Soultravel Upgrade Project (come on in the astral's fine)

A lot of people here struggle with soul travel and astral projection, myself included. I made a pact with myself to train upon it for 49 days with earnest conviction, but as it turns out this is gonna be a bit different than me just training on it. Normally I don’t share my projects with people, but this one is a bit different and I need to express my yang somewhere. It’s not just for myself, in fact, due to the fact that the Enochian Angels approached me, I’m using angel currents for my engines which means that whatever “I” want is irrelevant. Self sacrifice accomplishes a lot, and I’ve got a lot to sacrifice. Anyone who’s experienced with enochian magic, please help me out with this project, because this shit is confusing to me. I’m a shamanic dragon cyber-druid, I’m a quick learner but I’m out of my element here with the whole goddamn enoch system, as powerful as the keys are I’ve no fuckn clue what they do exactly. Some guidance at the very least would be helpful, on the enochian specifically.

Disclaimer - if I speak like I’m an engineer and not a mage, I’m sorry that’s just how I talk XD

Goal of the Project: Build a device which aids significantly in the learning of astral projection. This will most likely manifest as an implant device which integrates with the body in a similar manner that the devil gene does.
Devil gene, for reference -

I will be building up the current for the next 48 days, this first ritual will close on october 4th, but we’ll see if we need more after that.

Spirits being used -
Enochian Angels, Thalos from KoF, Uphir

Enochian Angels for the engines; a big part of astral projection development is getting rid of fear and negative thought blockages. Yeah yeah yeah, infernals can do that too, but the angels showed me a really fucking cool mechanism which allows me to transmute pure anguish and fear into adventurous joy with a sprinkle of courage. How fuckin perfect is that? I think we’ll end up using this mechanism, because technically there is a good deal of “healing” that goes into soultravel training, particularly for those of us that struggle with it. So, I think the angels will help tremendously there.

Thalos is currently giving me the data required for all things soul-travel. I don’t think he’s neccesarily the best at breaking the blockages though, he seems to be too macrocosmic and extradimensional. Totally fine, he’s a traveler, and I can use all his powers and data, but I’m gonna need something that understands human biology specifically as well as an extra dose of healing/blockagebreaking in order to get what I need. So, right now he’s mostly on standby.

I’m asking Uphir to help me construct the proper design for the device so that it links with human biology very, very snugly. He knows healing and biology like no other, plus he’s no stranger to technology either, so he’s a great option. His role is advisory and small, but very very helpful.

If someone has suggestions let me know, or if you want to help work on the project then by all means let me know. I personally need help with enochian stuff, but for the working specifically, I’d find it valuable to collaborate with someone more drenched in the infernal empire energies, particularly the gatekeepers. If I did that part myself its wouldn’t be worth the time, if someone else does, it would be beneficial. Either way no skin off my teeth; I’m doing all of this with RHP altruism in my heart apparently, hence why a gatekeeper lad might be nice to have. Or, anyone else, come on in. I’ll be posting regular updates on my work here.

Any questions, any takers?


Looks interesting, I’ve often heard of various angelic forces described as machine-like, please keep us posted how it goes. :+1:

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@shinri I already messaged in PMs but I’m letting you see this here as well :3

Not super sure if enochian is a language, or an angelic species. It seems to be a bit of both, but either way I think there’s gonna be a bit more translation needed to get Thalos and Uphir able to understand the enochian current and vise versa in the way I want to. It’s alright though, I’m good at translation matricies, I’m gonna let the dust settle on the last stuff I did and see what needs to be done.

So far we’ve got an angeloid construct which is essentially a “hollow star”. It’s angel tech, and it’s got the capacity to learn and advance, but it’s got no free will of it’s own and it’s a radiant type of force. It’s gonna end up attatching to the individuals “solar plexus” or wherever that individual considers his or her “will” to be located, but also weave through the entire body as a cellular mechanism. Yep, that’s right, it’s gonna upgrade each and every cell. It may sound like I stole that idea and mechanics from the devil gene, but I promise I didn’t. I’m just using an intelligence I know as “karnekaun”, or, “lord of the flesh”. It’s good for generating cell-based structures, I’ve used him before. It’s turning out quite nicely too. The effect this has is allowing me to create a device which comes pre-packaged with all the data and tools required to help a person soultravel, but as a device it will also evolve on it’s own according to the users will, because technically speaking it’s an implant device, and once you get one it’s yours. So, it’ll be quite damn malleable and useful for lots of other things besides projection. Cellbased stuff is purely for convenience, and it’ll help dramatically for clearing all the necessary blockages and solidifying the inner bodies of light and whatnot. In a lot of ways, this can actually be used as an alternative or even a suppliment to the “devil gene”, which may in fact be no accident at all. I’ve got a devilgene; I’m probably gonna integrate the two devices at some point, at least for myself. More on that, as it develops.

