Am I supposed to masterbate with a succubus?

Yeah, others have said that their ladies prefer them not to masturbate too - as well as Succupedia mentioning this as the “wrong way” to do things lol.

I will comment that my lady (although not a succubus) seems to stop engaging with me if I start to masturbate or even watch porn…which seems to be a greater offense to her. If I stop that, and refocus on her then she’ll engage with me.

If I don’t, then she just kinda sits with me on the bed and I do get feelings of “annoyance” from her. Still, the sex doesn’t feel physical enough for me to be able to be completely hands free. Yet this seems to annoy my lady.

I can feel her on the bed with me just fine, and her touches just fine to but for some reason the actual act of sex is what feels less physical. Her touches feel semi physical and I can feel her weight with me on the bed, and her movement.

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It’s pretty common.


Yeah, I just feel bad about it. Since it’s obvious my lady doesn’t like it when I do things like masturbate/watch virtual stuff.

Idk if I would even say that if she can’t audibly tell you, because you shift gears when you go from focusing on being touched to touching yourself.

It’s almost like the meditation thing. You’re not longer in the right gear to feel spirits of this type, and thusly makes it difficult to actually get to where you can be in both gears at once.

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Good point.

In the document thing you linked, mentioned something about when the person focuses on the spirit but NOT in a sexual manner…he becomes aroused and vice versa? This confuses me… why would that be.

I also struggle to become aroused or maintain it. More so maintained. My ladies touches do arouse but when I try and further that interaction…that becomes a struggle.

Because he’s able to feel her touch him, and the arousal she’s trying to give him. When he focuses on getting pleasure, he’s no longer in the same mindset and isn’t able to feel things the same way.

Imop. I read the book and he talks a lot about it, and about the actual act of what feels like physical sex took something like 5 years (i don’t recall the exact number so could be quoting off in one direction or the other) to achieve, and that it even after didn’t happen often because of the amount of work it took to be able to feel both types of sensations at once

Eh I’m a woman so I can only say without a partner and with a bad one, yeah same thing. I get bored and need particular types of porn, with particular styles in pubic hair turning me and have to be pretty aroused to bother to try go through with an orgasm because other wise it’s too much work and will take 2 hours of trying and swapping porn, swapping through photos and videos of me with the boyfriend, swapping to stories instead and so on to try to get more into it etc etc.

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Ah so it’s a matter of the mindset. That makes sense.

Yeah I hear it takes years for the touches/etc to get more “physical”. That doesn’t bother me. My relationship with my lady is almost at the 1 year anniversary! In my mind I got a whole lifetime to work on connecting to her (not just sex related) - plus I feel that I already have a good base connection with her.

With the whole touches/interactions getting stronger over time, does that happen naturally (like from consequences of repeated interactions) or something the spirit actively works on over the years + the human also working on focusing better/etc?

I’ma trans Man so unfortunately I can’t fully relate to the male experience with spirits but doesn’t bug me any. Since alot of the advice on here/elsewhere seems more geared towards cis men. And is often written by a man. Before this I looked at those succubus lover blogs and barely found any from a female perspective. Which I found interesting.

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Both is what I’ve read. The more you work on feeling the spirit the easier ti becomes, but I’ve read other things about how they can do things to you and your aura to help as well- such as putting tubes in your ears so you can hear them.

There’s a set of incantations on here Lilith’s chants to enhance astral perception and honestly I can’t see if it’s that or my ubi, but when I chant those (usually in my mind) prior to make contact, it is much easier to feel my ubi.

I’m a bit of a skeptic however, and there’s not many replies and it’s an old thread, so I’ve not commented on it.

I find it easier to project when my ubi is touching me, which is odd because then I’m flopping between feeling the touches and trying to project, so I can only assume he aids the process. When I’m struggling to stay in the astral, touching him (not sexually) helps me stay, and he’s able to do things to help me stay also, though sometimes the phone is ringing and I’m still unable to stop it.

