A Fool And His Many Errands!

Wow! :astonished: What a fortnight this has been in the mundane world!

I’ve been working at home for the last fortnight sharing the dining table with my wife as the new office as the UK is now in virtual lockdown… and my new boss has resigned! Luckily working from home will take the edge off senior management harassing me and they’re going to have to be doubly nice to me.:sunglasses:

I think we can say the world will never be the same going forward, certainly the economy will tank after the virus has passed and that will create even more chaos. We will look back as 2020 being the defining year when everything changed…

One of the advantages in lockdown is that I can now concentrate on The Great Work as I have no excuses now. Nothing on the TeeVee, no sports, no social gatherings with family/friends, no idly spending time at looking for things to buy as there really is only food left and household goods out there.

It’s taken about 10 days to get my equilibrium but now I am starting to get into the magical groove.

I’ve gone back to the Raziel’s Path of Power and restarted that. So next up Yabamel “make your life easier to manipulate with magic”. Nothing too exciting happened, Yabamel appeared as a golden global but with an outline of what we would percieve to be angelic, probably just for my benefit :grinning:. Nothing was said so I thanked the big Y and moved on.

This morning I decided to to take 2g of shrooms for a less intense trip. In fact is was so less intense nothing happened :upside_down_face: I’ll try next Sunday with 3g and see what that does. In the meantime the next harvest is on it’s way and I’ll hopefuly post some pictures later on this week when they’re ready to harvest.

Just before the lockdown I was madly dashing around buying stuff and I bought these 2 books off Amazon

image image

There’s already a thread about Succes Magick so this book piqued my interest. Damon has a managed to breakdown the dense and complex world of Enochian Magick into a simple ritual pathworking. There’s no spells for specific problems per se, rather 49 rituals for various concepts such as confidence, endurance, eagerness etc. Each one builds on the last so by the end you will be in effect, a new improved person. Each ritual should be done once a day for 7 days, so doing this properly will take 49 weeks although you do it a your own pace (which in my case will be forever :grin:)
The actual rituals take only a few minutes are pretty simple so this will be good exercise in self discipline if nothing else.

I started the first ritual tonight called - “Vision” and we’ll see how that goes.

Right! The cat wants her tummy tickled so thanks for reading and do be safe and healthy in these unusual times…

I beginning to like this lockdown. Very little traffic on the roads, hardly any aircraft in the sky and life generally slowing down and life a lot quieter. Obviously old age is creeping up on me, next stop the nursing home :smile:

I’ve learnt that I don’t miss the TeeVee in general (no more fear porn!) and especially football (sockerrrrrrr as our American friends would say) which has greatly surprised me. I’ve haven’t had a drop of alcohol since the start of the lock down but I can hardly take the high ground there if you’ve read previous posts :wink: which leads very nicely onto… The DMT trip…

I’ve extracted DMT successfully a few months ago but the trips have been… well… underwhelming. Reading on the web a beginners dose is 20mg and and a strong dose is 80mg. We’ll I’ve tried both and all I got was fractals and on the higher one a nice warm, relaxing glow in the top half of my body. The maximum time spent was 5 mins.

This time I went balls to the wall and 120mg… and bingo! First of all there I saw thousands of small strands of colours mainly red, orange and yellow at first like this


Then I saw as was in a building which was round with loads of round rooms with these strands streaming through. In the background was a very funky dance beat which gave me the impression this was the root tune of all dance music! I wish I could remember it as it was sooo catchy and I could make a fortune from it :smile:

The strands seem to end up streaming vertically in lines and I saw a snake/serpent slithering through into one of the rooms (I seem to be in the main hall which was pretty big) and then I saw some strange beings. They didn’t interact with me and I didn’t know what to make of them and then suddenly the vision finished. Overall the whole trip seemed to to take on an Aztec/Inca/Mesoamerican vibe (despite the music :grin:).

Afterwards and thinking back, I get the impression I may have seen some angels and that I wasn’t supposed to see them. Contrary to JCI and New Age teachings, angels are not fluffy little cherubims types or all white beings with halo’s and wings. From what I’ve previously read, they can be downright weird and scary looking and the cherubim forms are them dressing up for our benefit so we don’t freak out. You could say I caught them undressed without their make up on :flushed: :smile: Who knows?

Needless to say, being the Fool, I’m gonna ramp up DMT production, angels or not :sunglasses:

In other news, the Success magick rituals are well, going successfully. I’m now three weeks in and on the third ritual which is Pathway (the previous are Clarity & Vision). They’re are quite powerful rituals once you get into the groove and I might write more about them in further posts.

