Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 2)

@telgega I agree- and Belial approves of your message. There is a high risk of just projecting the subconscious.

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It can be good for practicing remote viewing for spirit contact, etc.

Could you scan me? (What spirits are around me?)
No trouble. Nothing out of norm. :grin:

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Go to bed

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Wut if ah told U. . . I aint tired. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Can anybody give me a general scan just to see where things are at right now? I’m not really skilled at this stuff but I can try and scan you back, just specify if that’s what you want.

Will I get a scan back? Was I accurate at all?

Thanks îl have yours today

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Okay dokey scanned your aura gave me vibes of purple :purple_circle: feels like liliac a bit but not quite , you have some issues on your heart chakra that shloud be addressed , seems you have kept yourself in the shadows for a quite a bit it’s time to reveal yourself , I see visions of necromancy or someone having to do with death you are pushed from the back as long you continue forward , don’t forget that , I see maybe Santa muerte too , I asked what should you do forward , I got the feeling of a witch doctor like z maybe you have some interest during that area , thanks a lot and I’m so sorry it took so long .
Let me know if I had anything right

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Yours was quite good beside the Ahriman part

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Yeah, felt that Ahriman was moreof my subconscious. Sante Muerte doesn’t seem wrong, but I can’t figure out who Z is for the life of me. I am beginning to dabble in necromancy btw, so your scan is right about that. What you surmised from my energy, anahata, and life position are correct as well, bravo :clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6:. Thanks for the scan

Could we trade scan? Could you scan for what message Lexmanah has for me?

I was told that in order to solve my problems, that I should merge with my Godself and rip the veils of the holy of holies to do that. Any tips there?

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Would anyone like to do a scan swap?


Could you scan into how I can trust that I’m getting the right things in my practice?

Here’s your scan.

I get that you are a very… not shy, but you don’t like to show all your cards or reveal everything when you talk to people.

I also get the sense that you like to talk about spiritual things, but struggle to really find someone for whom you could connect with.

I get the feeling that certain spirits want to work with you, exactly which I don’t know. They feel like nature related or somewhat dark, not exactly demons but more pagan.

Finally, I feel that you are close to achieving your goals, and you should be proud of that.

Here is your scan:
You can trust that you are getting the right things in your practices by paying attention to any spirits, dieties, demons, that are trying to get your attention.

I get that there is a powerful almost demonic entity that is trying to get your awareness to aid in further developement of you and your practices. Keep a keen eye out for any potential signs of this demon.

Dont quote me on this, but the first demon that comes to mind that is trying to connect with you is belial.

Hope this makes sense and is helpful.
Thanks for the reading


Can anyone give me a scan?

Practicing so this might not be totally accurate. I see the movie poster for Queen of the Damned and then a set of fangs with blood dripping down them. Maybe you’re interested in vampirism, this is a sign that vampirism is important for your path, or there could be a vampiric spirit around you trying to get your attention?

Trying to see if I can get anything else… I see a large alien-like or Eldritchian creature with many limbs and grey skin. A bottle of liquor shatters on the ground. This could be a spirit around you helping you overcome addictions.

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I am up for a scan less go

I volunteer for a trade

Anyone want to trade?