A story that might help many of you, concerning imagination

Thank you for sharing this! I have a really overactive imagination and was worried that it was actually hindering my results rather than producing them.

I don’t give a flying fuck. I call it how I see it. This timeline is a fucking joke to me. If I had my full powers I clean it up.

1-5% seems about right for fake computer programmed humans walking around.

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imagination creates reality

now i get how did my some of my non too fake imagination manifest into my life. whoa never thought of this haha

So they never dream and can’t imagine what someone looks like, feels like, smells like, or sounds like, when they masturbate? I I find that hard to believe.

My basic principle stated before is if you can masturbate, you can magick. :thinking:

To paraphrase Stephen King on writing, the act is done in secret, requires strong imagination, and a heartfelt commitment to the art of the impossible…


The Mind is the most powerful aspect in all of us.

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In my opinion. Using science to understand magick, is like using mathematics to understand beauty. Science measures what magick creates, that’s the only relationship between magick and science.

But magick in itself is a science, we can’t measure beauty but we can learn how to paint it the way we feel it. In that sense, magick is like painting. We can learn it, form it in different systems, use many different tools to do it… but the end result will always be something that only the consciousness of the magician can perceive, not any scientific instrument.


Exactly that’s why many state.

“The art and science of magick”.

We can measure and analyse but only to a degree, so it becomes more of a art.
Just letting go with creativity and experience.


What kinds of meditations and mantras do you suggest a beginner do, C.Kendall?

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Also good for beginners are Bardon’s books if you start with Initiation into Hermetics.


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Oh yes please that would be fantastic. I have a feeling you would not be teaching what the average YouTuber tells us - imagine you’re in the now! I will look forward to that xx


a guide would be so helpful!
Please do create one!

I truly believe that xD.