A Good Q&A With Astaroth

So i did evoke astaroth tonight and we talked a bit, she is very sympathic and gentle, such a very interesting spirit too
Q: How do you differ yourself from Astarte?
A: She’s the phoenician goddess, the bride of God and - like you already read - “the impure Venus of the syrians” !! Related to love and sex, I abrace the demonic concepts they gave me, I abrace the sin, I abrace the lust and the ego. I’m her dark and half-masculine part, you can say.
Q: Do you want to work with me? If so, then what interest you have on me?
A: Yes, I want. You’re a lovely boy, but also a clever one, you know you’re not superior or inferior than me and I like it. I’m interested in the offerings you would give to me and interested in the kind of God you’ll be.
Q: What you can teach and help with?
A: Love, money, lust, wisdom, astral senses, power, influence.
I’ll complete it later bc i’m tired and need to sleep bye


Nice, I evoked Astaroth as well last night.
I love seeing the connections created with Evocation, evoking the same spirit last night only to see the forum was also very active with that exact entity. :metal:


Part 2

Q: What i should do to activate my astral senses and soul travel?

A: Keep meditating and try it everynight, when you visit me we’ll have a good time talking and hearing the scream of the condeened souls while drinking the blood of the saints.

Q: Are you Lilith?

A: No, she’s related a bit to Astarte, but we are very different beings

Q: Tell me the story about the Fall?

A: Oh, I tell you, honey. The angels choose to see God in all of the universe, we choose to see it inside of ourselves, they’re powerful just like us, but everything they do is not for themselves, is for the cosmic cooperation and things like this.

Q: What’s your relationship with Yahweh?

A: That ugly motherfucker tried to marry me more than once. I didn’t want so he tried to destroy my cult. Well, if you’re talking to me right now we can see he failed. He’s also a demiurge, a parasite god of this world.

I’m going to eat i’m coming back in one second


SHE’S WONDERFUL, how was the evocation?


Evoked Astaroth’s male aspect, then I tried to Invoke him.
He appeared as a Bald muscular man without any eyebrows and Draconian/serpentine eyes.
I asked why he wouldn’t go with the Invocation, he then explained that I’m under Lucifer’s wing at the moment and that I should focus solely on him and his Aspects.


yeah, the half-masculine parte, astaroth told me that she’s a “metaphysical transvestite”


Was pretty cool.
Appeared in the minds eye very clearly.


Q: Why demons help magicians to kill? Isn’t life sacred?

A: When we’re working with a magician, they offer something to us and we help them to make their will be done, life is immortal, so we don’t see material existence like you see, we have less restrictions for killing, you see? Also we don’t kill unfairly just bc the magician want, at least not me. Per exemple, i wouldn’t kill a girl that the magician couldn’t fuck and now is trying to get revenge, but if you’re talking about a female aggressor, a raper or a parasite, you’re talking to the right person.

Q: How can you help my love life?

A: That guy you’re in love is an asshole, i don’t like him, just not my type, but i’ll help you anyway. Become a natural and interesting person, don’t beg for love. He’ll come. There’s already a lot of demons working for it, i’ll take a look on this later and see if i can/should do something, honey.

Q: Some people relate problems working with goetic spirits, even involving death, what you can comment about it in a general and personal way?

A: Equality, if the magician thinks he’s superior or inferior than us, he’s fucked. In the first case, we are going to show him a lesson (we were gods in the past, people killed thousand of animals to sacrifice to us just to beg for rain, do you really think we are going to be alright with some jerk that read something about goetia on the internet insulting us?) and in the second case, if someone bow down to us, we vampirize than, intentionally or not, its our nature, the nature of those who know they are god.

Q: Would you like me to help writing a tale?

A: I’d love to, lets make together a sexy badass character based on me.

Q: How’s your relationship with Lucifer?

A: Oh, he’s lovely, i think i flirted with him in some imperial party at hell. When he talked to me about you, i knew that you’d be a cool boy to work, he always show me very interesting people. I admire him a lot, its not easy to do the things he does, thats why he’s so respected in our community.

Me: thanks, astaroth, i really liked to meet you.
Astaroth: Oh, i liked it too, bye.

Than i closed the evocation but still felt her there, watching me, so i did the banishing ritual and heard a voice saying “smart boy” and stopped feeling her.


i’d like to say i loved her sense of humor


how is she like (appearance wise) ?

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i didn’t see her, but i imagined her like these pagan queens of the bible


What are condeened souls? And why would you drink blood of them. I thought there was no torture?


I thought it had to do with her War side but could be wrong.

I thought she meant condemned souls?


@Borgy @anon48957109 yes, condemned, sorry for my english
she was just kidding haha i hope

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Astaroth is old school from what I’ve read. I usually take things like that as metaphors but ask her next time you talk, she seems to like you so might be a joke true :wink:


ok, i’ll ask her
i think she’s gonna laugh a bit


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:that’s funny.
Love you Astaroth/Astarte


Would you please ask her this question …

When you work with different magicians at the same time, do you become aware of each experience or each part of you acts independently ?

For example, if I asked you now about a conversation you had with another magician, would you be able to remember it and mention what it was all about ?



Please do! I am Had the Astarte Love slave spell done and now making the beautiful goddess a song. It’s a song about a girl to come my way with the power of Asarte! Shout out :love_you_gesture:


i’m evoking her today, i’ll ask her