Your free Will

if one wants to experience real power, he must decide for himself what to use magic for and do it with his conscience.

power is when you recognize what your true intentions are in the magical realm, there are not only black and white, there are also gray tones.

in magic there are very few who practice white magic at all, like sending love to people to heal them, to make peace, or to heal themselves from their trauma and emotional wounds.

you are not a weakling, if magic has given you an advantage then stay on your path, if one day you get entangled then rest and withdraw from the realm of magic.

because karma is not something that comes back twice, karma is on what you have overly emotionally connected to and karmically attached to.

therefore incarnation is your karma, don’t get too attached to things that bind you to something.

to master your ascension yourself you have to smash your bonds, break up with gods, break up with vices like drugs, pornography and violence, because these emotions bind you again and again to incarnate here.

for you were originally a pure unbranded creature of creative love.

In the vernacular of the teachings of the Kabbalah, this means ascending to make yourself free.

If you continue to walk the left path, you will continue to become karmically entangled in your incarnations and it will take a very, very, very long time to break the cycle.

because all people hate their life on this planet and want total freedom

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I disagree. This is what most people do. Most have no idea it is magic though.

All people?


Can’t relate, I have had plenty of people do similar things for me, or seen it done for others, even on this largely LHP/black magick focused forum. Even done it myself for others

I don’t believe in karma and if anything I see it as a hindrance to people trying to evolve and practice magic.


Read this:

Not really. I don’t really believe in the whole “I roll a nat 20 and turn my soul into an ubi who lives in teh infernal kingdoms as Azazel and Luci-bae’s sex slave for eternity uwu” thing, personally, so this life is all I have, as far as I’m concerned. I would rather make my material life comfortable and pleasant than sit around for the next few decades thinking how shit it is here and praying that I get reborn as a human or alternatively as some entity, etc


I think if you look you’ll find it’s the opposite. Most of the internet is white magick and LHP people especially black magickians are in the minority. From yoga and reiki and qigoing, green wicthes, druids and wiccans, lightworkers, various religious healers, most people find and are drawn to the light magick first.

Actually many people are afraid of freedom, because that means responsibility and work.

This is a small part of it. I would say, power is knowledge, yes, but all knowledge. Knowledge of self and the knowledge of the skills to use your energy in the right way at the right time in the right mind to get what’s ideal for you.

It doesn’t do you any good to know what your intentions are if you don’t know why you have them, (maybe you were manipulated? maybe your ego is making you focus on silly things?) or what to do to move them forward.
You can intend to be a virtuoso piano player but if you don’t know how to play the piano, or how to learn, you’re hosed and no magick can help you.

I don’t believe in karma, myself. Energetic connections are one thing, but the term karma has been heavily misused for control and is tainted from an energy perspective, imo.

But you just said karma is emotional connections? An incarnation has nothing directly to do with the concept of karma, since according to you, you have to incarnate to get karma in the first place.

This is getting close to rule breaking. Preaching karma is one of the explicit examples used in the rules that we ask you not to come here and do.

@dark_prince_Zamathu Please refrain from trying to tell folks in the forum what they should and should not do. You are not the thought police. Any more preaching posts will be removed.

Feel free to explain your position with personal experiences and research as to why you think what you do, but do not preach.


Because they believe in threefold law and karma…
they are afraid of being harmed by black magick…?

Not so much, having come from those communities myself I’m very familiar with a few of them.

The threefold law is from wicca, which most haven’t heard of and kind of think is scary witchcraft, and karma is not what they’re afraid of because they all think of themselves as good people.

Thing is, people don’t need to be frightened into having morals handed down from on high. That’s the RHP style but in my opinion, a persons personal ethics are stronger and must align first if a person will keep them anyway.

Nobody calls themselves a lightworker because they’re afraid. Low vibrations are not of much interest because they hold you back and you make silly decisions when your ego is busy running around in circles being scared. People come to the healing arts and light side philosophies because they speak to them and make sense, and feel good.


I dont know, I know those who want to be received a certain good and nice way , becqsue they dont want to be judgef

Typos. Just left a hospital. Will lay down and return here later.

Have you ever been in a lightworker community, of thousands globally? Have you listened to channels and podcasts to hear what they talk about?

What makes you think hey want to "be recieved: in a certain way? Can you explain?

One of the tenets I learned, and I still keep to this day, is allowance. Allow energy and people to just BE.

So here:

It’s actually the opposite, they allow anyone to be who there are where they are.
The saying is “what someone else thinks of me, isn’t my business”. And that’s true, what someone else thinks in thier own responsibility. It’s got everything to do with them, and nothing to do with you. It’s about them. Let them have their opinions and thoughts, they are on their path and only they can walk thier journey.