Right, time to go as dinner is ready and it’s a curry YUM YUM :grinning:

I dont quite understand if any of this have worked for you

Some do some don’t.

If you look at my post from March you’ll see I listed some of the spirits I contacted and the results I’ve had.

One of the first rules of magick is that you should not be too attached to wanting the result. So if I’ve mentioned something that I’m doing but no followed up on it, it is either -
a) it hasn’t worked
b) I waiting to see if it’s working
c) the result may manifest over the longer term.

If there’s anything specific you wish to ask about feel free to ask…

Thank you. I was not asking about rules but about specific results. :slight_smile:

Worry less about your friends. Everybody is on the path of choice and choose it based on what will cause the least amount of pain. To a prvileged person working a paid job for leverage adds pleasure because it gives more than enough, to a poor person with no connections and horrible experiences in low level, disrespected positions welfare starts to looks really good.

No need to go kicking and screaming in the end. That means you don’t look forward to the next phase of existence. The reality is most people don’t inherently love life that much to go kicking and screaming unnecessarily unless they are afraid of hell or fearing for loved ones left behind. People are afraid to allow themselves ease because of slave programing. “Oh, if I take it easy, I will lose all of my motivation.” If that is true what you were doing had nothing to do with your real needs and desires. That cog in the wheel job most people have that leaves people empty depleted and desiring for excess has nothing to do with what you want. Just like your friends are not living the life you want. Would you care if they were sitting in the lap of the life you want but we’re so well set up their irresponsibility didn’t matter? No you wouldn’t. Losses are hard. It would be better to seek a support group or therapy than artificially winding yourself back up to create a floating existance that has nothing to do with who you really are.

Thanks for your thoughtful post.

A year ago I might have disagreed with some of what you said but the lock down has made me think otherwise. So yes I will worry less about my friends it’s their life/fate not mine.

My only fear is not “living a life well lived” due to to all programming I’ve received! Too much fear earlier in my life that’s held me back hence I don’t want to die too early with too many regrets…

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Focus on what you love not what you fear

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Ugh this lockdown is getting a bit annoying but onthe positive side I’m beginning to amp up the magical stuff. If I can’t do it now there’s no hope for me :smiley:

So since my post a fortnight ago things are happening. 2 underwhelming DMT trips, I’m having to double production just to make it worthwhile. Gonna be interesting explaining to my wife why I need 2kg of Caustic soda, 2 litres of naptha pertroleum and 2kg of Mimosa root powder, let alone 4 pyrex dishes and some more room in the freezer :sunglasses:

My last shroom harvest has well… been disappointing. Soom much love given to them and they repay me with just about 10g of dry loveliness :slightly_frowning_face: Im still feasting off my bountiful harvest of 50g from the golden teachers. What mother nature gives in one hand she takes away in another…

Meanwhile Mr Brand’s Success magick ritual goes from strength to strength; I’m now of the 4th week and it’s quite an illuminating couple of minutes. I might go in to more depth on that in a further post.

I’ve also contacted Asaliah from Raziels Paths of Power for “will reveal the future, as well as the past and the present in omens and dreams”. Asaliah appear as a genderless entity with a bright green body and a bright yellow, luminous coloured head and halo. Alas being the fool :roll_eyes:, I didn’t write down verbatim straight after contact but it was along the lines of “what will be revealed will not be the whole picture so be aware of this and act appropriately”.

I’ve also need to practice my psychic skills so back to astral/projection/OBE. There’s a lot of confusion over what these are. Basically it boils down to 2 things - you either just take your mind out for a wander, for example you decide to see what the Taj Mahal looks like. It’s a focussed intention of imagination on your part. Providing you can keep your left brain under control (a problem I have) then the laws of reality/physics don’t have to apply. So how you get to the Taj Mahal and how you go around (or through the walls!) is up to you. I gradually getting to appreciate not to care too much as to whether my version of reality is the same as this one :wink: :grin:

The 2nd version and probably the harder one is the OBE type. This is where you take your whole astral body away and generally obey the laws of physics. So when you leave you body you actually open doors and walk down stairs etc Make sure you can actually feel the door, smell any odours, feel the wind etc i.e. actually engage all the senses. I’ve been visiting various neighbours houses in the street. I’ve never been in their houses just let my imagination take over. What I see may be totally different at the moment from the actual reality but over time your senses will get sharper. In the meantime “fake it until you make it”. Obviously you don’t have to obey the laws of physics if you don’t want to.

I’ve done this before to such an extent that I ended up bi-locating i.e. whilst I was on my travels I felt both my bodies at the same time! This time I want to not only going around the world but around the universe as well so I need to get the skill nailed down like riding a bike.

