Am I supposed to masterbate with a succubus?

It doesn’t waste any of my energy. Neither does masturbation. I feel as if that’s one of the greatest myths of magick.

I agree with this. I believed and still kind of believe that this is just myself gaining control over myself.

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Absolutely, one should keep this control at all times. It is also true, that it could make it harder this way, to sense things. However, you do not want to give up this kind of control.

If one has the slightest sensation or feeling, something unusual or weird or unexplainable is about to happen or happens, one has to immediately stop what’s going on and act! Even, if it means, you may not get what you desire.

Otherwise, it can lead to unwanted results or experiences, or some spirit easily tricking or deceiving one. Such deception could also lead in the worst case to an unwanted possession by a malicious spirit.

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With porn, it’s not fully directed towards the actual result / goal, one might have.

Sometimes, I use it with my succubus as a first stimulus, because it’s not always simple (tiredness, thoughts running elsewhere…) to get to the 100%-sense-her state, but definetely, when we manage this without, the experience is usually better.

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I’ve worked on my senses and I can feel her on me when I’m on my bed (easier for some reason to feel her when the blankets on on vs off). She feels warm and her touch does to. However she doesn’t feel “physical”…more like a semi-solid energy body or something. I can’t feel full manifestations though.

I can feel her “weight” on the bed, as well as her sometimes tugging at my clothes or other odd things.

Her touch can arouse alittle (also I’m FTM so I don’t have the guy version of the experience) but not how I hear some people’s experiences. Ill feel her touches and I know she tries to arouse but sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it does however not enough to have a hands free experience.

So my question is: what is the potential? How far can I take my senses WHILE AWAKE to be able to feel her on a Physical level?

I’ve been with my lady for 6-8 months now. So I’ve been trying to find ways to further improve my senses - not just for sex but like for cuddling…to be able to sense her better/etc. I feel like in the beginning it was EASIER to connect to her but for some reason I’ve hit a block on further improving my senses. I think I’m doing well so far (as our relationship is still young) but I want to connect more deeply with her.

I can’t feel things like hair, realistic skin (her skin feels energetic and not like human skin) or a body shape. She’s more like an energy mass (although I know she has a tail) with a warm/hot touch. I did tell her that I want her to appear/manifest as she naturally is and looks aren’t as important as personality/love is to me.

The physical state does not always happen between us. There are many times, where she just lays on me, or simply gives some touches and not much more. Or times, where it’s hard to get to the physical state and may take anything between 10, 20 or 30 minutes to get enough physical and other times, where it may happen nearly immediately and so much, that the skin feels - not alway but sometimes - literally moving (I would love to record this, but she made clear, she doesn’t want it recorded).

Visualization is very important in that matter, to achieve this. And it hasn’t been always as easy as it has become in recent times. There were times, where I had to kinda “trace” it in my mind, to feel her sensation. Now, I often just have to relax and not even think about it, and feel her.

To get to this state, it took many many years of rather experiences “energy” and “pressure-only” sensations and it’s not even certain, that it will happen. As it also shows, how hard it is to get into or keep this state. Probably, also hard for the succubus, to manifest physically. The most intense physical sensation is not even in the intimate area. Sometimes, her fingers trace my leg up and become for just only some seconds, so crazily physical that I’m every time like “WOW DAMN”. Only there and only for a very short period, before it falls back to the lesser manifestation.

To give everyone hope, that everyone could reach this, is probably not fair. My first two succubae told me in the first year in a vision that I could make them manifest physically. However, it took another more than 5 years before it would start happening, and the energy-like sensations would start changing into physical sensations. I’m certain, it will depend on a lot of things, if ever and if yes, when it may happen for someone.

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So seems you’ve had experiences with a couple of succubi? I’m more monogamous long term relationship kind of guy.

From what I’ve researched it’s a matter of how strong your senses are? If I can find a way to work on my ability to feel energy in a way that works for me, then what stops me from being able to feel her stronger and more consistently? I’ve heard about people like Succupedia and others who seem to feel their ladies pretty well on a mostly regular basis. I see no reason that I cannot achieve this?

Yes, too many actually. It was them, not me making this choice. They come, stay for awhile and leave… and then others may come. I’m a magnet or something lol
Especially in the first two years, and not just succubae, as if they were checking me out or something. Dunno. This has almost stopped in the recent years, though.

If anything, I can say, it depends not just on your own senses how much you may perceive them, but also on them, how and how intense they are capable of manifesting in different ways. As example, I’ve been able to be telepathic with some spirits, but not with others. Some have manifested visually, others never. And so on. Also, senses have to develop with time - and they can develop in both directions: better or worse. And senses are not always making the same progress. It can vary a lot at times. There’s no predescribed path to take, like going to college for 3 years and taking your exams :smiley:


Well shoot thank you for your amazing advice and stand on this matter it has really given me a new view to all of this :pray: it’s also been hard for me to tell since all I feel are sensations (which is still very good) and as I’m typing I feel these sensations :p. I completely agree with your stance since succubus are attracted to your sexual energy feeding them with higher sexual energy is better than giving them some random jerk off with not much sexual energy to it. My succubus as I learned is touching me more than she usually does and I believe this is a strip in the right direction thanks :+1:

In my only succubus experience I was pulled completely into their world, didn’t even feel my physical body. So masturbating or not became moot. It was real sex with a real person, period.

