You know the age old question?

Why are we here? A thought so many have had during the eons. Here’s an idea that makes sense to me. Everything in existence, from a single blade of grass, to the insects, all creatures, humans, even the stars and the forces that create them.

Everything may be the universe trying to understand itself. Just as we question why we exist, the universe asks the same of it. Then arises another question, is the universe conscious of itself. Maybe quantum mechanics is its consciousness.

I can’t quite remember exactly the physicist that figured this out or what it’s called but from what I can remember is when the particle is being observed, by simply observing it that observation changes its position. That simple action changes the direction, placement and momentum of that particle, thus rendering it unpredictable. Could that be considered consciousness within the universe?

We are the dialogue of atoms.

What are your thoughts?

Sources to pounder:

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

Observer effect

Note: I know this is not specifically dealing with left hand path or anything magical, but what a lot of the magical teachings encourage is to try to understand the universe and its effects. Alchemy or dark alchemy I’ve noticed has ties to these questions and could lead to new perspectives and ideas with workings and any kind of spiritual/ magical path.


I feel that the answer to this question is subjective.

Some people are here because they may have a mission to fulfill. Some may have incarnated here to experience this realm. And sometimes, you’re just here because you are, thus you need to find a purpose.

It all depends on you.


The infinite why…
It’s a beautiful thing, and it does lead to true wisdom. Cause and effect seem to run up against the problem of infinite regression. Any construct, like a creator god or primordial element, must face the same problem as any other thing that might come afterward. Logic cannot solve this problem. It’s not an issue of developing more advanced mathematics or scientific approaches.

The immutable fact is, logical laws of nature are not capable of creating the universe. At a certain point, reason is undone by reason itself. Knowledge by its nature is finite, whereas mystery by its nature is infinite.


There’s two things here, the Observer effect, and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
The Observer effect is the one where, in SOME systems, you have to change the system to be able to take the measurement, thus changing the result at the same time.
The Uncertainty Principle is that you can’t accurately measure both the position and momentum at the same time. However, is does have these, and human limitations in ability to measure don’t say otherwise.

Personally, ahm, maybe but I think the story is probably much more complicated. I feel quantum mechanics resides firmly in the part of the universe that is physical matter. Spirit is pure energy, and spirit is what has consciousness, imo. Since matter is created by and is a vehicle for spirit, and is very condensed energy, you can interact with it as conscious, but it creates time and is very slow moving in that time, making direct communication with matter difficult for spirit. As such I wouldn’t say we are the conversation of atoms. I would say atoms are another way to experience the universe, and are a tool in service to the universe.

We talk about all magick here, it’s not a uniquely LHP forum. As evidenced by the existence of the RHP channel :slight_smile: We don’t have a philosophy channel, so General is the only place this kind of stuff realty fits I think.


This is great! Thank you everyone for your contributions. This thread was intended to entice thought, start a conversation and add new insights. Fantastic! :star2::sparkles::zap::zap::boom::star::dizzy::ringer_planet::earth_asia::waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon::full_moon::new_moon_with_face:


@Prophet I too have often thought this, nice to witness another with a similar thought.

@Zapdubious great insight and elegantly put, thank you.

@Mulberry you have given such a wealth of perspective, much I haven’t thought of and some similar to my own thinking. I am grateful for your time and post. So much to think about, love it!

This inspires me to think of dark alchemy transforming that which is internal and external in order to make change, transformation and to have control over the physical spiritual and the outer worldly. I will refrain from over detailing this but I am so excited lol this is great.


You have to understand the nature of reality to understand the answer, it’s all this incomplete complete mess of consicousness and illusion, there is nothing but what you are and what you have access to, everything

it’s ridiculously confusing and hard to explain, but nothing is and everything is and it’s just a fun time, so reality is a biiiiiit fup to flexible experimentation

consciousness is where life is at, baby!

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@Maxwell love it, how everything is nothing and something at the same time. That from nothing came matter, something. Thank you for your input.

