the manifestation kept me awake, so I’m dead tired right now. When I get home from work I’ll be doing tonight’s invocation and then going to bed not long after.

Week 2, Day 4. Shemshiel.

The invocation went well.

My brow is buzzing, my left ear is ringing in that tinnitus kind of way (despite not having tinnitus), my vision seems clearer, albeit slightly like playing an FPS with the FOV settings too high. My forehead but inside feels lightly cool or smooth, like brand new glossy ceramic tile in your shower or something. Usually when my brow buzzes this hard I feel a slight pinching in that area, but it feels smooth right now.

I am exhausted from not getting any sleep last night, but that won’t have any effects on the manifestation, just my ability to perceive the manifestation in my current state. Once I get some sleep I’m sure I’ll have more to say.