Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Hello Balg :slight_smile:
I have an an issue regarding a question. I‘d like to suggest a reading for reading (tarot cards or oracle) . I am looking for somebody (skilled , I dare say my skills are pretty decent) to exchange a free reading with. I have a very important question & I‘d like a second opinion. I, myself, of course will return the favor as best as I can.

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I would like a reading if anyone is interested. I started a worldwide dating website and I would like to know if I will make any income from it by the end of November. Thank you in advance

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Hello guys,

I need help related to love. Their is a girl in my office and she is really good friend of mine but l like her a lot romantically and I also confess my feelings to her but when I said her that I like her she said we are only good friends and I don’t have any feeling for you romantically but I respect you as my good friend. So i need your help to maker her feel romantic feelings for me and then help me in makeing her my girlfriend

So any advice what I should do

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@Mulberry Thank you I really appreciate your kindness. :handshake:t5::handshake:t5: Maybe in the future I will create thread to practice my method of divination.

But currently I will use screen names mulberry, darkest night, etc to avoid any type of misunderstanding and breaking rules for the forum and the this/other threads so far.

Be blessed,

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Pheromone perfume, an invocation to Asmodeus, a love attraction oil/perfume

I can do it but I am a newbie

Anyone who can help me boost my sales in my dating website? It is brand new and I could use all the help. Please let me know what information you will need. Thank you in advance

I’ve been practicing all forms of death curses against a magician who has had me connected to him - and I think he has been doing what is known as … soul eating.

I have done everything that I have gathered from this forum and it has been a huge help to me - but the Spirits are asking me to do much more … Yesterday I invoked Azazel’s Nether, Lord Kiltan, to surround the magician with his 2000 demons to fuck him up emotionally and mentally. Today he is slowly doing the same…

Please, I need all your help.

Experienced members that can channel incantations for me, channel some messages, some astral warfare tips, something I can do to end this warfare once and for all.

the death curses was satan’s idea, I’m advised to work with angels now, i have no skills of finalization admittedly and it may cost me more than I am willing to lose, my life.

the person’s consciousness is sort of connected to me. One of Azazel’s nethers says the serpentine areas of me is his focus. it is the most accurate description.

Here is one of the new incantations that have been helpful to me:

Incantation To Summon Scorpions against your enemies

Sam’ga’lesse amtu smahtah Jahan paro demassu

All @Xag_darklight posts and Micah’s have been exceptionally helpful; the INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :slight_smile: thread has been gold.

@Yberion’s soul killer sigil I have just come across today as a result of invoking Azazel’s nethers last night -and many more of your works.

@Rayne incantations of vampirism has been my immediate defense for as long as it is helpful

@Rav’s enochian angels and darker knowledge has provided immediate tools to work with

But it has been many months. I am… I am only past the phase where I am at loss because he is closer to my etheric body now after willingly being away for a day…

Please, all the help is appreciated.

channeled messaged
concrete ways to finalize this
soul-eating the magician


I moved this here as this is the thread for requesting free work, members can pick up request here and post what they did.

The rest of the forum is for people discussing their magickal practice, feel free to post more details about what you did and what did and didn’t work though, just try to keep the spell begging in here, thanks!

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Oh I’m sorry i didn’t mean to frame it this way - It’s more like I was looking for incantations etc if anyone has some within their arsenal that they would like to share. I’ve received a request from someone whom I even happened to use their spell before.

Totally missed I could write it here - my bad! Thanks for moving this!

It’s more of a psychic / astral thing where the person has parts of me linked to him. I’d appreciate any advice on how to pull him outside of my etheric bodies once and for all. the psychic work has been sensitive to do myself as any astral work of mine is interrupted by his presence “instead” of mine.

For curse work / spirits, I’ve sent him Dra’talon, Norath who have had good results with him. Weakness points seems t be his own spirit and death itself , his mind as a target and as a strength point,

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@Mile Please answer the questions I have asked you in order to complete your introduction.

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Oh yeah I remember! This all happened right after so I wasn’t coming to anything online almost for as long as it was on! My bad again :smiley:

Good day, everyone! Maybe someone can help, I’ve been doing it for 2 years, I’ve been trying to get in touch with demons, all without results.
I am engaged in traffic affiliate on the Internet.

With the CPA network team. I would like to get an income of $10,000 a month. The most important thing in

Work is a lot of a target gullible audience on my sites that own and are interested in cryptocurrency.

Please help! Thank you
Denis 16.05.97

Hi. I’m kind of stuck magick wise and would really like directions on entities that are ready/more open to interact with me.
Can somebody do a divination on ‘Which entities I can try contacting with now?’

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If someone can please do a road opener or obstacle removal spell for me please? These last 4 days have been torture :sob:

Can anyone here vividly summon Minoson or any spirit in charge of gambling and on my behalf and ask him for the final outcomes of some few coming football matches? At least 5 perfect final outcomes of the games.

If anyone is willing to do an energy scan to see what they pick up on me, please and thanks :blush:

Hi everyone, is there anyone interested in doing a reading for me ?

@Chamarouch You cannot offer to trade readings, You can only request one. I have edited your post.

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Hi guys, i’m rather new to magick, and i’m in a place where i can’t practice it.
I’m eager to find some kind of guidance, as i’m lost in my life right now. Can somebody help me out in any sort of way? Thanks!