Angels Of Omnipotence

I have thought of this lately, as I’ve started working with AoO again – although right now only with the more nebulous sigils like “soften reality” and such. Not much I can really do about that from a material, 3D perspective, right? But it’s showing returns already, after a few days.

You can probably blanket disregard that statement. Last year I worked with the AoO and did the Forbidden Initiation Ritual That Made Many People Angry :tm: and it did turn my life upside down for a bit, and throw me into a tailspin.

That said, there are a lot of things in magic & life where you are F’ing yourself in the A by doing nothing. Like, using a sigil to “interview well” but not applying for any jobs. What’s the point? Obviously you must apply for jobs to interview for, or the effort is pointless. But I also think, personally, that the majority of magic should not have personal effort attached. Or rather, no more effort than a normie would put into a goal; and oftentimes even less than that. I succeed most when I do not strive. You, in performing ritual, have the added benefit of magic and emotional alchemy on your side.

IMO, in the benefit of magic is to train yourself to replace lust for results with certainty of outcome and a good measure of patience.

Just my humble opinion, of course.


When it comes to using them for bane, I suppose that’s where you put your trust in the angel more than yourself.

Try not to overthink the instructions.

I love the Angels of Omnipotence, they really work. Few can defend me against the painful astral attacks of my enemy, but Ublisi does. Sometimes I have to call him twice a day in order for the protection to get going and sometimes it starts working first the next day.
As a comparison, the only others that have been able to protect me are Sabnock, Sargatanas and God himself (stopped protect me after a while, but he always stopped any attack INSTANTLY). Also the Protection spell using the protective spirit of God from 1-2-3 book, works.

Also Ebuhuel for refilling low energy (fatigue syndrome) works well.
Ublisi gives a good amount of extra magickal energy, too. Similar to what vril gives me.

Have used them for baneful works as well, but can’t tell whether they worked.


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The tempest book didn’t work for me as far as I can tell. From the reviews I noticed some complaining it didn’t work while others say it did. My guess is that, since the book is based on the author’s personal gnosis, some vibe with it and some don’t. I guess I fall on the latter category.

May i as well ? :hushed:

Was out yesterday and talked to Bualu about starting a pact so I could be a totally responsible person. Got home and she seemed to almost possess my drunk mom and gave me and my brother an hour-long lecture on the unacceptability of our lives. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I went on a vision quest later that night where she gave me a small invocation method where I would visualize wearing her “Jewel” on my third eye.

These angels seem to agree with Mr. Stan Lee’s take on great power. :slightly_smiling_face:

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