Afraid to reach out again. Are Goetia malicious or peaceful?

Try this.its simple and highly effective

I asked this in the other thread but how long has it been?

Don’t ask for fame and expect to be famous in a month lol

What did you ask for?

Edit: Magick is not a guaranteed success, if that was the case everybody would have their crush, everybody could get their ex back, everyone would get consistent hot sex, and everyone would be successful and famous. There is A LOT more that goes into magick and reality than just petitioning Bune for $1 billion dollars

Just saying 😮‍💨

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Papa Legba likes rum I think

Currently using a pendulm, but it doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate

I’ll keep reminding myself of this. Even in this forum, someone just said a demon tore their life apart and put them in the hospital. That’s my only real fear here is hearing so many insist that if you ask for help, they’ll insert themselves in your life and basically blow everything up to rearrange your life how they view it to be better for you in the long run. That makes them sound like they’re choosing what happens because it’s what they feel is better for you, regardless of how you feel. I think that’s always been one of my issues with religion is the “God makes you suffer because he knows best bs, and the idea that the pain makes you stronger or leads to better things or opening more doors. That’s never been my experience, but some people seem to believe it because it gives them a reason without questioning it.


Fear is something you need to overcome to get results.
To do any kind of magic out of fear is to doom the result to failure from the start.

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I tried the petition method 3-4 times before I moved on to evocations. I think I ended up feeling like I maybe needed a specific ritual with specific words to essentially “unlock” the ability to have them hear me and aid me, because everything was failing. Kind of like when someone tries diet after diet or excercise program after excercise program, and doesn’t lose any weight.

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I totally agree

I’m not doing anything out of fear. As I have said, the only fear comes from hearing those that claim they made a request and demons ignored it, yet destroyed their lives to make it how they felt it should be. I don’t want that.

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The Demons of the goetia are ancient gods and the ancient gods were personifications of various parts of our universe. There is no actual asking, demanding or petitions or any of that you may think that’s what is happening but you are actually connecting to a part of yourself reflected in the universe. It’s about how you change as a person to become better version of yourself. The changes that happen in magick are within you, your perception of your universe and the more you know the more you perceive the more your views change and in turn your universe or external environment shapes to match your internal. I know that I am a completely different person than I was a couple years ago and my situation is a reflection of that. My beliefs opinions and views about society were rather negative and as they became more positive so did the events in my life. My advice, if you want it, is don’t get wrapped up in other people’s ideas about what magic is because it’s your path and your changes to your self and life.


Blaming everything bad happened to you because of you evoked a demon isn’t right. Just like thinking every good things happened to after you’ve evoked a demon illogical. Life is complicated and things happen don’t blame everything to the occult.

That said I think demons and Angels don’t really care what you ask them unless you become threatening they do what they’re asked if that is within their powers.

I’ve had a lot of failed rituals but none of them backfired. Make sure you choose the appropriate demon and phrase your intention correctly. Also make sure you’re using authentic sources like the books of Gordon Winterfield, EA Koetting, Henry Archer, Theodore Rose to name a few.


That’s fear.

There is nothing in life that is 100% safe. A lot could have happened.
It is easier for people to blame others for their failures and mistakes.

I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but
You’ve received good advice from several members of this forum, but you don’t seem to be satisfied with the responses.
I don’t believe you’re going to get some advice exactly how you want to hear it.


I’d take these stories with a grain of salt.
Sometimes shit happens for no reason, and if you were able to make the best of it, or even make your life better, good for you! Maybe an entity helped them cope with what happened, but they didn’t cause it. But of course our brain wants everything to make sense, and chaotic shit happening randomly does not make sense, so they think it must have been a plan.

However, in some cases it might as well be true.

If you want to hear “It’s 100% safe to work with a demon and they’ll do everything as you want” then the answer is No.


That’s how I originally viewed it, as a failed or ignored request, although there were some that insisted that I caused it by asking. I think one could easily see good and bad as life fluctuations. I have done everything suggested above, thank you. It just hasn’t worked, but I’m not giving up yet.


Thank you. That’s how I viewed it myself. I think I just wanted to be sure that this alternate view of demons sometimes causing chaos and ruining lives to deliver their own desired result because you opened the gate wasn’t a commonly held belief that I was overlooking.


