A possession link

Is it possible to create a possession link for a specific being? Where this powerful link spans throughout the entire body.
Then the spirit has complete control?

Whenever you invite the spirit and it wants to come in, it just takes over everything

It’s called invocation.

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No. Invocation is when the spirit is inside tour mind. If you invoke a spirit, can they live out your daily life every day? No that is only through possession where they have full control of the body.

Invocation is the means of calling a spirit inside you, which can lead to possession.

How do ypu turn it into possession?

Why do you want it to control you? Or do you mean you control another? What benefit does this do for you (barring being in horrid pain, stuck in a prison, etc). I could see this for saving your life in dire situations, assuming the spirit has a close relationship with you. Hell, it could write out instructions, get you out of a scrape, put you in a coma if say you got into a horrid car accident, etc.

I think Hollywood, various priests on talk shows, and many cultures still put all spirits as stereotype demons of absolute evil that possess humans to just murder, kill, rape, and cause all sorts of issues for the human populace. There probably are spirits like that but I think many are the dead with severe issues they haven’t resolved.

That said, its probably possible but asking for it continually probably is just going to turn into obsession rather than possession. Everytime I hear abuout this from Churches I smell that nasty stench of CONTROL and subjugation from them. And it reeks of fear more than anything else (on their end)


I’ve invoked a number of times, and while possession isn’t guaranteed, it’s the first step. There are magicians who even claim that invocation is considered partial possession because you’re allowing them inside of you. I myself have been possessed during invocation, as have a number of people on this forum.

I’m just gonna leave these here, since you are clearly uneducated on the subject.


There are a number of tutorials on this forum. Use the search function.

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There are benefits to being possessed. It can help you connect with that spirit more, and I’ve noticed that it can (partially) help with developing astral senses even further.

However, your concerns are legit. Possession can have a lot of downsides to it.

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I’ll note that you can even be possessed in dream state or astrally. I know some say Nah, I’ve had it a few times. One time was pretty aggressive but this was my pre-delving into the arts. I’m not even sure it was a spirit and not a human… a very assholish one that I think I know (who hasn’t changed). I’m more inclined to believe humans and spirits of the dead are NOT viable spirits to bother invoking and esp not being possessed by. I’d say some have a type of “madness” about them.


I have a question for all,

Is possession safer for a certain groups over others, like those who are mentally and emotionally fit?

I want to delve into it at some point, but then people seem to regret it or them call on angelic entities to have the demonic one leave.

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You can always offer it to feed through you from the energies of the universe. The elements. Even enemies, if you have any. Doing energy work, I offer any entities this option. I also let them come and go as they please. I don’t try to keep them captive.

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I always believed that possession was not at all for your benefit, but for the benefit of others.

No, that is defiantly an overstatement. Even Astaroth did not do that or anything close, but it was awful because I was completely psychotic for several days, my perceptions were very off.

Possibly, but I am still kicking myself for the lousy deal I made while under emotional duress, a thing I would have never done had I been in my right state of mind.