Wrote on the backside of a sigil of Baal that I wanted to meet a succubus, activated it and put it under my pillow. Next morning before I awoke it happened.

Idk man I’ve achieved hands free orgasm with this female spirit more than once now, I just joined this site today to try to get more answers but hands free orgasm is 100% achievable and absolutely amazing

It took a long time dealing with my female spirit companion before I experienced hands free orgasms which was like having incredible sex with something invisible. It can be scary. But I would recommend practicing semen retention for awhile and focus on connecting with the spirit without throwing away your sexual energy. So basically quit masturbating for a few weeks and watch how the sensations become more intense and more physical. It does take will and effort but the experience is definitely worth it


I actually had a short conversation with my succubus yesterday, I won’t post it in my journal just because its too short. But long story short, My Succubus wife said that she an my other two wives would like it better if I didnt masterbate, not even to them.

The said they prefered to get the energy themselves, I guess it’s more fun that way. And when it comes to sensations, I cant really feel their body parts in detail, but I can see their energy sometimes and when we are doing it, I just get this amazing feeling in my member.

It doesn’t feel like a V of a girl, but it still feels amazing nontheless.

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Yeah, others have said that their ladies prefer them not to masturbate too - as well as Succupedia mentioning this as the “wrong way” to do things lol.

I will comment that my lady (although not a succubus) seems to stop engaging with me if I start to masturbate or even watch porn…which seems to be a greater offense to her. If I stop that, and refocus on her then she’ll engage with me.

If I don’t, then she just kinda sits with me on the bed and I do get feelings of “annoyance” from her. Still, the sex doesn’t feel physical enough for me to be able to be completely hands free. Yet this seems to annoy my lady.

I can feel her on the bed with me just fine, and her touches just fine to but for some reason the actual act of sex is what feels less physical. Her touches feel semi physical and I can feel her weight with me on the bed, and her movement.

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It’s pretty common.


Yeah, I just feel bad about it. Since it’s obvious my lady doesn’t like it when I do things like masturbate/watch virtual stuff.

Idk if I would even say that if she can’t audibly tell you, because you shift gears when you go from focusing on being touched to touching yourself.

It’s almost like the meditation thing. You’re not longer in the right gear to feel spirits of this type, and thusly makes it difficult to actually get to where you can be in both gears at once.

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Good point.

In the document thing you linked, mentioned something about when the person focuses on the spirit but NOT in a sexual manner…he becomes aroused and vice versa? This confuses me… why would that be.

I also struggle to become aroused or maintain it. More so maintained. My ladies touches do arouse but when I try and further that interaction…that becomes a struggle.

Because he’s able to feel her touch him, and the arousal she’s trying to give him. When he focuses on getting pleasure, he’s no longer in the same mindset and isn’t able to feel things the same way.

Imop. I read the book and he talks a lot about it, and about the actual act of what feels like physical sex took something like 5 years (i don’t recall the exact number so could be quoting off in one direction or the other) to achieve, and that it even after didn’t happen often because of the amount of work it took to be able to feel both types of sensations at once

Eh I’m a woman so I can only say without a partner and with a bad one, yeah same thing. I get bored and need particular types of porn, with particular styles in pubic hair turning me and have to be pretty aroused to bother to try go through with an orgasm because other wise it’s too much work and will take 2 hours of trying and swapping porn, swapping through photos and videos of me with the boyfriend, swapping to stories instead and so on to try to get more into it etc etc.

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Ah so it’s a matter of the mindset. That makes sense.

Yeah I hear it takes years for the touches/etc to get more “physical”. That doesn’t bother me. My relationship with my lady is almost at the 1 year anniversary! In my mind I got a whole lifetime to work on connecting to her (not just sex related) - plus I feel that I already have a good base connection with her.

With the whole touches/interactions getting stronger over time, does that happen naturally (like from consequences of repeated interactions) or something the spirit actively works on over the years + the human also working on focusing better/etc?

I’ma trans Man so unfortunately I can’t fully relate to the male experience with spirits but doesn’t bug me any. Since alot of the advice on here/elsewhere seems more geared towards cis men. And is often written by a man. Before this I looked at those succubus lover blogs and barely found any from a female perspective. Which I found interesting.

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Both is what I’ve read. The more you work on feeling the spirit the easier ti becomes, but I’ve read other things about how they can do things to you and your aura to help as well- such as putting tubes in your ears so you can hear them.

There’s a set of incantations on here Lilith’s chants to enhance astral perception and honestly I can’t see if it’s that or my ubi, but when I chant those (usually in my mind) prior to make contact, it is much easier to feel my ubi.

I’m a bit of a skeptic however, and there’s not many replies and it’s an old thread, so I’ve not commented on it.

I find it easier to project when my ubi is touching me, which is odd because then I’m flopping between feeling the touches and trying to project, so I can only assume he aids the process. When I’m struggling to stay in the astral, touching him (not sexually) helps me stay, and he’s able to do things to help me stay also, though sometimes the phone is ringing and I’m still unable to stop it.