To attempt to control others is a fear based response and not necessary.

I don’t think that’s RHP or LHP, that just makes sense to me and it’s why I respect the lightworkers. I’m not exactly not a lightworker anymore myself. I just wanted more knowledge and more perspectives than only one current can provide.


Not really I just came here.

Also the woman who initiatee me into reiki was pretty dark etc (but on the outside all light and love)

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Like, when I tell white witches I am lhp
They start a discussion and tell me I am not right
Bla bla
And then They ask me to do a curse for them because they dont want to go there

I do want to go therr actually like leqrn more about it

I am about a balanced path actually, I dont really know why some ppl want to discuss so much about the right way to do things… I get attacked every single time I say that I‘m lhp (currently) by psychics and wiccans… I dont knoww , I dont have anything to discuss, I am just curious about things.

Yeah I’d be careful about letting those guys speak for all the other currents as well.
I always tend to take people one on one, and assume they only speak for themselves and no one else.

Though I think it sounds fair here, that it someone labels themselves a “white witch” there’s a clear indication in that their philosophy there exists this black and white and they are virtue signaling for a reason.
This is very ego based in my opinion, so sounds like you’re right, they want to be seen as being all love and light, which is not the same thing as actually being loving, while also being busy being intolerant and hating people with different opinions.

Lol! :joy: That’s too funny… comes back to an ego identity and image thing, not walking the talk.

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yes and the other way around
You can perform the darkest magick possible and still be a loving person wtf

It gets even funnier…the target would have been the father of her bf (normie dude) and she asked her bf if I can curse his dad. Guy said yes because he doesnt believe in „all that bogus“ anyway lol… I said no.
Would have been ridiculous if she asked the target too for consent.

People here have hit on on the majority of the topics and concepts that you mentioned either sufficiently or better than I could however, I would I was just having a internal discussion about what power is so I feel like I can at least contribute here somewhat.

@Mulberry has already gone into the concept of knowledge being powered so I will not get into that however I believe that another large part of power is confidence and independence. When you think of those who are considered “powerful” in our modern world I believe the majority of people tend to think of rulers, leaders, and those who have power over other individuals. They control them and guide them in some way or another, to me, this is actually not power but a distinct lack of true distilled power. They rely on those they govern to give them sustenance, they need their contributions And obedience in order to survive.

To me, that seems much less like power and much more like reliance and weakness because if you were truly powerful then you would be self sufficient by yourself and would not have to rely on anyone else’s actions towards or against you, you would not need to control them because you would know that you control your reality and everything in it. I think that a man who is afraid or concerned about how other people affect him can never truly be powerful because fear comes from a place of being threatened.

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Interestingly, one of my most lightworker friends who is about leaving everyone else alone and doing thier own thing Just recently went through a horrid experience and they decided for the 1st time in a very long time to curse certain individuals. I say this to say that thier 1st reaction was I’m going to curse them not to place the burden of that act on others. To me, the idea of claiming to be white light and for the good of humanity and then placing the burden of doing harm on someone else seems like the most selfish and inconsiderate way to act. Personally I would think that someone who wants to protect and nurture the world would much rather take the burden of becoming “soiled” (their belief regarding curses not mine) upon themselves to protect others rather than shoving it on to others as a way to protect themselves no?

“Love and light” is such a common misconception.
Love and light are not the same. Light can destroy, and darkness can heal.
That’s why someone who works with light is very much able to do baneful stuff.
People who think that light equals love and therefore they are “the good ones” will sooner or later find themselves in a dilemma when they find out that things do not divide into good and evil, because nobody ever simply wakes up and decides to be evil out of nowhere.

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I do agree…

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Yin and yang come to mind. Love and light and darkness and hate are not only intimately intertwined, they cannot truly exist without the other. Neither one is “bad” they just have different uses. Just like how weapons work.

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Well yes, and it’s failing to take personal responsibility for thier own feelings. But, the thought has been had… They want the person cursed, so that’s on them and there’s no getting away from that.

Like @Helena just said above, I think these people don’t really understand “light and love” is not what it’s cracked up to be.

There’s a point where, in order to manifest the highest “good” bad things have to happen to people. Being in jail for the rest of your life to stop you from hurting the many people that you would have if you were free, is bad for you, but is what all those people need to not have bad things happen to them. It’s all relative. Does it make the guy that locks the door evil? In some ways yes, in many others no.

Black and white is, imo as usual :slight_smile: a fake dichotomy that just confuses things and ends up being another mind control mechanism. Nothing is really that easy.