Tried DMT last night

I tried DMT last night for the first time. I am trying to figure out if I had a breakthrough! Anyone here have experience?


You’re the only person that can say if you had a breakthrough or not. I haven’t had the pleasure of using DMT myself, but I hear it can be quite effective. It’s likely you’re still processing the experience, so maybe some journaling would help you unravel.


I have not tried DMT but always wanted to. I had a pretty crazy trip on some magick mushrooms and gave up psychedelics years ago.

Can you elaborate more about this breakthrough you may or may not have had?

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Joe Rogan wants your location. :joy:

On a serious note i always wanted to try dmt. I know there a few places in the US where they have ayahuasca legally.


I’d say its a breakthrough if you started seeing anything not usual, or if most or all of your body became numbed, And or you saw stuff in response. Things also could look stretched and you may have weird pareidolia (things may have warped into a face a bit or like a tree or a tree face while I was in my room on my bed).

It felt less easy (or wanted) to break through than salvia imo, that was much easier except it likes to give headaches and Directly put you into weirder (and often not controllable) sections of the dream world. If it doesn’t it will put you in an inbetween you may see people talking but in totally different places or positions than they were when around. (I’m just stating this for comparison/contrast).

Do you know how much you tried? I tried roughly 50 or 60 mg smoked. I never separated from the body and it kind of made me nauseous in a way I felt i’d rather lucid dream or anything else which is far easier.

When I tried it, it was pretty interesting though definitely not a universal mystical source like some expect. It seemed like the Physically smoothest on the body of all psychedelics’ though for a bit, and gave the body the same type of feeling when Physically withdrawing touch from the body like entirely numbed about from lower body down. It Physically felt like acid in the gut and back. I also was trying to listen to music and a video on the computer but all sound drowned out except my own voice entirely.

I think it helps stimulate the intensity of subtle energy manipulation like acid and mushes do (so don’t be flipping light switches if you feel it still enough or you might have no more lightbulbs), also be careful around electronics i worry it could damage them by energy affect.

When I started breaking through and started to look at my computer to see the time my computer froze and glitched like it never had before and the screen literally turned rainbow for at least several seconds, and started doing the EHHH stuck sound.

Just before when it was kicking in the world went violety and darker and starry looking like when somebody does intense breath practices or smokes a big hit of something, and I briefly saw a bald looking mummified looking entity with no hair or wrappings I’d seen once on a heart rythm affecting amount of lsd and mushes briefly too I thought.

From there I started seeing subtle Jester/Jack looking forms with the bell hats and all with their heads tilted like cracking up, meanwhile I’m thinking of joe rogan and being like ahhh I was tricked and they’re laughing that I expected more, then the computer thing happened, I tried sipping coffee and my body felt like I drank like 5 cups and I tried going outside and instantly felt colder than ever (definitely brings out extremes of feeling). If you Want to drink coffee after, just sip briefly to see, and I’d NOT recommend black I was like ohhh no.

In my experienced compared with things like Succesful trancendental meditation and the affects and sights and sounds it brings, it definitely had no affect on them much, just made it feel easier to be Dysphoric as all psychs imo except maybe Sally did, and made it harder for my meditation to dispell that. It didn’t let me control projection at all and in fact I thought it just stuck me into physicality more like an anchor, just numbed and stuck (like salvia except without the numbing).

So the one theory I felt like Joe rogan has talked of went out the window Entirely about it being the source of most or all main religions/religious experiences at least, imo I think their sources were likely the simplest yet furthest going form of transcendental meditation definitely not any of the well known psychedelic’s since they’re all similarly limiting, where Natural techniques don’t seem to be.

If you didn’t experience anything substantial I think you might have to try again, it can be Very noticeable imo and bit intimidating. (Hope this stupid long account might help you know more).

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You’ll know if you broke through or not. It’s that simple. If you enquiring it means that you probs haven’t.

You aren’t earth bound and that is quite perceptive to the body-load produced from the effects.

Try double the dose. I only broke through because my friend didn’t want his half so I smoked double :slight_smile:

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What did you experience?

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I honestly think that I was right there about to launch, but my anxiety and constant fear that I wasn’t breathing would bring me back. I was out for 2 minutes before I opened my eyes, it felt like hours. The sounds and visuals were extremely intense, and I felt like I was hopping rooms. But again I would notice that I wasn’t breathing and take a huge breath. And the more I would relax, the more intense the sounds would get. It was pretty nuts. Just not 100% sure if I broke through. You’re right, i probably didn’t, but I do think I was very close.


And I did hear some entities, and witnessed a God head, but the fear of not feeling my lungs and breath would distract me.


When I inhaled the whole lot of it, apparently I just held my breath. My friend who was trip sitting me told me softly “breathe” and I engulfed the universe. I was literally breathing in and out so intensely that I was limbless and swallowing the universe.

The breath, don’t worry — no suffocation happens and If anything , the state that it sends your body into is one that’ll make you breath more deeply without effort, you will automatically do it because breakthroughs to the ego is perceived as imminent threat or death itself hence the exhilarating fear that pumps through the body is apart of this experience…

there’s so much truth to it and it’s a cosmic interlude that pushes that boundary by the longest stretch… Anyway, yes you didn’t break through but it seemed that you had a lapse into another realm then ported back here due to a circumstance idk of… could be many things. Double the dose :slight_smile:

yup! :wink: