Angels Of Omnipotence

Very interesting course of events. It also matches my reading on the working well:

I guess it’s very important to keep in mind this can lead to intensity like Rebeus in the reading predicts. This can be an intense working.

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Hello everyone! Quite a thread we have here, eh? Did not see such attention to any other book in a while.

So, I just wanted to update my earlier review. From the day I powted it originally to this day I worked almost exclusively with this book (also my daily Success Magick routine, and plan on trying my Magickal Cashbook again, but nothing more), and did quite a lot of rituals.

Here’s some observations from my experience:

  • Generally, it works. Boost business works, improve imagination works, many personal traits works, healing (both “heal the one who is sick” and “ease pain”) works. Let go of the fear of poverty and open yourself to prosperity works extremely similar to rituals from “7 Occult Money Rituals” (if I remember the name correctly).
  • A notice on how it works. Well, in my experience the workings have some sort of cumulative effect. If there is particular result you need to get - you eather do it once, just like Words of Power ritual, or, more likely, need to do it regularly untill you get what you desire. If you seek general improvement (more abundance, constant boost of certain business, lasting change in your personal traits, etc) - you need to do the rituals repeatedly. You might notice that for some rituals it’s the more you do it - the stronger the effects, and others you do just to keep them up and running. When with more “classical” approach you do longer, more complicated ritual to evoke the spirit, state you request and forget about it.
  • Tricky parts. First: timing between rituals you need to intuit. It’s personal thing, I guess. I personally gone for weekly schedule of rituals, one different ritual for each part of my life that need improving, for at least a month. Then some rituals did go to monthy practice, or stayed weekly for longer. Second: maintaining your focus. First, you need to focus on the sigil and calling a name. In that part you, I guess, gonnect to the power of the angel. Then, by emotional transmutation, you direct that power. And staying focused on sigil AND a HONEST particular feeling for 5 minutes can be tricky. Your mind can easily wander off. If it happens and you noticed it tho - just regain your focus and continue, no need to redo the ritual unless you strongly feel the need to do so.
  • Effects tend to wear off quite fast if you stop practicing. I took a break for a week, and for that week I was feeling bad, lost and my life generally got… Not to say “worse”, but I felt… Stagnation, for the lack of better word? Everything got back to normal once I restarted my practice.
  • Maybe it’s a personal thing, but… The more you do that magick - the more you want to. I started with 3 daily rituals and felt tired, now it’s 7 and I feel great after each session. And it feeds the ambition. But that might be psychological thing: this magick is very easy to perform, not require as much privacy as some other methods, and brings noticeable, tangible results usually pretty fast, and the energies feels… Interesting. Plus, I am a VERY ambitious person myself.

Well, here’s my experiences so far. I truly hope someone might find it useful and interesting, and if you want to clarify any of it and/or have other questons - I’ll be glad to answer!


thanks a lot for the review !

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing fine!
I would like to tell you my little experience with the angels from Tempest’s Book.

I decided, according to the author’s advice, to schedule the rituals, mostly listening to what instinct suggests. I am in the third week and I have tried until now to ritualize in particular for:

-Improving myself and possibly smoothing some aspects of my character that appeared during the usual Shadow working. I do these workings in the morning, after my 15 minutes of meditation and before coffee.

-Improve my psychic abilities. I usually do this work after the LBRP and the evening meditation, before going to sleep. I can already tell you that I’m going to work with this angel a lot!

Every Sunday, I evaluate the work of the past week, take the diary and mark what I want to work for the whole coming week.

Up to now I can say that I am very happy with the works aimed at improving yourself.
To give an example, working for a week with “Remove fear” (if I’m not mistaken) led me, out of nowhere, to realize that that thing that used to bring me anxiety at the mere thought, no longer had any power on me (shocking honestly!).
I am also very happy with “Remember your dreams”; I find that I can remember each dream with much more detail, and I no longer arrive in the morning saying “Come on! I don’t remember anything”.

These are just some of the improvements I’ve noticed, but I highly recommend investing some money on this book. I personally will continue to use it for a very long time!

Have a nice day!


I just wanted to return to this thread with an update. I’m not sure how long I’m supposed to wait for these controversial beings to show their true faces and destroy my life… but it’s been 2 months and I’ve literally never felt better in my life. To be fair I have been doing a lot of other magick from different books as well, so I’m not heaping all the credit on this one book. But it is the book I use most often by far so I’m concluding that they definitely do not destroy your life. I’m in my 30s and I have never experienced the kind of self love that I now have.


I am happy for you.

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