Well I talked the talk so now to meditate and then go for a roam again…


It’s been a thoughtful long weekend (it was a public holiday on Friday) and as the weather was nice yesterday I have a nice long rest in the garden. Whilst out there it gave me time to think and was gripped by the idea of doing some studying.

I ended up thinking that I should do something work related such getting to an expert level on Excel and doing some Excel VBA and also doing some SQL. I also was suddenly taken with the idea of takingsome gardening exams. I like my gardening and am a member of the Royal Horticultural Society who have some well regarded courses.

On top of this (it was busy thinking day :grin:) I need to have some structural pathworking to underpin my errands into the occult. To this end I need to think about doing the Quareia course https://www.quareia.com/. I’ve dabbled at it in the past but for some reason now it appears to be crunch time and I need to make a decision how I’m going forward. The Quareia course is mystical side of magic which does attract me but to be become a fully fledged Adept would probably take a least a decade :thinking:!

I only realised today that this sudden spurt of thinking is probably related to finishing the 6th week of the Success Magick book. The latest week is “development” i.e. being able to take you talents to the extreme level to be the best you can be :thinking:. Interesting stuff to digest so well done Damon Brand :clap:, the Angels are coming through!

I’ve been grinding away at my Astral Projection, mainly visiting various houses down the road. I have no idea if what I say bears any resemblance to what I say :grinning: :man_shrugging: but it;s gradually strengthening the physic muscles.

Tonight I decided to remote view and on a whim decided to visit the Kremlin :sunglasses: It’s the witching hour in Moscow at the moment so it was dark and hardly anyone around. I found a side entrance which led in a courtyard with builings approx 5 storeys high. I went through the door on one side and up some grand stairs to the first floor and alog a corridor going through every room. The appeared to be various bureaucratic office seen the whole world over. Plently of files, pc’s and big old desks and furniture in general. Needless to say I have no idea what the function of the rooms were as everything was in Cyrillic :roll_eyes: (obviously didn’t think that one through :grinning:).

Still it was a good exercise and fun so I will start taking trips all over the world for a laugh and see what else may turn up!


Another long weekend as it’s a public holiday on Monday so more time to chill and take stock.

So far I’ve bought a horticultural books for my potential gardening course and an Excel “bible” to up my skills there for work. Each new journey starts with one small step…

I’ve doubled DMT production as talking to my brother, both of us seem to be impervious to the recommended amounts of this and the 'shrooms. I think we’ll end up taking enough to put an elephant in a coma just to get some decent trips :grinning:

I’ve also bought some cannabis seeds from a Dutch site (what would we do without the Dutch eh? The most useful nation in the EU :laughing:) and hopefully will be able to have some “restful” winter nights :+1:.

The astral projection is coming on, a couple of nights ago I visited the Taj Mahal. India is HOT, even my astral body felt it!

I’m now on the 8th ritual (week) of the Success magick which is “undertaking”. This is about procrastination being an obstacle. I always thought procrastination was about the willful/conscious effort to avoid some task. However the book describes it can manifest though being distracted with more mundane tasks that then leave no time for the task in hand. That chimed a bell with me :thinking: Looking back on my life, things could have turned put so differently if didn’t get so distracted and channeled my energies into so many inconsequential things (the TeeVee being one of the main culprits, trying to fit in with others being another) :roll_eyes: There’s still still time to change! :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Back to Raziels Paths of Power and to Mumiel “allows you to let go of old patterns that hold you back”. Now typing this and given the last paragraph this was entirely coincidental choice :grin: The angel appeared in a bubble of white light and seem to be androgynous. All it said to me after my request was to put it’s hand on my chest and “to go forth child :face_with_raised_eyebrow:”.

I’m still pondering which path I’m taking. I still think it will be the Quariea but at a slower pace as whilst it ticks boxes and seem to be very good at giving you the foundations it doesn’t grab my feelings. It feels like eating your greens, you know it’s good for you but they’re not as exciting as eating a burger.

So I need a LHP as well. Perhaps the Temple of Ascending Flames? Looking at my library (100+ occult books now!) the other day, I surprised that I’ve actually got most of their books. I think they merit a more closer look at their website…

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An interesting few week since I last posted.