If I may add, the confusion is the most exciting part because that I believe is what inspires us to question in the first place. For if we do not question we do not seek the answers and we do not try to expand to higher realms.

Personally I’ve always wondered about consciousness, is it truly just spirit and therefore science will never be able to actually capture it on any kind of visual device. Or is there a gene for consciousness, again these are all just things to ponder, to excite the mind and to broaden perspectives.

Btw I’m not trying to find the answers to any of this lol It’s the journey itself, the act of seeking that holds the most importance in my opinion. I just want to extend my own perception, to not become stagnant, to add more elements to one’s own thought processes.

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If you wanna know, just keep doing the work. I could tell you, but it’d be abstract and useless to you now.

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It’s not a matter of asking a question and getting an answer it’s asking a question that inspires the mind to think, look at it as an auditory painting

A collaboration of multiple minds, creating new types of colors in the form of words and thoughts

The work is the questioning, the seeking, the journey, the trail the tribulation. The madness, the joy, the euphoria it’s all of it. Existence itself is the work Lol

truly I am grateful for you taking the time to add your own thoughts because this is been a lot of fun thank you


Stop paying attention to anything, and stop processing info. Remove the compulsion and sink into this nothing.

You will find that your consciousness is a bit wider than this cosmos, this universe, and you will find it go out like a light, in the infinite expanse of attention.


Why not do all of it and nothing all at the same time or in increments whatever feels right whatever feels necessary

Just do you, i’m giving you a way to think that could lead you to a conclusion :wink:

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If I’m understanding the esoteric philosophy I’ve been reading up on, the “why we’re here” is to gather experiences and spiritual wisdom to add to our consciousness. The accumulated wisdom of a single consciousness is expressed as metaphorical “density”; as you gather wisdom and experience your consciousness becomes “denser” until it is sufficiently saturated to ascend to the next ‘plane’. Of course I have no way of confirming this, but for what it’s worth my spirit mentor has also said that this is the way it works. She’s a couple rungs up the ladder from me/us.

I believe this is somewhat observable, as it is easy to observe that although all humans are conscious there is a wide variance in how intelligent and wise one human is compared to another. This to me makes sense to interpret as difference in the density of consciousness.

The foundation of the mysteries and esoteric knowledge is that the universe is literally consciousness, and that we as conscious beings are slivers of that all-encompassing mind. The Hermetic principle of Mentalism (all is mind) and the Qabalistic concept of emanations from Kether as well as the All is One foundational teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism (of which I know very little, granted) all have the element of the universe being an act of introspection by a being of infinite possibility and scope.

There are some surprising quotes from physicists on the subject:
“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” - Max Planck
“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” - Werner Heisenberg
“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” - Albert Einstein
“Quantum physics thus reveals a basic Oneness of the Universe.” - Erwin Schrodinger
“Everything that we call real is made up of things that cannot be regarded as real.” - Niels Bohr


Ooooh! Lol thank you thank you! :hugs::hugs:

@Grenn :exploding_head: wow! Your insight is incredible, thank you! This to something to come back to.

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Awesome thread.
I’ve tried a few philosophy forums and most of them are super lame. Aside from magic, this community does a better job of exploring life and reality than anyone else.

Sir Roger Penrose of Oxford University won the 2020 Nobel prize in physics. He has managed to grasp in mathematical terms what we have known all along.

I feel as though I either predicted this, or actually helped it happen. That seems grandiose, but Integrated Information theory suggests the possibility of psychic interaction without regard to physical location. Either way, the great revealing is upon us.


Yeah, the great revealing is needed to put something from nothing & all other false beliefs to rest. How much time has been wasted on falsehood & vanity.

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I, for one am here for the women and pizza!

This was an interesting question so I asked Arachne about this and her answer is that the universe is a blank canvas but everything that’s on it is conscious of itself and others. :thinking::woman_shrugging: