YOU think you know better than everyone else? think again

There’s a new anime called god of high school. watching it will take forever to catch up with the manga version it’s base on. a korean webtoon. so here’s the first episode of the manga. It’s short and good entertainment stress releaser.

This is a metaphor for all you folks who think your really good in your magick. You think you know it. you think your the best. Well, read just the first chapter and think again about your magick. =o) maybe it will open your eyes that you have just started your journey of magick just like the main character of the manga. mwha mwha mwha


Everyone is an idiot except me is asymptotically approaching. I don’t know how true it is exactly yet, but if it keeps me from beating myself up for the result of other people’s choices inflected on me I should probably go with it.

I have the opposite problem. I give people too much credit, trust myself too little, and think too hard. Far off the generic shōnen path. Is there a web comic I should read?


Lol okay.


I mean, everybody knows better about something.
That’s sort of the point of the whole separation from source lark.

I assume you mean, “you think you know better about everything”? So, those people are called narcissists, and they probably aren’t listening. So, not sure who you thought your audience was, but they’re not here.

Also, “…your really good” - you is short for “you are” - so it’s you’re really good”.
If you’re going to lecture people, using correct grammar helps you maintain that air of authority. :slight_smile:

Although you kind of lost me comparing real life to a fiction. I’m sorry, I’m just not going to spend time on a cartoon, couldn’t you lay it out here? OR better still, talk about the problems it caused in your (that’s how you use “your” - as a possessive) lived experience being a know it all.

E.g., did you miss important advice by refusing to ask for it, that in hindsight you really needed? I know I have.

However, bear in mind that sometimes this behaviour is borne of insecurity and not wanting to look vulnerable, rather than being about arrogance. Someone doesn’t think they’re ‘better’, they don’t want to give people they don’t trust any ammo. This latter is a beneficial narcissistic trait designed for self-protection and why people with full blown narcissistic personality disorder do it.


@Maulbeere I think you missing the point of humor post. especially if you didn’t read the first episode for context message and assume something from all that you said. =o) your so full of something of which i don’t know :rofl:

And by the way. you learn many things from fiction and stories. such examples would be movies and classic literature books. THey help illustrate many things. Even with magick. I guess your too serious or blinded to realize that you’ve learn many things from fiction. Its all over the place. There’s also the no response option and ignore if you dont’ understand the posting being humor and think it’s lecturing others. I guess i assume too much for some people that they know it’s humor post. especially when i mention that it’s stress reliever. mentioning stress reliever don’t really fall in line with lecture. lol common sense isn’t it?

I’m on episode 178 of God of Highschool. I love the way the artist illustrates the fights. I prefer Tower of God though. And yes, there is a lot of occult lessons in fiction. Definitely can see that there’s always a bigger fish in anime and manga in particular.


did you watch the anime version first episode ? crunchyroll making the anime. 2 episode release. just came out. i have to wait for the 2nd episode since i’m not crunchyroll member. It’s really a different presentation comparing anime version to manga version just like the author said.

Yup. Saw it last week. Just watched the second episode yesterday.

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it’s been a long time since a good series came out. i think this one will be just as good as naruto and bleach. it’s gonna be famous in usa too. the viewer’s reactions on youtube is positive. That first manga episode really crack me up. especially his response afterwards at the end. :rofl:

A lot of good anime has come out imo. It’s isekai heavy right now is all. The 1st episode really drew me in. The anime style is what made me actually watch it, which I didn’t do with Tower of God.

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Has anyone seen food Wars? I heard that was a good anime I stopped in a few minutes of the first episode to go watch dream warriors lol I did seem pretty good.


That one is hilarious. You should watch it.


Attack on titan s4 let’s get it


Masterpiece. I heard the ending is gonna hurt though :frowning:


I feel like I just got clickbaited to watch an anime.


the attack on titan creator says the manga will end this yr or early next. It’s really mess up that they didn’t continue the live version movie. I actually like them. It really is annoying that they are slow with the anime catching up to the manga. lol. @John_Wick have fun waiting for the season 4 . it will be end of yr. you can always read the manga if you can’t wait. lol

@prophet no clikbait. its’ a good anime series. there’s good lessons in these about helping you with magick. lol The struggles these characters go through helps with mindset needed. =o) And if you want direct magick info. i’m sure there’s some anime on magick.


It’s gonna be :fire:


To get that shōnen vibe, these characters will help.

Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro and Sanji Vinsmoke (One Piece)
Ging and Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
Corporal Levi (Attack on Titan)
The protagonist from Overlord.

Also, the mindset of John Constantine is an excellent mindset for a sorcerer to have, although it’s not an anime character.

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I mean he’s the americanized form of an anime xD young justice lol.

What anime? John Constantine appeared for the first time about 40 years ago, in Swamp Thing’s “American Gothic” series, its relaunch after the classic The lesson of anatomy, written by Alan Moore.

He has appeared in other media, yes, animated movies, live action tv and one movie where they only kept the name and changed too many things (and awfully adapted Dangerous Habits).