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Why am I so easily ignored by everyone around me?

I’ve never felt comfortable with people however, never known what to say. Every woman I’ve ever dated told me the same thing when they left me, even my ex-wife. They all said I was completely shut down. Never knew what it meant though. A friend who is a hedge witch tells me they’ve never really seen me as human. I haven’t been able to plie what they seem to think I am, only that I’m supposedly powerful, and I know a great deal more than I think I know. It’s all very confusing, and as of late with my constant pain and mental health deteriorating I feel like I’m falling apart. I don’t want to use the term crazy, but it feels that way.


How do you mean? Our human interactions are all about vibration. Chances are that you are not vibrationally aligned to those around you.

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It’s more than physically being near someone, online interactions as well. I’ve always felt ignored but its grown as I’ve gotten older.

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Vibration isn’t just to do with physical presence. The world outside of ourselves interacts or responds to how we’re vibrating. If you want to change the way the world interacts with you, cause a shift in your vibration.

You will often see people on this forum speak of ‘vibrating’ a particular incantation or mantra. This causes ripples in the energy both within and without, which creates the shift in your vibration to match that which you are seeking.


Affirmations like “I’m loved and adored by everyone” or afformations like “why is everyone so intrested in me?” Work wonders ! I had to stop because I was getting annoyed by so much attention I was getting :joy:


I have to work on control. I can generally just…do things, without ritual or preparation. But I feel that somewhere along the line I let someone(thing) in.

I’ll have to give these a try.

Mate, I saw your other thread. I do see darker energy on your left side. I’ve stopped doing scans for a while, so I won’t go any deeper.

If it is an entity, you can remove it yourself. If you’re new to magical operations, use a pendulum. Clockwise to add, anti-clockwise to remove.

Regarding healing, here is a pretty powerful incantation you can use:

"Calling the forces of healing
Ano anu ernez’sta kalu maji’ka mahu en’spera du an lantu es specha kamios de la mu”

Source: Incantacion for energetic healing


Thank you, I just want to know what I’m dealing with. Why am I this way, etc. My friend the hedge witch won’t speak on it much. I feel like I make even them uncomfortable.

I don’t see anything wrong with you if that’s what you’re looking for. Everyone has different personalities. We’ve also had different life experiences that formulate our present vibration.

If you think you are dealing with something that doesn’t feel right, do a clearing. From there, you have access to a forum filled with information on magical operations that can transform every aspect of your life. Add to that, there are some very experienced operators here who can guide you.

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You’re probably an outcast. Nothing wrong with that, and sure, it’s a label. But if there is a collective opinion about you that makes you feel shunned or ignored perhaps it could be your characteristics or lack of value and shine which denounced your social and relationship recognition.

I particularly see this in people who lack social skills. How about an invocation to Mars/Mercury, setting things straight with fire. Stop caring about why people ignore you or what they think, have some purpose and chase it and people will see that and respect it.

I’ve been on this board for a few months and realised that some people naively believe magick is the all-rounder. It’ll only complete half of your successions. The other half is why you’re born in flesh.


Are you into vampirism or interested in it?


Since you have many questions, perhaps divination could provide some answers? Are you proficient in any type? I also find briefly thinking of a question I want answered before I fall asleep sometimes provides a dream answer. I hope you find what you’re looking for. You seem like a pleasant fellow to me & I don’t sense any darkness or foreboding from you.


Clear your space at home make way for new vibrant energy and if your an outcast then is there any conflitcs you had with any occultist lately …but in all do the banishing and clearing and protection that will cut anycords that sorrounds you.all in peace and healing path …

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People take us at our own estimation, unless we’re so obviously delusional and can’t back that up, so, do you think you’re worthy of notice?


Was just gonna mention this! You took the words out of my mouth, i’m interested in his response as well.


@Whitehowlite Yeah, I pretty much suck in that regard, always have. Not to say I’ve not tried, even managed to get married and create my progeny.

@Purple when I was younger I was interested in psychic vampirism. Exsanguination is of no interest to me.

@IrisAthena I’ve never been well into divination but I’d love to learn.

@Auriconics Generally I don’t have altercations with anyone, I’m well tolerated at work for the most part. Otherwise I don’t see people.

@Lady_Eva @Aluriel Full disclosure, hard no.


What would it take to make you feel, at least on the way to being worthy of notice, and respect - not for being a good martyr of some kind, or self-abnegation, which is a vibe I get from you, but just loud and proud, being good with standing in your own skin?

Who or what is shaming you right now? Obviously you don’t need to answer me, or on here, just thoughts you might want to list to start making sense out of your internal malware, and creating more productive things in its place.

Anything you believe about yourself costs the same energy and effort, whether convincing yourself you’re not good enough or that you are, so you might as well put it to good use.

If that’s you in your avatar, there’s nothing wrong with the way you look, to be blunt: your face is nicely proportioned, so you can work with that and project charisma and all the rest.

Here’s a post I wrote about projecting a good first impression. :+1:


I appreciate your kind words, I’ve attempted to accept myself and be okay for years, I’m generally much more well equipped to deal with it. Sometimes I just can’t though. I’m actually quite embarrassed to have made this thread, but it’s out here and we can’t take it back.

I’m not being kind :slight_smile: I am treating this as a problem to solve, some people find that approach annoying and prefer “there, there” but I hope you won’t be annoyed by it.

If you can nail down the specifics of why for yourself, that may be helpful, we very seldom do this and just exist a layer removed from our beliefs, dealing with the emotions that arise from them, like vapour.

Wanting to change those emotions while leaving the beliefs intact is like trying to fight fire by fanning the smoke away, if anything you make it worse because you also have guilt over not feeling good. Your feelings are probably a rational reaction to some thoughts and unexamined beliefs you have.

Those thoughts and beliefs may have arisen rationally from something faulty you picked up a long time ago, about the nature of the world, your own life, or your place in the world, some old material that could do with you bringing it up for review.

I offer this post about my own experiences: How has the left hand path changed you? - #3 by Lady_Eva

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