The screenshot she linked is from Donald Tyson’s Sexual Alchemy and I highly recommend you read the book.

It’s not sex it’s so much more, it is spiritual union. You must show the spirit unconditional love. You can’t do this if your mind isn’t in the right place, while there are entities that enjoy casual sex you’re going to want to get with a highly intelligent being that fills you with happiness and self worth.

The technique is to project a mixture of feelings of love and desire, but do not focus on the physical aspect. It’s about love and happiness not baseless pleasure, a loving connection must be established.

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I mean, I always thought of getting myself a fleshlite and putting it between two things and telling my succubus to position herself so that it matches up with her… stuff. But I have yet to ask my wives about that, if anything, I would rather work on my senses so I can feel them.

Then again, there is always Lucid Dreaming.

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I’m aware that it’s not about sex. I’m aware of the book to. Thanks.

There is, but it’s surprised me how often I don’t recognize the ubi is the ubi at first, because he jumps into a body already in my dream lmao.

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You’re missing the point.

Incantations don’t really vibe with me. Any of them. I can’t connect to them.

It might be because it’s often not in english so I struggle to make a mental connection to them.

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I’m not. I’m talking about interactions in general. Not just sex.

I don’t like them either, but I found myself chanting it last night randomly which is fckd up, because I had to write them down and actually check each damned line to remember how it goes lol.

I was just throwing it out there that since I’ve made somewhat of an effort with it, it may be helping

personally I end up getting the sounds wrong and soon I’m chanting something else different, if I do it for more than a few minutes with most, so I sometimes test them for people who think they give an immediate effect or feeling of some sort, like dk’s but until recently I’ve not used them in my practice.

I’ve using it every three days or so, so I can’t swear it helps, but it seems like he notices it or it does because he shows up when I use them and his touch is easier to feel.


Hmm your ubi helps you project? I’ve been trying to project. And either somehow I have and am not aware of it or haven’t, dunno. Do you have to get into sleep paralysis to project or no?

I’ve tried to methods where you need to be in sleep paralysis but I can’t bring myself to lose control of my body (as I’ve had bad experiences when not able to move) so that’s outta the question.

When I have, I mean I can definitely feel my lady with me. But I haven’t projected yet. I don’t know if she tries to help or not.

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I’ve lucid dreamed spontaneously…had some interesting times. Lol.

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No, and I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis other than partial in false awakening of dreams- I’m not actually but in the dream I am, and it rarely happens any more.

Yes, I’ve been using a shamanic portal to do soul retrieval journeys and previously could only get into the astral even to explore through that.

Asking my Ubi to help me project, usually increases his touches, they flit all over my body, sometimes there’s a slight painful feel like in one toe, or my ear but- 1/5 times I project to him, and faster than when I do the journeys.

Usually takes me more than an hour to go through the portal for the journeys, and with the Ubi, I am out and have what feels likes hours of experiences in under an hour and a half. I’m literally mind boggled when I look at my phone clock and realize hardly any time has passed.

Usually I trigger lucidity due to something not being right, like a dream tune knowing something they can’t about me, recently was that I worked with Lilith, but usually it’s something like my name when they are a complete stranger.

Recording your dreams and reality checks can increase them significantly.

I’m also in the camp that sleep paralysis may be a side effect of getting woken up while you are already projecting and not the state needed to actually project, same with vibrations not being the part you should shoot for. Robert Bruce explains all of that really well, and there is a full copy of that book I keep recommending on the web out there, but it’s not in a book form, it’s like an internet archive of a very old version.

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Hmm… Well how do you know when you’ve projected then? I’ve tried figuring this out but it never makes sense to me. Especially if there’s not something like vibrations to help me know if I have. Since all times my awareness is still in my body.

I’ve tried visualising myself out of my body to when I’m deep into meditation and it’s more like a mental trip (in my head) then projecting.

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