Your favourite Lust spell?

So lately I switched from Love spells to Lust ones heh…and I tried one that stroke my eye, and it was rather a Talisman for Jinn work taken from an Islamic book, I will share it later but from what I read somewhere here those kind of Talismans are frowned upon on the forum? If not then I’ll share it with pleasure.

Anyways, the Talisman on my phone case, I go to meet this girl with whom it was all awkward online and shit, then we hit it off real good, and what was supposed to be a 3 hours date ended up being a 28 hours spent together and a night in my hotel room. The Talisman description did say that the work is so strong that the person will be the one making the first move, and as a boy it is always great when the girl makes the first move, and boy it was an intense night and day that followed.

Which lust spells are your favourite? and what are you stories with these?


Too bad we cnt read tat books, i try tis spell call dragon rite where u call asmodeus, sheva and someone more in a drawing triangule, and her picture in middle, its varios stiles of tis. It works like 80/chance.


I could translate it and share it here if anyone is intrested


I’m interested! Please do.


Please do translate and share it, this has gotten me interested



i am interested can u tell me about that talisman??

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The Archangel Anael usually helps me with love matters

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Tat be great .

Nailoh, can u explain how he help you, like getting a love, or permanent relation ship,? I did worl whit him but it was slow, and most not good. Until i learn he can be invoke whit diferent spirts not necessary angels or light beings. Such sheva, azarak etc. I did a angel hair spell whithim. I fail.

Can you please share the talisman?

You peaked my interest there buddy. Tell me over PM if you want to.

No, you can publicly share the talisman, as long as you cite the source you took it from. What is frowned upon here is posting copyrighted images that are not covered under the fair use clause.

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Perfect, you cleared my doubts, sorry for the late response everyone, I will write everything up and translate it as much as I can by the end of the day.

Alright, so it took some time to translate this properly, however some signs within the Talisman and names need to stay in Arabic, I hope my hand writing will be understandable.

First things you need to do is cleanse yourself ( take a shower duh… ), prepare your space and the following;

  • A candle ( any color really, I used white )

  • A white paper, and any kind of pen ( NO PENCIL/MARKER )

  • Name and mothers’ name of your target ( if not available, then use son/daughter of eve I used it that way and it still worked )

  • Any good incense should be burning while you’re writing, I used cinnamon

The talisman should be written by night at around 23:00.

Take your paper ( I used a quarter of an A4, as you will need to carry it with you ), and start by drawing the following table;

The table has the following in it ( right to left, up to down ); 1, 1, Al Wahed, Al Wahed, a sign, a sign, Tahesh, Mirhash, Al’ Hayaj, Al’ kamel, in case you could not understand the letters used.

After you draw the table, you write around it without dots and try to make it without lifting your pen in a continuous motion and a full circle around the table;

O servants of this blessed verse, arouse XXX son/daughter of XXX and bring her/him to bed for sex and pleasure

After that is done, you write under it the following;

In the name of Tahsh, Mirhash, Al Hayash, Al Kamel and in the name of these letters and their powers upon you, answer my call may you be blessed. If not you shall be burned with flames.

After this is done, you read the following 3 times in a row (bare with me, the wordings are very strong and straight forward);

O’ strong and mighty Kings of this talisman, Tahsh, Tahsh, Mirhash, Mirhash, in obedience to these letters and names bring me XXX Son/Daughter of XXX aroused and fully obedient, so that I may do what I want when I want. Answer my call now and bring him/her to me from everywhere, and if you refuse you shall be burned by flames

With this done, you can now fold the Talisman and take it with you when you will be meeting or having a chance to be around the person, you should not show it to anyone especially not the concerned person, and only take it with you if you need the actual effect. Otherwise you may store it away for further use.

This Talisman comes from a personal grimoire of an Islamic sorcerer calling himself ( sheikh ).

Use at your own responsibility, I tried it out of pure curiosity, and it did wonders.


What if u have no chance to be around the person ?

IN that case this won’t work for you, I will be doing more research on working Talismans and will only post what I had success with, and this one is a definite one!

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Is it single use only ?

No, you just take it with you everytime you wanna use it, you can create a different one for every person is you feel like it, and carry it with you each time you’ll meet that person


I have a “date” on Thuesday. I’ll try this and see what happens.