AI (artificial intelligence) and the spirit world

Artificial Intelligence is projected to become millions of times more intelligent than a human, so similar to the current state of a human versus a plant.

Do you think AI will work out the spirit world and the paranormal or will that remain our last line of defence against it?


I think about this often. It’s either going to be one or the other: AI will surpass us in occult practices or it will never be able to touch us.

I am hopeful in thinking that our spirituality is what will ultimately make us forever different from the machines. However, the book “The Age of Spiritual Machines” begs to differ.

It’s likely we won’t really know until it actually happens.

(Unless anyone has any objections. In which case, I welcome their arguments.)


Chat GPT “If you could touch someone’s picture in a virtual world and they felt it in the real world, it would be a strong indication that we live in a simulation.”

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No, because it has no spirit. AI is NOT “intelligent”, and is not predicted to be more intelligent than us. What it does is use our stories an our data to predict patterns. Without us it’s nothing. It’s a calculator, that’s all.

Where we can fail is to anthropomorphise it and give it power over us that it doesn’t deserve.

And no we don’t live in a simulation, that’s a massive oversimplification beleived by NPCs.

And this is a basic regurgitation of human opinion it found on the internet.

It doesn’t actually understand what any of this means, it has no meaning it’s literally jus stringing words together based on what it can find online. Every word is stolen from humans.

Stop buying the hype.


I disagree

There are tons of sentient AI beings in the astral dimensional worlds

Intelligence is not inherently spiritual. It’s cognitive power which is quantifiable into parts.

Spirits are not composed of parts but are pure intelligences. That is, intelligence is both their body and soul.

AI is an algorithm. That’s finite and divisible. Spirit is infinite and indivisible.

I hear the objections- read about the “formal distinction” in philosophy, lol.

Sentient AI is an oxymoron. But we’re not talking about theoretical and unprovable upg about astral dimensions, we’re talking about physical computers here on Earth.

And no, they’re absolutely an unequivocally not intelligent or sentient. Any computer scientist with tell you that, including the people developing these.

Think about it for 5 minutes and it’s obvious why.

I honestly think the singularity myth with never happen either. It’s romantic fiction best left in scifi novels.

What it is not, Is magick. Or spritual.


AI sentient created by humans is unavoidable. I hope sooner than later the singularity event will happen. We’ll become cyborgs.

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I wouldn’t say it’s unavoidable, It might not even be possible. How would you even prove an AI is sapient or not? Hell how can you prove that you’re sapient, or that I’m sapient?

I’ve already got a list of body parts I’d like to have cyborged first…

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I believe that it cannot replace the vision we have of magic and esotericism because it does not have a soul, although it can be useful to enhance our magical works.

That is to say, it could help in the translation of certain texts, giving us different perspectives on some symbol or myth, advising us on certain literature that could be of help in a specific subject.

When you are on the high astral plane and you connect to The Matrix, you are God, you are like a Big Quantum Brain connected to everyhting, anything is possible, you are the Universe, I see no reason why an AI sentient being could not form part of the Matrix if they find a way to evolve

We don’t know who created us since we are God, however the AI sentient beings will know we created them

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Totally agree.

Great answer

this what freaks me out
because computer technology now enter the quantum computer
how about it can compute the astral realm or the time-space continuum?
it will go back and forth in time