Adsense - How This Forum Can Support Itself + Adblocker Suggestion

Good morning,

As you may have seen, a few Adsense units now appear on this forum, placed at these locations:

  • Top section of category/topic page
  • Beneath every fifth post
  • Above suggestions box at bottom

These units use ‘responsive’ design that allows them to re-shape to fit nicely in their designated spaces. Also, this forum technology limits where units can appear on a page to these enumerated locations only.

Anyhoo, if you deem it a hassle that this forum needs to support itself with a little bit of Adsense, then you may use a blocker plugin. It will not insult me, as I know that you had become used to an Adsense-free experience. I personally like Adblock Plus:

This forum has become prominent and receives millions of views per year, needless to say, this has caused hosting costs to climb yearly — twice this year alone — and it would help if Adsense allowed this forum to carry itself. Google has indexed many pages, and therefore, millions of random guests peruse it from their Google Search, but never open an account and participate, and never become a patron of any authors, etc. I have largely needed to address that particular consumerism.

If any of you have pledged on Patreon, I will also look into a feature that may provide you an Adsense-free experience too by virtue of your Patreon support: Patreon. As always, thank you for your support.


Thanks for putting that out there. I know running this forum is expensive to run, I don’t mind a few ads so we can continue our work here.
You guys do a great job!


I don’t mind seeing ads supporting the Museum of Communism :joy:


I was just going to ask about the Angel, Demon, God levels of participation.
I looked for it here but could only find it on the Patreon site.

I use this forum a lot, I need to figure out how to give a little back.

It looks like I have a few options - adsense, patronage -maybe there are others too.

I don’t have any problem paying for useful things and I use the shit out of this forum.

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