Am I supposed to masterbate with a succubus?

So I have a succubus but I’m confused if I’m supposed to masterbate or let it do it for me. Ik its nnn but screw that :sob:. My succubus gives me different sensations everyday but it’s not enough to get me off, am I supposed to stay horny or just do it myself? (When I do it myself it feels better than it usually does is that just me or is it my succubus?)


Short answer Yes!

Long answer, read Succubus Evocation by Faustus Crow.


Thanks and I’ll start reading it :+1:

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If your masturbating yourself, then how are all those people able to get off hands free? That wouldn’t really help would it? To be able to connect better?

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I’m not sure what you’re saying but I guess every succubus is just different to how they approach things I might need to connect better but not sure how

Hi, from my experience when you get horny ,watch porn etc fantasy sexual etc succubus sense all of that. Unitl you dont be open spiritual to see and feel , its like sex with air haha


So do I just not do anything while watching porn and stuff? She usually doesn’t give me strong sensations so i can’t really get off by her at the moment :sob: Do I let her do her thing or do I just do it myself?

Haha, I’m shy about watching “porn” or anything sexual around my lady. I usually hide under the covers and she pokes me alot trying to get my attention. It’s weird not having privacy when I’m used to it.

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Both I suppose, but the goal is eventually to have your senses open and strong enough to be able to have sex on a physical level with your lover - without help.

However it’s also NOT JUST ABOUT SEX.


Ik ik :sob: but just a question for when I’m horny. Do you have any tips to get my senses open?

Opening senses can be complicated or not depending on how you approach it. The simplest thing you can do to help yourself achieve that is practicing being present in the moment all the time. Be aware of the air around you, the sensations in our body, the sounds etc. Astral senses are not independent of our physical senses so in order for them to get sharper you should start focusing on getting the physical senses work best first. Also it’s a process so no shortcuts. Maybe you might also want to check out certain spirits who can help you with the senses


I alright thanks so much for this advice :pray:

One has to masterbate to it.

They don’t. Anyone who claims this is likely lying.

You’re your own person. You do what you want; you have to take control of the situation. The succubus doesn’t care what you do. It’s easy to think that they do due to our own conflicting thoughts and possibly astral deception.

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Astral deception?

Well if your senses aren’t developed enough, I suppose you would need to.

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Your also not in control of the situation, the succubus is. Your the passive role.

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Sorry, but I’m going to have to 100% disagree with you. This is definitely not the case with me. I was taught to have full control of the situation when it comes to any spiritual contact. Sure, I can freely give them the ability to do what they want too. For me, this mostly involves the spirit influencing my thoughts and us working together.

I actually learned this from JOS. Some of their stuff is really good info. Probably not all of it is good information, though.


Then our opinions differ and I respect that.

My interactions with my lady usually involve more then just thoughts. I feel her and yes on a physical level. However if that’s not how you do/experience things then that is okay. However I wouldn’t assume people are lying just because their experience is different then yours - everyone will experience these beings differently and we should respect each other.


I suppose it could work either way. I prefer my way, because I believe it is possible to open up doors to other entities if I allow the spirit to do whatever or focus my intentions to allow the spirit to do whatever. I know you can use protection and banishing, but I don’t even have to do that.

I also know that it’s possible I won’t even open up doors for other spirits, but I like my way better anyway. I feel it’s safe and effective for me and the spirit/s.


Fair enough.

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It’s not that simple, to answer this with a simple yes or no.

A succubus may want that you learn to learn to control yourself, to be patient, and so on. Porn wastes energy. Masturbation while watching porn, may be too a waste in some way.

At least one I had for quite some time put a lot of effort in me learning patience and learning control. And learning, to actually NOT masturbate, even when she would cause a huge not bearable desire to do that. This way, more sexual energy can built up, which can be a good thing.

And by learning this type of control, the sensations and the act between us has become more satisfying and longer. Which, of course, the succubus profits from this too, if you think about it.

So, that’s why it’s not a simple either yes or no.

It’s quite difficult and it’s hard to achieve, for one self and for the succubus, and as such rarely happens, even for those who can, and that’s why some may think, that these people are likely lying. However, the truth is, that it isn’t impossible!

When I would decline my succubus to masturbate, when I realize that she may actually want me to do it, by making it totally unbearable to not, and that repeatedly, then she would cause it herself to happen in some way.

Mine has become after many years with succubae quite physical (which intensity still varies though from time to time, depending on some factors). Yet, even with the physical sensation it’s often not enough, to get fully off. I suppose, it will get easier with more intensity. Usually though, she can achieve two other states, which I cannot reach them myself in any way, where on one of them a lot of pre-c*m is produced but feels like ejaculation. These actually allow for even more energy to build up and for us to go on much longer or “forever” (if no other needs would exist), than with the typical process which happens with a woman or masturbation.

If I manage to decline to finish by masturbation, even though she makes it unbelievable unbearable through her touches and sensations at times (her own fault, she teached me that kind of control, probably more than she wanted :D), and she won’t get it from me, she will find other ways, to do it herself. Often, if the conditions for making it happen during the intimacy while awake are not optimal, she is doing it by stimulating me during sleep. In this state it seems she’s capable of reaching me easier to this state than when awake. Then she shows me a dream where we get involved intimately, where I totally start feeling the physical sensations in the dream, which causes me to wake up and continue feeling her, and this leading - during awakeness, no longer sleeping(!) - some further seconds afterwards to the … ehm … happy state :wink:

However, when I would masturbate myself, she would never go into this extra “trouble”. It’s done by that time already.