A powerful layered love spell

I would like to try this! But I also want to remove a girl from my target…they are not together but she’s bad influence. Should I add someone or are these 5 enough?

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Great suggestions, they are on my list of things to do.

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I was in the same situation, I would recommend you get rid of her first. I used Leraje and it was brilliant, she’s out. Then you can focus on bringing him to you, that’s what I would do (what I’m doing) at least.

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Hmm I wonder if a newbie can try such a ritual? if he does not see and does not hear the spirits or is he better off refusing?

I’m a newbie and all my magick has worked… even the most experimented people here started as newbies, that’s the way I see it :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I started with Dantalion, btw, my first evokation ever. Attempting to do a big ritual felt a bit daunting, so I started with one.

Dantalion felt amazing and influenced the thoughts and feelings of my target almost immediately, he told me what I asked for him to feel and think, things that he had never told me before.

So, if you feel is too much, maybe start with one and see how you feel about it? I would recommend Dantalion 100%, but go with your gut.


I recently began to have feelings for one person. but he doesn’t want to build something with me. who can you advise me then?

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Well, taking into account that Dantalion can change the feelings and thoughts of a named individual, I think he could help.

But honestly I have found that an important part of the magick is to try to find the way for yourself, at least it has been for me.

For that I mean, ask here for help if you have doubts, but don’t forget to do your part of the research. Get a good book (some people have very good results with Demons of Magick) and read up the demons descriptions. According to them, make up your own plan of attack. You may want to change other things, apart from his feelings for you; read about the demons and decide what you want to do.

Again, I recommend Dantalion 100%, but don’t forget that your guy changing his feelings doesn’t mean he will act on them. Best of luck!!


I really like this idea and line up of spirits , I’m going to try this out on my target and see what happens .

4 years later…

Hello everyone i happened to stumble across this forum again and decided to log in and noticed i received a lot of messages in regards to the outcome of this situation and trying to get my ex back.

To make a long story short i did not reconcile with him in the ways i would have liked to. I worked very closely with Dantalion during this period of my life and although i would continually peruse this person; Dantalion consistently advised me otherwise. (from communicating via tarot cards)
i struggled with self love and i believe Dantalion was protecting me from a co-dependence that would’ve been a detriment to my mental health had i continued to obsess over the situation.
Although for short periods i was able to get his attention; i never wanted (or asked) to bend his free will.
ultimately i ended up moving on from the situation.
i still have a lot of love for him but i’m no longer in love with him.

I appreciate everyone for following my journey
and i wish you good luck with yours.