Hi, I’ll reply here so that others can see it too.

Ok so first of all, just upfront disclaimer that I am also practicing these sorts of things and am not yet highly skilled with soul travelling, but I have made some pretty good progress, and I can help you out with the Enochian stuff (which I’ve been using to support dream yoga training).

I think you may really enjoy the book Adventures in Sex Magick, which has an Enochian summoning chant and sigil for calling on Enochian sexual powers. If you’ve read my stuff then you’ve probably seen some examples of this. I have an ongoing working for my dream signs that’s been helpful. I’ve been making sigils for every location or situation I dream about often (like a classroom, parking lot, restaurant, a military situation, bedroom, etc). This has helped with my other dream practices, which I think are great ways to access the astral planes or dream state or whatever you want to call not the material plane. I’ve also experienced a lot of healing with sex magick, if sexual healing sounds appealing.

I’ll go ahead and cover all the Enochian stuff first. There is also the book Universal Magick. The powers of Creation and perhaps Transformation in particular may be helpful with soul travel/dream practice. I don’t think you particularly need to use this magick unless you feel pulled to it, though. The sex magick works just fine if you’d prefer that method, and it comes with many side-benefits you in particular may find appealing. I certainly have enjoyed the magick.

The Enochian Keys I wouldn’t suggest for these purposes. If you want to work through the Keys and Success Magick, they have been influencing my dreams, but if your goal is lucid dreaming/astral projection/soul travel (however you wish to describe exploring the non-material world), then you need to focus on practices to achieve that. The Keys do their own thing and may assist with soul travel, but it helps to do the practices intended to improve your soul travel/lucid dreaming abilities specifically. The Keys and Success Magick are more about unlocking knowledge of occult reality. Perhaps you can sense how this would help with soul travel, but it’s like learning how to draw. If you want to paint, learning how to draw can help with that, but you still have to actually paint. A loose analogy but maybe you get what I’m saying. Speaking the Keys is like drawing, and dream practices are like painting. You can draw something, but you also have to practice coloring it if that’s what you want to do. A really loose analogy but whatever.

I will PM you a copy of the Enochian Keys, though. Online sources I’ve checked have been inaccurate. I typed these up from Klein’s transcription of the original manuscripts, which are kept in the British Library (or some other fancy library), so these are accurate to the original text that was received. You also don’t need to worry about translating anything. The Enochian powers will cooperate with and support other magick that you may be doing. The Enochian language has a power to it, but the spirits communicate in ways that you can understand (so like English, for example).

Before I elaborate further, you really should buy the magick books that you work with. That’s not me moralizing, I can assure you that. If you don’t pay for a $10 book, then every time you use that book, you are telling yourself that you are too broke and impoverished to afford a $10 purchase that can change your life, and perhaps holding onto resentment that limits you. Every turn of the page is a poverty curse you place on yourself. Buy the book. That’s the only sacrifice you need to make. You can use sex magick to manifest some more money after you buy the book.

You can use these practices for free, though. This post here contains pretty much my entire dream practice. Short and simple, but surprisingly effective. I’ve been doing these somewhat off-and-on for a few months. Now, I get lucid at least once, usually several times per week, and I have been improving the stability and clarity of my dreams. I expect to reach a point where I am lucid in all of my dreams, with good control over the dream state. The magickal methods help boost you along, but there really is no substitute for things like dream journalling and doing the visualizations.

Like I said before, I do dream practices, not astral projection or soul travel practices, but I think these are different ways of getting to the same places. I realize that soul travel usually implies levels of mystical realization, and I suppose I’ll have to see, but I think similar things may be experienced via dream practice if you generally know what you’re trying to do.

If you personally find a magickal approach that is more integrated with physical objects to be your style, then by all means do your magick, but again I’d really encourage you to do things like dream journalling and cultivating awareness throughout the day. The magick is there to support these practices. If you don’t do the practices, there’s not much point in supporting them with magick.

It wouldn’t be a dream post if I didn’t encourage you to meditate. Mindfulness of the tactile sensations of the breathe at the tip of the nose. If you’re curious I know a good book, but if you just want to get into the other practices, that’s ok too.

I’ve tried to be helpful here while also leaving space for you to do your own thing. There are some core practices that work quite effectively, but with magick, you can always customize things a bit to suit your personal tastes so long as you keep in the important functional bits. The aesthetics are largely personal preference, but there’s a good reason many of the same techniques have been passed down from ancient times.

Best of luck!

