Afraid to reach out again. Are Goetia malicious or peaceful?

Then you can’t use that with this. It explicitly says no circles with God names, so you’ll have to just cast an energetic circle. I have personally tried this method and I was different for sure. I’ve posted my Day 1 experience on the page, have to share Day 2 and Day 3. Day 3 was intense to say the least.

I would ignore the fearful who cower from the demons. It’s not difficult to find these sorts of opinions floating around, and I believe that is more a testament to the power of the demons than to any unruliness or treachery.

I’ll put it this way. No demon has ever acted against my wishes.

If you were clear in your intention when you made your request, then perhaps you could perform another summoning or evocation and ask for answers. You may not get any immediately in the ritual, but if you open your mind to the demons, they will find a way to communicate with you and make it clear to you how they are responding to your request.

This fear you have been feeling is not uncommon for those who seek demonic power. I experienced similar things myself, and it can still sometimes be unnerving in ways. When a real nasty demon tells you they really don’t care who your enemies are, it reminds you of the nature of these spirits you are inviting into your life. Summon them properly, as befits their nature and the respect the demons’ desire from you, and there will be no problems for you. There will be challenges, perhaps even trials, but there will not be problems.


What page is that? A lot of different links and replies here, sorry. Is there a link to energetic circle the right way?

Do you have any recommended links or literature on pacts?

It’s the last post.

I already shared that in my previous thread by Mike about Prince Orobas.

You have all the resources now to get started.


NEVER make a pact with any spirit that hasn’t helped you several times already.

Kindraathe is right. You have several resources, you have enough to start working. I’ll give you a small bibliography that will be useful for you:

  • The Kybalion (you can read this one in pdf, legally, just google it)
  • The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual (a chaos magick grimoire with the basics for practice, available legally and for free HERE)
  • The magick of angels and demons (buy it, it works)

If you want to give it a shot to visionary magick, visit the blog “The shadowbinder”, where author Jared Tempest has shared (legally and for free, again) some of the pathworkings he had discovered to several angels and demons.

For a complete system of magick (legal and free, blah blah blah) visit Quareia. Is a system developed by McCarthy. While her philosophy is not quite like the philosophy in BALG, the curse has useful exercises and tools.


It’s vital that you protect your ability to know and hear yourself, and that means setting boundaries with other people. I usually keep my dreams, desires, etc to myself until they’ve manifested and then until I’ve gotten myself rock solid in my own vibration about it. Otherwise other people can cause you to become misaligned.

Ask & It Is Given.


I worked with demons before but I always felt the results were always extreme and sometimes very painful.

I’ve been using Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of magick”. The results usually take longer than angelic workings but I’ve definitely been satisfied with the results and no extreme lessons.

The one time I took a break, and didn’t use angels with demons I was going through the Qlipoth, using the temple of ascending flame’s book.
I didn’t follow the book as prescribed, some other black magicians basically dared me to do the whole Qlipoth in one night so I did. The next day or so they gave me all the tunnels of set and I did the same thing.

My life got EXTREMELY chaotic and I delt with some really uncomfortable situations I put myself in. I then got in a car crash.

So personally I restrain/restrict the demons with angels, I started with demons but I can comfortably say I prefer working with them in the presence of angels.

I now do a lot of angelic workings, and occasional demonic workings. My next demonic working will probably be a curse.


Are the spirits of Goetia malicious or peaceful?




I’m watching this thread.

So they’re both then? Nice to know.
Anyway to predict which version you’ll get ahead of time? Or is it dependent on the op or their requests what you get?

I recommend reaching out, say scrying the seal, and just getting a feel of the energy. If it doesn’t feel right, it is probably better to move on to someone else, especially as a newbie.


There a bit of everything. For example Vassago can be quite gentle. But asmodeus gave me quite a workout. It depends if few things. First your approach, second the nature of the spirit(although they are labeled demons not all of them are such by our modern understanding of demon) and third natural affinity. You will find some spirits are more than willing to work with you. They might even look estatic for it. While others will not even show up and might give you negligible results for your hard efforts.
My best advice is develop a relationship with any spirit you wish to work. Don’t be like the neighbor who only calls when it needs something. Be caring and reward your spirits. This goes a long way.


Is more on their nature some are down right demons others are pagan spirits or even divinities.


This is excellent advice, cultivating a strong relationship with a spirit you have a natural affinity with is a very positive, and powerful experience.


I don’t have any abilities to communicate, and that has made it hard. I’m not sure what to go to them with when I can’t feel them. I also do t really want to bother them with my problems or sadness.

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The spirits like to evoked and set to task on projects where the is strong emotional energy. They use that emotional energy to help them manifest the change. Don’t be afraid to approach them when your down and out. The Goetics are a class that includes spirits that have seen some rough times too so they probably understand.

When I first approached prince Orobas I was scared and lost and low. Nothing in my life was working. I needed a miracle. That’s exactly what he delivered…a miracle.

I’d say get up, dust yourself off and try again.

Since you don’t have clairaudience I’d start with petition spells to the spirits.


My advice is to use a yes and no system for now. A pendulum or the chamalongos of palo mayombe are excellent. And start a meditation routine. This will help to quiet the mind and the spirits voice and sensations will come easily. Reasearch the tradition surrounding a specific spirit and bring offferins of things they like. But a standar offering would be some type of alchohol like rum or some other and incense for now.

Then have them instruct you throug gut feeling eventually you will feel their presence a lot. This is where a little faith is needed. I know that word might stir some controversy but the truth is at the beginning you need lots of faith and practice. Eventually the faith is replaced by knowledge and experience. I hope this helps.

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I’ve repeated this several times I think. If people want to jump in dangerous waters that’s on them.

No pacts, no possession until you get to know the spirit well

They might ask for your fucking soul

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I second that. However I make offerings as token of good faith. In African derived traditions we live by the law of equal exchange you must give something to gain something. That is why before we even take a plant from the woods we ask the guardian fo the woods for permission and pay them either coins, rum, tobacco, corn or a combination of the above. Sometimes blood offerings might be needed. That is depending on the work and on your standing with said spirits.

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Is there a petition method you recommend? I was using Winterfield, but no or worse results there.

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