Zodiac Signs and Angels?

Hi guys, i wondered that is it a crucial thing to consider the Zodiac signs when getting in contact with an Angel or entity?

Not at all. I completely ignore such things and also colors, planetary alignments and whatever other complicated cultural gubbins people have tacked on to these things over the ages. Use them if you enjoy it that way, otherwise it’s extra steps for no benefit ime.


Angels are very much tied to the celestial bodies, and people who say they aren’t don’t understand them.

They are the very embodiments of the spheres they rule. The Archangels especially emulate the virtues of the sphere they govern. The ideals of Jupiter are what Zadkiel pursues. (Sagittarius & Pisces) Michael primarily embodies the ideals of Hod (ruled by Mercury) And It goes on. Their personalities also reflect this.

As you can imagine, these planets all have their signs, aspects, dignities, qualities, etc. Their vibes encapsulate these things. Angels are also HUGE advocates of using astrology for divination. Michael assisted me with learning years ago. Astrology is very important for angels. Not only is it the very fabric of their existence, but also the manner of magick they use.

Planetary magick and timing also amplify their manifestations, although not required. The broadness of their being makes them extremely versatile, so precise planetary operations are not truly necessary but it does do wonders.

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The longer i practice the more i realize how central astrology is to many types of magickal practice.

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It is a truly universal system of divination. It can tell pretty much anything you want to know about anything, especially when spirits are presence to guide your thoughts during chart readings for accuracy. This is also why I have not practiced any other divination since learning it.

Astrology has all the info, techniques and elements you need, all in one chart. Things like Tarot and casted objects are largely based on chance, whether drawing or casting. (depending on how you use it) But Astrology is just “right there.” Now you just need techniques and some spiritual intuition. :fire: