Three Meditations Of A Master

Pranayama Meditation.

Begin by entering you’re most comfortable meditative position, eyes open.
See the area which you are in, connect intuitively with the energy of the environment.

Inhale as you do bring to attention the energy in the air, sweeping towards you as you breathe in.
Exhale and push that energy away from you.

Repeat this a few times, visualising the energy of the area and feel it coming towards you and moving away from you.

You’ll begin to feel the expanding and contracting of the energy of the area.
Next visualise the light of the energy within the air.

Inhale and pull that prana in through the nose, exhale pushing out all tension of the self into the ether.

Inhale again uniting with the energy of the area, exhale again pushing out all tension, negativity and anxiety.

Repeat this for two minutes, just consuming the energy of the area and ridding yourself of all negativity.

Once you do that close you’re eyes, push you’re connection further outwards.
No longer just connecting with the energy of the room or immediate area.
Instead connecting with the energy of not just the room, but the street or the forest or entirety of the area you’re in.

Inhale and consume the totality of that energy, the exhale expelling all negativity.
Do this for a minute or two, now push further connecting with the energy of this entire planet.

Inhale and consume the entirety of the energy in the air, exhaling pushing out the toxic energy within the energy you just usurped.

Keep repeating this going further and further.
Until you’re eyes are closed, until you’re breathing in the cosmos and exhaling the cosmos.
Until you’re usurping all the galaxies and expelling out the galaxies.

Until you’re literally usurping all of the world’s into you’re being, through the force of prana.
Breath is extremely important, pulling in prana you pull in the force of life, of the universe, of creation.

Embracing ultraviolet light.

Enter you’re meditative position, eyes closed.
Visualise above you the air, I don’t want you to just visualise a light.

I want you to actually force this reality to manifest a light above you.
Using you’re visualisation zoom into the air and see the particles of air.
Focus on one particle seeing it, sit with it.
Know that particles are also photons, a particle of quantum light.

This isn’t just imagining something that isn’t there, photons are there in the air.
So observe it, focus on the rhythm of you’re breath.

As you breathe see the photons all gather above you into a cloud or mist.
As you breathe the intensity of the light of the photons increase more intensively.
Until the frequency of the photons light has reached a critical mass.

Until in the air is a mass of ultraviolet light, shining brighter than the sun itself.
This light is so intense the room cannot be seen, you are sitting in a environment of light.

As you inhale feel the light touch you, as you exhale feel the light move away.
Repeat this until you feel the pressure of the light in the air begin to materialise until it can be felt.

Inhale and visualise the light enter you, slowly very slowly.

Begin by seeing the light sink into the hair follicles, then exhale relaxing yourself.
Inhale again absorbing the light into the hair follicles feeling as if the hairs are standing to attention from the force of ultraviolet light.

Now bring the light deeper into you, past the hair follicles into the pores of the skin.
Seeing the tiny pores of you’re skin, as you exhale see the pores open like tiny vortex’s of clay.

As you inhale visualise the pores slowly close up, as they do the light enters the tiny opening of the pores of the skin.
As you exhale the pores open back up again.
Repeat this until the light is usurped into the hair and the skin of you’re body.

Next pull the light in deeper, with you’re breath visualise the light soak through all seven layers of you’re skin.

Until all you’re skin feels the warmth and energy of ultraviolet light.
Do this for a minute.

Once done pull the light deeper into the nerves and veins of you’re body, inhale visualise the light enter the veins and nerves.

As you exhale feel the light within you growing and repeat, do this for a minute until you feel and see the veins and nerves filled with light.

Inhale and pull the light into you’re blood, coursing through the blood stream, even entering the white and red blood cells.

Seeing the blood take on a ultraviolet appearance. Next pull the light deeper with you’re breath into the bones, inhale and exhale pulling it into the skeleton, until the skeleton feels rejuvenated and refreshed.

Allow the light to sink deeper even into the marrow of the bone.
Do this for a minute or two until all bones in you’re body have been infused with this light.

Next pull the light in deeper into the organs, as you inhale visualise the light enter you’re throat and enter the tubes of you’re lungs.

As you exhale feel you’re lungs inflate with light.
Do this until you feel a warmth in you’re lungs.
Now move the light past your lungs, into the vales of the heart, into the heart be recycled through the bloodstream

Do this for a minute until you actually feel it, now move the light through all organs, the lungs, the heart, the spleen, the kidneys, liver, intestines, eyes, brain etc.

Spend a minute with each organ usurping as much light into that organ before moving onto the next one.

Take you’re time, do not rush this.
Once the hair follicles, pores of skin, all seven layers of skin, flesh, blood, nerves, bones and organs have been filled with light.

