A powerful layered love spell

Where will i place my blood on the sigil or on the picture? Thank ypu so much sorry i have so many questions

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It’s ok! On the sigil lines. Don’t worry about the number of candles. I use two Candles.

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Thank you so much! Many blessing!

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Thank you so much. Have you tried the layered love spell of duke dantalion sallos and sitri? And how many days before it took effect?

For Sallos, use the search function!
In case of Duke dantalion, this thread might help!


Okay, even if I don’t wind up doing any of these things, I had to bookmark this for the tone alone!

I’m a bit new to this, but it sounds fascinating. Which of Koetting’s books mentions these spirits?

The only spirit in this spell that is from Koetting’s work is Ladilok, and she is found in the book Kingdoms of Flame.

The rest are spirits from the Goetia and the Dukate Hierarchy.

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Amducious is amazing

What kind of stuff do I need for this? What color candles, ect?

I just have a question to the OP, instead of doing full evocations and stuff like that… would it be okay to just petition all of these spirits you know drawing their sigil and lighting a few candles and meditate on their enn calling them? the reason why i am asking is because some of us beginners wouldn’t be able to do you know full on evocations and won’t be able to hear, see or feel them when they come forth.


The op is no longer member of the forum, at least not under the name they originally were, if they have returned.

I would personally say full evocation is not necessary, but I dislike petitions in which you don’t put in any effort to connect with the spirit. If you cannot evoke, I would personally do it in a long distance call sort of way. You can make up petitions or chaos sigils or whatever you like to make it feel more real, but essentially spend several minutes meditating then attempting to open each sigil. Once you notice things looking weird, the sigil flashing, feel a change in the room temperature, feel anxious or any change at all, simply proceed with the request then move on to the next spirit.

A one way call is still a call, just because you can’t see or hear them yet, doesn’t mean they didn’t hear you.


So I did this yesterday with a lot of work. I built a ritual space in VR with all the seal which by the way is super hard to do. It took me 3-4 hours in VR and the circle was pretty cool. All in Brush Tilt. I didn’t do the full evocation just called to them for assistance and then gave them a offering in separate containers so they could have there own. It was very interesting.


What a perfect work.
Evoked all apart from Ladilok. Even though I’m after a woman I also am a woman myself and I wasn’t sure how she would take it. Even though while writing this I feel like I should call on her too. Bizarre.
Anyway I promised each and every one of them I would write about this work on here so I’ll keep on posting my progress.

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I said I would post an update every once in a while so here I go: my target has softened a lot since I evoked them. Things are progressing good, slow for me but then again I feel time differently (like a day to most is like a week to me) so with my target’s perception of time in mind I say we are doing pretty good :grinning:
It has only been a few days so I am very happy with the results so far and outside of my weird perception of time, things began to shift drastically from day one.

Until next time :blush:

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I just wanna add an idea I think is interesting that I found when I read Greek mythology. It MIGHT be a good idea to put Calypso in place of Ladilok, in case you’re trying to enslave men and you know how to call her. Calypso is the nymph who enslaved (or, at least, detained) Odyssey for 7 years and tried to make him her immortal husband. That’s just my idea, and I have never worked with her.


She lost interest in all the people she’s been dating and just this past weekend she admitted something I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. I’m not going to go into details about it, if you really want to know PM me. This spell is working like a charm for me. But it’s not done yet. There are so many layers to her barriers and so many things within the relationship itself that need to be dealt with first and they are all being addressed and resolved one after the other. It’s so amazing how this is all working out.


Good work- and it seems you’re being patient too. That’s a huge part of this spell’s power.