Angel or Demon?

the guys woke me up a couple of days ago at 4:00 and when I fell asleep, I woke up again at 6:00
and today I woke up and looked at the phone and it was 4:14 and you know I had a boner and I fell asleep again and woke up at 6:16! and yes, the device got up again :joy_cat:
maybe it has something to do with what i told the moon to destroy all spirits and parasites that are useless , and now they wanted to give me a signal that they were still there
Or was it an angel? I read on the Internet that angels give a signal like that
so it might have been a succubus who is afraid of being destroyed by my careless team?:joy_cat:
yes for reference:
1.I recently used the ways of Raziel and I then thought that it might be my thoughts or a deceitful spirit, and there is a small chance that it was Raziel and my thoughts or a deceiver spirit 2018 I called a succubus and he didn’t show himself very much if he exists at all or is it a parasite :joy_cat:
3.before that, there were also cases of awakening at even or beautiful hours and in some of them the apparatus was raised :thinking:

wondering if anyone knows what this is?

Doesn’t really sound like anything to be honest. I would not overthink it, hat way lies madness. Keep a kevel head when you’re doing magick.

Also remember that as a rule, once is normal, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.

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yeah it seems like it happened more than three times already so it’s natural
but I don’t know what it really is
sometimes i wake up before my alarm
I don’t know how this happens, but I already woke up enough before the alarm clock for a couple of minutes, a couple more minutes and an alarm clock
I also practiced software awakening, this is when you say that you will get up at a certain time and it really worked, I think it’s interesting
yes i also have a few techniques for falling asleep when i dont want to sleep i could sleep 16 hours a day if i wanted to

what means kevel?

You’re supposed to do this ideally. This happens when our circadian rhythms are good. We wake up naturally with the increase in light and rising cortisol levels.

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can you explain to me what readings are?
This is to determine what is with relationships, work, study?
I just need to know in a short time what profession is better to go for, I think if there was a kind person here, I would read with him🤔

maybe this Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 2) - #209 by Virago
I’m sorry that I disturb you so often with @

“Reading” means “examining something to get information from it”. It’s a very generic word.

  • “reading the cards”
    means asking a question and choosing a preselected number of cards, usually tarot, that have predefined meanings for thier positions in a layout, and examining them to draw conclusion based on the information, values, symbolism and feelings you get from each card in it’s place within the whole.
  • “reading your energy”
    means paying attention with your subtle senses to the energy and examining the impressions and feelings you get when you do that
  • “reading a room”
    Id not occult at all and means watching an audience to gauge their overall attitude to something
  • “reading a book”
    means scanning the words line by line to examine the ideas conveyed in the written sentences

This is to determine what is with relationships, work, study?
If you want to use tarot for that, yes you can ask any question you like.

People often post for free readings of all kinds, I don’t think the Power sensing will give the result you’re looking for.
For this I would get practical and make lists of Pros and Cons, and go with what has the best projected ratio of the two. Try to imagine doing to jobs in your mind in detail, imagine living a whole day in your life with each, and see how that makes you feel. I tall this the “taste test”.

You can make requests for free work in the Requests Thread:

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