A spirit or witch is attacking me spiritually

I feel like this thing is slowly taking over me. It makes my life worse every day and it constantly sucks up my energy. Its presence makes me feel like it’s on fire. I don’t think it’s an ordinary parasite. I have a quarrel with a person and this person ( I’m not 100% sure) worked with Lilith and witchcraft. I’ve been ignoring for a while that it might be working against me, but not anymore.

Someone scan me pls

I want to know if I’m fighting just a spirit or a witch (or both) .

thanks in advance


My UPG says neither. Check the fear factor and that you were not tricked into attacking yourself, though I get a no on that as well. Also check your sleep and nutrition, you could just be fighting a cold since it’s cold and flu season now, and the lack of sunlight causes immune system suppression and depression, so a vit D supplement might help.:slight_smile:


So no one is attacking?

I don’t believe so. Doesn’t hurt to do a banishing, take a cleansing salt bath and up your personal care for a few days.

I felt low for the last week and wearing carnelian did it for me, just a winter energy imbalance, as I"m super yin and in winter I can go too yin and start shutting down. Carnelian is very energising in a yang way and did the trick. Hot drinks and red meat are good too.

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Hmm . Thanks

Sometimes a witch will just ninja your brain. You have to know your insecurities and deal with them to know how you got your brain ninja’d. Then you’ll see it coming the next time, and laugh it off.

I know a lady who can be a sucker for this kind of attack, and she’s always too upset to listen to me when I tell her she’s leaving herself open.

What kinds of thoughts are you having?



@Mulberry if you have some spare time and are okay with that, could you scan me up please a general scan, not any specifics?

Thank you

Infernal Blessings to you.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really believe in “scans”. I realise it’s trendy and popular to to them online, and if something comes to me I’ll share it, but I think they’re too prone to imaginative influence to be reliable unless you do them yourself on yourself.


Thank you for the quick feedback and any guidance on how can I scan myself?

A good body scan via Kraigs Modern Magick Relaxation Ritual is great for pinpointing pain and tension and it relieves pain or at least simmers it down.
I think in terms of an auric scan would be something like a full body CAT scan or MRI, to see if experts see anything odd with the outline of it and magnify those areas.

Or just rebuild your solar and energetic bodies.

Try this, just use yourself as the target:

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Will that work, my third is not open,

Everybody’s third eye is “open”, that’s a new age way of putting it that is really misleading… You just need to develop the connection with your inner self and develop the skills.

Follow the instructions and just try, as you learn by doing and practice makes perfect.

Here’s some more ideas to help you practice.


Thank you once again for your quick response.