A story that might help many of you, concerning imagination

A story that might help many of you, concerning imagination.

As many of you may know, I’ve had numerous apprentices over the years and all of them excelled. However there was one that found it extremely difficult so I wanted to share this story and the advice I gave him may help you.

One night we were talking he was extremely frustrated because of the exercises I gave him.
He wanted to get straight to summoning demons and writing petitions.

I told him to start off by meditating and doing mantra, energy work and visualisation.
These are the fundamental skills he needed, however in his frustration he asked a very good question.

He said “Bro why should I depend on imagination, imaginary fantasy is just fucking about and I can’t see how it would have any power to cause change”.

I could have gave him an answer there and then but I didn’t, I was testing him and told him “It just does”.

He kept doing the exercises and became infuriated with the imagination and visualisation aspect.

He couldn’t take it anymore and called me, he was close to giving up, there is what I needed for him at the time.

He called me and said

“Bro I’m done, look what is the point of fucking around with visualisation”.

I explained this to him.

Scientists when they observed particles, they appeared as one point, not moving particle.
However when they tried to make observe the particle with different intent the particle moved in waves.

The particle was aware that it was being observed, it was even aware of the intention.
It first appeared as a singular one point-thing, then when they tried to observe its movements it began changing and would vibrate as a wave.

So observation, intention and perspective does change reality.
So when we visualise with intention and shifting our internal perception this is changing things in reality.

So our mind when we visualise does indeed cause changes.
With this new outlook and perspective from my apprentice, I took him through a spell which was mostly dependant on visualisation.

This was the first spell he performed which indeed manifested.
So remember the imagination is the gateway of magick and power.

So just wanted to share this with you all.




wise words


Some people do find it extremely difficult to visualise.


Visualisation is like any skill, you can master it and anyone can do it.

It just takes time.

I’m actually thinking about creating a guide for individuals that say it’s difficult.


Please do, that would be so helpful!:slightly_smiling_face:


I also have difficulty holding on to images in my mind for more than a few seconds. Sounds are easier to imagine for me.


Would really be very beneficial.

Yes, the imagination is the gateway to the astral realms. It is how we communicate with our subconscious mind.


Make it bro :ok_hand:

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Thats because some people are soulless non-player characters. They don’t feel, think and see images in their minds.


"It’s certainly not right for you to refer to people who can’t visualise as “…soulless non-player characters…” Do try to be a bit more characterless in your comments.
I am able to visualise; but feel for those who can’t.
There’s a recently discovered condition called Aphantasia, which affects 1 to 3 percent of people. Which means, these individuals see absolutely unable to visualise.
However, there’s a small study in Australia, set up to try and ascertain why some people cannot see any images in their “…mind’s eye…”! There you have it!


I think I’m good with visualization, it’s the confidence that I struggle with. My spells fail because I have no confidence in them and I have no confidence in them because they keep failing. It’s frustrating

Reminds me quite a bit of this.


I’m split on how much confidence in your own magic matters vs. your confidence in the actual forces you are dealing with and the reality of magic.

It seems like you can still get results without the former. My forray into magic was literally an experiment to test if it worked, not if it was real.

The whole time while it was working, I doubted heavily; until I couldn’t doubt it anymore. Funny thing is that my spell was working but I couldn’t see it until I finally accepted that it was a success. I say all this to say that you should consider other reasons why your spells are failing.

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But doing something just to see puts you in an entirely different mental state than doing something you desperately want to work because then it stays eating at your brain and you can’t just “forget about it”

That’s true. Doing magic while desperate is a big no-no.

Here’s what I’m saying though. Once you send that energy out, something will always be working irregardless of belief in your magic; which seems to only guide how well it works. Not if it works period. Always assume something happened because it did.


@C.Kendall Im curious about something and you can PM me about it if youre more comfortable that way, what exactly is your criteria for apprentices? Since all have been successes, do you look for someone you know will make it or what? The information about imagination is very insightful though and I thank you for it

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An image of the lady across the street taking a shower comes effortless and instantly, while for instance a pendulum swinging back and forth takes a lot of concentration.
Is there a way to use the first as an introduction to the second without affecting it (in a spell for example)


LOL! You’re funny!

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Hey please can I be your apprentice

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