A couple of days after the last post I had a day off work and not being able to do much I decided to have another 'shroom trip. So 4g of McKennai 'shrooms later and in a very expectant state of mind awaited the King of the Hill. An hour later and not a lot was happening… so I decided to have another 4g to stoke things up.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but that wasn’t the brightest move I’ve ever done. :flushed: Within 20mins I was seriously disorientated, total disassocation with my surroundings. I have absolutely no idea where I was, who I was or why I was :upside_down_face: So no ET’s, no 'shrooms or any spiritual break throughs or deeper truths. I did remember looking at the clock and trying to work out what it did or represented. Looking back it, that was probably like having dementia… luckily not permanently! An interesting experience but not one to repeat at that dose :wink:

I’m glad to report I’m now on week 11 of the success magic only another 38 weeks to go :grinning:

I’ve carried on with the remote viewing and getting more confident I decided to time travel back to the Great Library of Alexander. I assume it was before the Romans turned up (it burnt down when Juliius Ceaser arrived). And very impressive it was as well although only thanks to the multitude of slaves there keeping it going. I do recommend you all go and have a look!

I tried today to go and see Sphinx. The current thinking in this is that it’s alot older than a few thousand years old. Certainly when I went there the area was green and pleasant and I felt that the civilisation there whilst not possessing our level of scientific technology was certainly more spiritually advanced (which let’s face it is not too hard!). I couldn’t get a very good picture of the buildings there. I suspect because the civilsation is so different to that we can imagine… so I couldn’t imagine it. I had literally reached the limits of my imagination or at least currently anyway. I think a lot my grunt work is needed before I get past the barrier but it can be done.

So there we are, the diary of a totally ungifted magician :grinning: What can’t be done through natural talent will have to be painfully dug, hand by hand, from the granite rock face of the inner worlds.

Wow! What a month that has been!

It’s been all about work, work, work. Luckily the end is in sight, my old boss’s role has been split into 2 and two of colleagues have been promoted. I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks training them up whilst trying to catch up with my own work. Today, I actually managed to get everything I wanted to done which is the first time this year!

Unfortunately I’ve been too tired to do much magically which is very frustrating. That about sums up this year so far. Hopefully the 2nd half will much more productive and I can post a lot more updates.

The only bright spot is that apart from my meditation routine I’ve kept up my Success Magick and am now on week 16 (visiblilty) That sounds good but it’s still only a 1/3 of the way through! :astonished:

So what’s a boy to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

Watch the TeeVee? No! The obvious answer is to take your first ever tab of LSD of course :wink: :grin:

I had high hopes of a really rocking trip down the rabbit hole and perhaps “breaking through to the other side”. However in reality it was all a bit underwhelming really…

The tab started kicking in after 90mins and it was at the start the same sort of effect as I get with the 'shrooms i.e. giggly intropsective thoughts interspersed with so more dark side thoughts. Beware of the 'shrooms and acid, the spotlight will be shone on all the dark corners. I’ve never shied away from the darker side so for me it’s no big deal but for others that’s where the bad trips come into play.

After a few hours the fun started with some visuals. Alas not as intense as I hoped but funny all the same. The rock salt lamp I have morphed into Darth Vader’s head before turning into molten wax.
My socks turned into a writhing snakes skin and I could see shimmering heat aura on my skin for a short while.

The Darth Vader lamp, can’t you see the resemblance? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

Unfortunately through most of the trip I alternated between hot/cold clammy sweat and towards the end it felt like all my teeth were totally made of mercury fillings and tasted really metallic :nauseated_face:

Like the books say, it took about 12 hours before I was back to base so not a brilliant nights sleep either.

Ok well, tick the box and move on.

From the same web site I’ve ordered some purer DMT, DPT (the man made and madder version of DMT apparently) and some Changa (more DMT in a plant form). Assuming the postman or Customs don’t nick it I should have that by the end of this week.

Apart from that I’m beginning to get back into the magickal groove and will start to up the tempo this week as work is definitely back in it’s place (i.e 9-5 and forget about it straight after).

Meanwhile now onto ritual 18 “assessment” of Success Magick…

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Ugh! A heatwave - old, grumpy, lethargic, tired and very sweaty… :hot_face:

So not much has happened as my magickal mojo is still a bit flat at the moment.

I’m now on week 20 of success magic - “acceptance”.

I did manage to get back to Raziels Path of Powers book and to Lovel - “help you sense the movements of the divine around you”. Lovel appear as a white and purple striped blob of bright light. I’ve called Lovel before but as I didn’t diary :man_shrugging: I cant remember if this is the same manifestation. Remember peoples diary, diary, diary…


Lovel - so you wish to be with the divine?
Me - I wish to see the divine all around me through all my senses. I want to see, feel, hear and smell the divine.
Lovel - then so be it. (not quite sure whether there was a test there and I passed? :thinking:)

On the naughty substances front I tried DPT. This as stated in my last post is the madder man made cousin of DMT. Boy was that a short and a hair raising roller coaster ride! Stupidly I did the dose by eyesight rather than by weight so it may have been a tad on the high side :roll_eyes:

So first the swirling fractals, then some bird like entity and then the “light”. Apparently there’s a religion in the USA where DPT is used as sacred sacrament to reach the said “light”. Anyways after that things go a little “uncomfortable” as I lost my sense of self! I couldn’t feel anything of my self and was totally lost. I felt like I was falling as well in some sort of liquid. I started to panic a little (my ego desperately trying to cling on? :thinking:). Suddenly I snapped out of it and started coming back to the baseline.