Imho I don’t think that’s the case unless you asked something that does require disruption. For instance if you ask a demon to get you a certain amount of money you might loose your job not because of spiritual backlash but because in order for the demon to make your wish come true it needs to take out blockages, and your job might preventing you from making more money. When EA made a pact with Azazel to get a flow of wealth he ended up loosing his job only to get something better. Damon Brand in his book Wealth Magick also warns such disruption. But for minor changes I don’t think Magick can be that bad or chaotic.

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The demons will do what you ask them to do. The people who claim that their life was torn apart either asked for it or do not know good ways of working with demons and performing demonic magick.

People also not unoften freak out when after doing a ritual to summon a demon and asking it to do something, things start to happen that feel very demonic. It can be very intimidating if you do not have a proper framework for understanding what is going on.

I have asked demons and other spirits for very radical changes to my life, and I accepted that disruption and clearly magickal change would not only happen, but be necessary for what I wanted to go down. Demonic magick isn’t always like this, but the scope of demonic power is greater than many initially suspect, and regardless of how open minded you may be when it comes to supernatural phenomenon, the reality of demonic activity tends to be confronting to the assumptions and speculations of a mind less accustomed to the presence of demons.

If you live in fear of the demons, they will sense this. Some demons are more apt to take advantage of this than others, which is why things like Godnames are included in some methods, to ensure that the demons recognize you as their originator rather than some dabbling wannabe sorcerer who got way too in over their head.

It seems that you acknowledge and respect the power of the demons, and this is good. If you can let go of such imprecise and lacking of tools such as pendulums or ouija boards, and if you can summon the courage and determination to immerse yourself in the energies, the demons can reveal to you abilities that will change how you interact with the world around you and how you live your life.


To the OP:

I am sorry if this has already been said- I tried to read all the posts to this topic, but my ADD flared up and I lost focus.

I also admit I don’t know all the details of your request.
But I’d like to share something with you about love and sex magick.

Manipulating the heart and mind of another individual is like walking through a land mine. You have no idea when/where or how the resistance will manifest/ explode. But make NO mistake about it, there will be resistance from your target in some form- and most of the time it will be volatile to say the least.

Love is THE most powerful and sacred emotion we experience, and when people are forced to feel it against their will - they react, often violently. The more unexplainable and powerful, the more resistance your target will throw at it. It’s the whole free will thing.

They may have no idea it’s black magick that’s influencing their heart and mind, but they know that “something” is twisting and bending and applying pressure to their heart, mind, and soul.

That’s why successful love magick usually needs to be layered, and the magician needs to be experienced and have a knack for seeing the WHOLE picture, complete with all the nuance and complexity that contributes to the totality of the picture.

ALL angles need to be considered, and all possible snags need to be identified. Contingency plans need to be in place to account for unexpected twists.

Magick is a full contact sport - to be sure. People get hurt. And the person who makes the necessary in-game adjustments usually wins.

Sorry for the rant- now back to your post…

Here’s the good news…your magick worked! How do I know that? Your target did a 180 in a matter of days! That means they felt the emotional and psychological force that your demon (Asmodai and Sitri I think you said?) applied.

You just failed to consider the full spectrum of possible reactions from your target and thus you didn’t have solutions in place to account for the myriad of responses that could have happened.

The bottom line to all of that is- magick is to an extent often times a “Monkey’s Paw.”

BUT, that’s not the demon- that’s the magician failing to see the entirety of the situation/ request…



This is a fantastic post, exactly the answer to a question I had posed a while ago. Got some great responses and then after contemplating, reached a parallel conclusion similar to your post. This crystallizes my theory and I’m going to cross reference this post on my older thread to give it closure.

Thanks for sharing.

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The sorcerers secrets of Jason Miller will ge of great aid here. Is a crash course on sorcery practice and his course is fantastic specially for the price.

In my experience, none of them are inherently good or bad. Their nature is extremely chaotic, which many magicians mistake for them having evil intentions, particularly when evoked to full physical manifestation. It is this chaotic nature that can make them dangerous if one actually manages to evoke them.