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Lucid dreaming and soultravel practices are quite similar, but in my opinion not really the same, and in terms of the evolutionary paths they present if you want to concentrate one or the other, it ends up making a huge difference. Dream practices are definitely more “magical” in my opinion, as it relates much more directly to creativity and most importantly introspection, but the actual reasons why I want “soul travel” so much is so that I can do all the shapeshifting stuff I need to with much greater ease and heal certain… “crossed wires” in my soul. It’s complicated stuff apparently, and it’s not very easy to process all the data here in the physical, since some of it doesn’t even translate well this far down in density. Dreamwork would probably do the trick for me in terms of being able to communicate with the entities i can’t speak with in my vessel, but I’ve got a really strong feeling the “soul travel” route is best for me. Plus, I don’t want to have to fall asleep to do it, ideally.

Looks like right now it’s solidified into what’s essentially just an anchor for the angelic current to ride, and is specifically tailored to learning soultravel stuff. I guess using the keys so far has been helpful, since it let me code this thing with the system in such a way that I can continuously invoke it now. I have the beta version hooked up to my genetics too, and from what I’ve seen I basically ended up folding the watchtowers into a tesseract in order to get it to act like an implosive manifestation box, my will, manifesting through it, onto my body. Or something like that at least, it’s all liable to move around. In regards to “doing the work”, I’m sure we would all very much like to be able to say “beam me up scotty” and just be lifted out of our bodies, and as much as I’d love to build that, I doubt that’s in the cards at the moment. What it’s supposed to be doing, is just supercharge, guide, and manage the practice of training on it, since the most important piece is that it’s supposed to be concentratedly adept at breaking away all blockages that prevent the exiting, then empower your senses, all the while being a naturally uplifting type of energy due to it’s exchanging of sinking for rising energy. (the angels sink, you rise). That said, its waaay too data oriented right now. It’s just a learning accelerator for the mind. I love fast mental processes and learning as much as the next cyber-priest but I need to give it some extra fire, since it doesn’t matter how much I know about “how” projection works if I can’t even do it. I guess that does make it a great “guide” for AP and ST, but it needs a a spicy healing and blockagebreaking kick, if you will. Infernal blood energy, would probably be quite excellent.

Thanks for the enochian sex magic key, I’ll be using that one for my personal stuff I think. Not sure if I’ll be working with the enochian system long term, but oh boy is sexual healing a grand ol time :3
But, in regards to the book, I didn’t buy it because I didn’t even know if I’d be using the system at ALL, cuz the angels decided to poke me after I had made some cosmic ripples they were concerned and or impressed with, probably both. I used his book to tap into the current. I haven’t used an occult book in my life, never needed em, but enochian is… intimidating. It’s all the golden dawns fault. Sheesh. I’ve spoken the keys all the way through only twice now, and the first 2 keys by themselves twice each, and I already feel the angelic current “swooping me up”, as it were, and I have no fucking idea what any of these sigils even do or mean since it’s a really foreign system to me. If the golden dawn asshats actually knew what they were doing with this system of magic I’m 102% confident they’d be producing human ascendants left and right like an illuminant factory. But, no, they jerk off at math too much and forget to even do anything with it apparently.

In regards to meditation, that’s partially why I needed this technology. My personal journey with learning soultravel is gonna be a bit harder than most, since it’s not just a matter of putting on the big boy pants and doing your fucking training. I’m disciplined in that area already. My problem has to do with the crossed wires, or, “psionic diseases and spiritual disfigurement” as Uphir puts it, which make a lot of things more complicated at best. Meditation is fine, oh but wait, why can’t I do pranayama without half my body contracting and half my body expanding, thus expelling 50% of all my intake for no reason? Oh, and turns out I can’t center myself either because all my chakra centers for some reason turned into passive orbs, meaining even my consciousness can’t enter the real center and instead just continually orbits. Oh shit, now my orbits are all tangeled up and my magnetic fields are trying to rip each other apart. Shit like that makes it hard to astral project, when half of your spirit is being chucked out, and half is being concentrated into a yinball on your right shoulder. At the end of the day though, whatever I end up building to help me hobble up into the astral plane in order to see what’s really going on without the limitations of the physical form is gonna be really potent and concentrated as a result.

Still trying to figure out exactly what meditation I can do for this particular endeavor. I think I’ll focus on pulling light into my left lung and charging my solar plexus. That worked well for me last time, less “energy tangles” than usual. Actually exiting, that’ll become more apparent later once my mind is used to the deep trancestates again, but the angels make that ability reaaaally easy to get back apparently.

If you have any suggestions for the blockagebreaking aspect , (ignoring my personal scenario, just, overall spiritprojection blockage breaking), whith using the enochian system that would be good to know. I can pair it with sexmagic healing perhaps, it may be fitting, but as I said it needs to be a bit more aggressive in that area.

