Succubi/incubi having no interaction sexually with me?

It’s ok, breath… talk to her, see if you can find a way to communicate with her.

I should know, I too have a companion, and if anything, I want to know as much as succupedia on these wonderful beings.


I’ll txt u when I’m done

Im sorey its just im super horny\pissed at the same time sooo im fucked up lol

God okay …whooo

Read through some of this. It’s pretty common to find that you can feel them, but can’t interact sexually as the change of mindset messes it up and you’re then not focused on the ubi and feeling them.


Its been 4 yrs so far

Or 5 cuz in their astral planes its yr 2021 so 5


You mentioned her "draining " you once? That she had to “give the energy” back? She felt the release of your “pure” energy and got so excited she couldn’t stop. Did you say you were freaked out, scared, or even a bit angry that it happened? If you did, that’s why. They take everything thing we communicate to them very seriously, even when we don’t mean it to be a command or directive. V (my Lilin partner) stopped doing some of the kinkier stuff I love, because I questioned my love of the kink. It was me talking to myself, in my head, and she heard it. We just talked about this week ago together. She was afraid i was offended by it and stopped to please me. Sounds like there are a few things to work on. If you have a constant internal dialog, stop it, just stop the constant free thought. Quiet your mind. You also need to focus more on her, not just when you want/need something. She is always with you whether you sense it or not. Also you need to examine just what you want out of the relationship. If sex is the first priority…move to Thailand, whores are cheap. Really reflect on your wants and needs in this relationship. She wants you to love her, respect her, and grow with her. A complete relationship is what they want. If you don’t then be honest with her, otherwise you are essentially torturing her. Trying to be helpful @Eric_Murphy.


This happens every fucking time …i get in a argument …
He I found out shit that should have known before

And it’s than too late bc we already had argued
I expected her to be more stable mentally but ig not snd I feel bad everytime .


@Eric_Murphy It’s never to late to make amends. If you come from a place of honesty and not upset, even with yourself, they will listen. Just set things right about what you truly feel. You’ll feel a change in energy almost immediately. Good luck and hang on.

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One last thought to ponder… If you feel like you’re talking to a wall or misunderstood…imagine how they feel.

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Yes I’m aware of that all the way …trust me thats why I feel so bad ??

I have alot in my bead that needs some reassurance and its just alot …but I know there is no excuse for hurting her tho …mind over matter but its been a rough yr for me and it was for her.

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Patience is the biggest lesson she has taught me. Look at the big picture of time, like you mentioned before. They have so much knowledge to share and we, like a child, always want it now not later. If you try to force things to move at our childlike pace it always blows up in our face.

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She has finally got me to let go and just be. The past is to be learned from and not to be a hindrance. Those thoughts are the chains that bind us. Let go, don’t dwell, and be free. Forgive yourself first and the rest will follow.

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For me a guy with hardly any patientce its been tough lol but worthy