Your favourite Lust spell?


It’s shared already :smiley: read the answers a bit higher

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If not you shall be burned with flames.

Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to state such thing?
I don’t want to get in trouble so is it ok If I skip that part?

Well I found that they’re more willing to help if that is said as they get threatened :), but it’s all up to you


thank you very much can you start a strongest one fr busines and calling customers

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I could try to find some for you

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lets say i performed this on someone but they won’t know that i have cast something on them right? does this spell manipulates the person into liking you or forses against their will? and what if they turned out to be a play boy, will he still feel attraction towards me? and i mean only towards me?
and does this spell ONLY works like a one nightstand and all over or more?

They won’t know, it just makes you appear more appealing to them in so many ways, and a playboy will always feel attraction hence the ’ playboy ’ title, and they’ll want you more and more as the time goes

In the table, in pla ce of AL’ wahed should i write the person’s name and which sign? Do i need to carry it everytime i’m around that person? And lastly does it only works or does the person finds me appealing only when i have this paper? Otherwise it doesnt?

Thanks! :DD

I’d like to jump in and just say this talisman is to illicit lust which then means it should only be used for persons you just want to have a quick fun kind of thing. It’s not meant for love-like attraction. Just bang that boy/girl and forget about it and move on to the next one. For long term attraction you’re better of working with the specific demon/angels for that purpose.

Hi, no keep Al wahed :slight_smile: I found that just once is enough, what I did was mixing this with another love/obsession spell and it worked wonders, the person is still after me so much I had to try and break it off, as even though she got someone she admited to still think about me at 4am while laying naked next to her boyfriend. So be careful with these

Exactly, thanks for jumping in!

nah fam, just confirming lol

Hi im Willy. I tried this but nothing happened. Can you give me some advice pls.

Could give you a better insight if you tell me a bit about the situation and what you did exactly

Hi. I did as you said. Got her at family but she was not really talking to me. Maybe she is stubborn. Do i need something stronger?

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I am also interested, Please share

Unfortunately, I cannot see the person personally. However, I will be saving this for future use.
Do you perhaps have anything else to share? I would like to try it out, anything for love or breaking up?