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Ok it seems like we’re in similar places in our practices, your words are just a bit different than how I think about it.

That’s what the Vision ritual felt like to me. This is my second(ish) time doing the Keys with Success Magick (didn’t finish the first time, but got what I needed), and both times this has happened during the Vision ritual. It wasn’t a complete astral projection, but ironically it seems that certain demonic practices which involve travelling to demonic realms encourage spirits to come here to us, whereas angelic practices which involve summoning spirits into the external material world encourages us to go to them.

If you look at the translation of the sex magick key, you’ll see that it mentions calling on “thunders and fires of life and increase.” Without going too much into it, I believe that the element Fire (associated with the East) is particularly important with Enochian magick. Fire is related to the expansion and improvement of psychic and magickal abilities, and Enochian sex magick has been like dumping loads of fire all over my mind.

Pairing mindfulness meditation with the Keys has also felt rather potent. I used to do mindfulness on its own (before I got into magick), and the Keys have a big effect. Maybe it’s partially because I have previous experience with this, and at times it has felt like returning to familiar territory, but either way, I have been experiencing an increase in my ability to detect mental phenomenon as they arise and pass away at increasingly fast speeds. Perhaps the magick is causing some accelerations, but I think this is also gaining the ability to see what was already occurring beyond my previous level of awareness.

So I don’t like to throw too much shade, but I don’t entirely disagree. Maybe they’re all laughing in their eye-ball pyramids at their amazing wow deceptions, but the limited amount of Golden Dawn materials I have seen were extremely lacking compared to more modern publications. Their elemental correspondences were way off, first of all (Air - South, Fire - East, Earth - North, Water - West).

I haven’t quite gotten to these sections in the original manuscripts (in Klein’s transcription), but if I recall correctly many if not all of the patterns to derive angel names used in the Success Magick rituals were reasonably plainly spelled-out by the angels, and I remember seeing tables in Klein with various lines visualizing the patterns. Not to discredit the work of putting the sigils and various names all together, not to mention interpreting the powers and effects, but it’s not like there weren’t any instructions at all. If I were to guess, it was probably partially due to a lack of access to the genuine source materials, partially egomania and the follow-on religious fanaticism brought on by being super secret cult members, as well as laxity and egoic presumption. Again, not to throw shade at the Thelemites too hard. What word rhymes with gematria? I almost tried to make a joke by converting words into numbers but then I got bored.

I don’t really see the reason to avoid occult books. Reading and following some instructions isn’t going to kill your individuality.

You might be clenching your muscles or something. These things can happen with anxiety and other psychological discomforts. I’ve also strained a muscle before through repeated physical activity and it can cause the surrounding area to tense up. A little yoga and maybe some massage or one of those back roll-y things could help. Presumably this happens to athletes all the time, so proper body care is important.

So this is partially me assuming that you are experiencing something I have also experienced. I don’t entirely word it this way but I think I’m catching your vibe. This seems to be part of what naturally happens when you do Enochian magick, perhaps the magick of the Keys in particular.

You mentioned that you feel like your wires are getting tangled and your consciousness feels more “floaty.” If I were to guess, I’d think that your wires were already all tangled up, and that the magick has just made you aware of this. Disconnecting your consciousness from the mess can help you dis-associate “you” and “the mess.” It’s like mixing a cocktail. Let’s say that “you” are the rum, and the coke is the “mess” (I’ll assume you aren’t adding a lime, for some reason). In the drink, it’s all so mixed up and indistinguishable, but if you somehow extract all the rum out, then you can dump out the old, grimy, flat coke and get some new, tastier mixer. Personally, I prefer ginger ale to coke. Weird analogy. Maybe for you you’ve got grimy ginger ale and want some fresh coke. Either way, I thoroughly recommend a slice of lime. That’s not really magickal advice, it just tastes good.

Yeah again I personally think whatever label or style of practice you use, so long as it is effective they all take you to the same place, sort of. Mental/acausal/emotional planes, hells, heavens, hungry ghost realms, I think they’re all “in” the “dream state or astral plane,” whatever is “out there” that’s not the material place we are in right now. There seem to be many uses and aesthetics for that place out there.

I like dream practices because I already get enough sleep and there’s really not much to it. It seems you just have to be patient and eventually you get there if you persist. Magick, especially Enochian magick, does seem like it makes things go faster though, and also more wacky and interesting, and also divinatory and insightful.

Last thing I’ll say here is that Enochian, at least how I’ve been doing it (I like it when it gets intense), can sometimes blast you in the face. A break isn’t going to fuck on your magick.

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That’s what I’d say too, from my Encounter with Metatron.

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