Needless to say I ordered some more, that’s a rabbit hole I want to fall down again… :wink: :grinning:

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The hot weather is over yay!

My magical mojo is being to return. Deep inside the inner worlds, levers are being pushed and wheels are being to turn slowly…

I’ve been practising my astral wanderings but only around the local area. It’s quite interesting going back in time to the 1950’s and seeing my neighbourhood being built! I also walked down to railway station as it would have looked (or at least what I think it looked like :upside_down_face:) in the 1920’s when it was mostly countryside. All good stuff as long as I keep to a regular routine this time.

I’m now on week 22 of success magick - eagerness - although to put things in perspective I’m still not halfway through yet :flushed:

I’ve also started listen a hypnosis MP3 “quite mind for meditation”. I mediate most nights with the aim of clearing the mind but when stressed it dissolves into a glorified daydream or problem solving half hour. Admittedly a lot of problems were solved but no gains made on the spiritual path. That has to stop!

I’ve also found my scrying ball and started practising with that. I bought it off Bonanza a few back from a trusted seller (and boy are they few and far between but that’s a story for another day) who’s sadly no longer on there. It’s basically a portal guarded by a demoness who make sure that nothing unwanted from the “otherside” leaks over to here.

In my next update I might go into a few more details about my adventures there alhtough this will again (!) depend on me getting into a routine as sticking to it.

Lastly given what I’ve written about my substance adventures, it would be silly not to buy BALG’s recent offering of the Poison Path. What is silly however, is to order it on a Wednesday when they are posted once a week on a Wednesday :roll_eyes: :grin: Still at least an extra week’s wait will increase my appreciation for it when it does arrive!

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Ok 3 weeks since I last posted, so much for planing to post each week!

Well the book turned up!


It was interesting to swap notes with Eric on his use of some the hallucinogenics. Edgar Kervals contribution is like most grimoires, some practical work - some not and some stuff you’d like to do and some you don’t. To be filed under “catch up and try at a later date”…

Most of my effort recently has been trying to improve the quality of my meditations. There’s been mixed results, a slight improvement when sitting on on the floor but the most improvement has been when I’ve been in my chair. I have a sun lounger chair (!) which is long enough to take the whole length (i.e. my legs rest on the end of the chair so I don’t have to pull up my legs). Add on a memory foam head pillow, back side pillow and back rest an you have a very, very comfortable chair.

I’ve also anchored to my left thumb and forefinger the “quiet mind” hypnosis tape and on my right I have the theta state. Combine these all together and you have a very powerful deep state trance experience. I’m literally drifting between the liminal worlds of deep sleep and the delta state of unconciousness. It can be a bit exhausting and tiring (natch :grinning: because I nearly did sleep) but it did produce on the odd occasion a feeling of deep and profound inner quietness. It felt that I actually got passed the superficial me of this world constant distractions and stimulation and found a part of my true inner self. It was fleeting but very powerful. Something to investigate much further!

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Only 18 days since I last posted so getting better :grinning:

My meditations are progressing! I found a Yoga Nidra hypnosis file (I actually bought it a few years back and totally forgot about it :roll_eyes:) and have anchored that to one of my fingers.

Using that and theta meditation one together means that I can accelerate the relaxation of both mind and body. Whilst not yet perfect, the stretches of time that my mind is blank is getting longer. I’m still aware of my self but there have been moments where I’ve totally lost where I am and not felt my body!

Is this “Void” I’ve entered? Who knows?

I’ll keep carrying on for the next month or so and review…

I might look at doing a Delta meditation which is where your brain is effectively is in a deep sleep. I’ve tried previously and it made me a feel a bit weird to be frank. Interestingly I was reading a book the other day about Delta states and the author confessed that he has some health problems when he tried it! I might just just again very carefully…

And finally (as they say on the news :grin:) I’ve cocked up my incense order on Amazon. In the next day or 2 they’ll be enough incense to last for at least another 2 years. Add in I forgot that I put some away in another draw so it’s now 3 1/2 years worth :crazy_face: :grinning:

never caught this goldmine before!

Thanks - all fools gold though! :wink:

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