You may think you’re done but you are not, you must go deeper.
The human body is comprised of a lot of water, so embrace the light into the waters of self.

With breath and visualisation pull the light into the water in you’re body, do this for 30 seconds until you feel that you’re body is filled with liquid light.

Now keep infusing all parts of the body with this ultraviolet light, until the skin, hair, organs, blood, bones and even blood cells are filled with light.

Think you’re done right ?.

Nope go deeper pull the light into the cells of you’re DNA, seeing the double helix be infused with light. Do this for a minute or two, then move on.

Now go deeper into the gases of the body, being usurped with light, for a minute.
Keep going deeper until the molecules in you’re being are being infused with this light.

Go to the atomic level, then subatomic level, to the cellular level. Until you’ve embraced every portion of you’re being with this light.

Once you feel the critical influx of light within you’re being, you feel the pressure building within. Inhale deeply visualising particles of light brighter than the light already in you, enter you and exhale deeply.
See the dots of light buzzing around inside of you like energetic fire flies.

Next visualise waves and rays of light descending from the mass of ultraviolet light and with you’re breath usurp it.

Bring you’re hands together in a prayer mudra, bring the prayer mudra to you’re chest inhale deeply feeling as if you’re whole being is a vortex of light.

The prayer mudra creates a circuit of energy within you’re being allow the light to cycle through you’re entire being.

Focus on your breath while holding the mudra and cycling the ultraviolet light.

You’re allowing you’re physical body to be infused with energy, now vibrate this mantra of light.

“oṃ amogha vairocana mahāmudrā maṇipadma jvāla pravarttaya hūṃ”.

As you vibrate the mantra visuslise the light sinks deep into you’re spiritual being.
Leaking into you’re subtle bodies, give the mantra and inhale deeply.
Do three repetitions for the subtle bodies.

Then do seven repetitions whilst visualising the light sink into you’re chakras.
Then give four repetitions of the light bursting into your auric field.

Now do a final deep inhale hands still in the prayer mudra and vibrate the mantra one more time, feeling yourself become a beacon of this great power.

Meditate now on the cycle of the light through you’re being for about a few minutes.

Kunda Force.

Enter you’re meditative position, bring you’re breath to a calm rhythm.
Focus only on you’re root chakra, empty you’re mind and just meditate on the root chakra.

Focus on the root chakra, know that it is the abyss where the serpents dwell and sleep.
We will connect now the circuit of primal, sexual fire.
Using the three lowest chakras.

The root chakra - The seed of the kunda force, the source of raw primal animalistic power and energy.

The sacral chakra - The vessel of sexual power, lustful energy.

The solar plexus - The chamber of the inner fire. The vessel of the spiritual flame.

Visualise the energy of the root chakra swirling with the same rhythm as you’re breath.
Vibrate LAM as you inhale the energy of the environment pull it into the root and as you exhale vibrate LAM.

Feel the root chakra rumble with that raw essence of self, feel the energy rise with each repetition, the number of repetitions are up to you. Keep doing it until you feel the vaccum sensation of the root.

Once done inhale deeply and exhale deeply, visualise a circuit of red energy rising into sacral chakra and visualise the energy of the root enter the sacral chakra.

Combining the primal and raw energy of self with the sexual energy of the sacral chakra.
Now pull in the energy of the environment into the sacral chakra with a inhalation and vibrate VAM.

Vibrate the mantra as many times as it takes to feel that vaccum sensation in the sacral chakra.
Inhale deeply visualising the energy of the sacral chakra and root chakra spiral upwards into the solar plexus.

Combining in the solar plexus the raw energies of the root, the sexual energies of the sacral chakra and the inner fire of the solar plexus.

Vibrate the mantra, RAM until the you feel the vaccum of the solar plexus, now with you’re breath feel the connection of the three lower chakras.

With your breath pull another energy circuit going downwards, from the solar plexus into the sacral and through that into the root.

Until there are two energy circuits one going upwards the other going downwards.
With your breath circulate the energies and vibrate.

About ten times of more, until you feel a incredible heat building and building in the lower abdomen.

Once done meditate on this energy building, inhale very deeply, pulling both energy circuits into the root.

Vibrate LAM seven times, visualising the serpentine and draconic fire rumble within the root.

Once you feel the fire of the serpents visualise, the serpents rise out of the root, coiling around all the chakras.

As it passes to each chakra give the mantra for that particular chakra.

Once the serpents have coiled and the kunda force fills all chakras.
Vibrate all the seven mantras for the chakras, you’ll have a kundalini rising.

Once the kunda has risen, visualise the Ajna Chakra open up as a dragon/serpentine eye of fire.

Then state.

“I am the dragon, I am the serpent”.

Recite this over and over, once done pull the serpents back into the roots and ground yourself.




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