You can leave here your (bad) experiences with Angels

Leaving behind me slowly the brainwash and the stereotypes of my Christian family, I would like to hear your stories regarding your attempt working with the (Arch)angels.
I’m still surprised and speechless with the fact that they can harm too, they can be “mean” and wrathful with humans, whereas our impression about them as church taught us, was talking about sweet, caring , protecting healers.
However it seems that a lot of practicioneers here, have bad rather good opinion about them, from the moment they have been treated not nicely at all.
It s an opportunity for all the new members of the forum also, to know better a different unknown side of the Angels, noone was talking about.
So feel free to share your (bad if possible) experiences with them :slightly_smiling_face:


My family sent me an angel to destroy me when I was a kid and the guy even was half materializaded in the backyard.

This is my bad experience, this is why I don’t want to use the banishing angel version.


I wouldn’t say “most”. Yes there are people who have had negative experiences with angels, but a surprisingly large number of people on here also work with them without issue (myself included).


Not that there aren’t any genuine negative experiences with angels (of course there are) I honestly think that some people project that onto them, possibly even subconsciously. Their energy can be very intense and overwhelming and maybe some liken that intensity to something ‘negative’ because they weren’t prepared for it or even expecting it from them.

Yes, they can be wrathful. Yes, they can and do kill. Yes, they can be sweet and kind. They can be anything, just the same as anyone else. Like @Prophet said, many here work with both angels, demons, and many other deities without issue. Some find they only vibe with demons, so they stick with them. Some, like myself, find they only vibe with angels. Some don’t vibe with either. We’re all on our own paths and we gravitate to what vibes with us personally.

Since angels are individuals, they can choose who to work with or who not to. Who they like and who they don’t. If you piss one off, yeah, he could choose to fuck you up if he felt like it. Just like anything else. It’s a personal choice.

But a whole lot of people here seem to get along with them/work with them just fine, regardless of what path they’re on :woman_shrugging:t3:


I haven’t had bad experiences, but they have been always distant and never did anything to win me over. I’m more into summoning angelic energies from the Sephiroth than into summoning specific angels, in that I’m aided by Orthodoxy and the Imperial Cult, however, my experiences with Enochian angels have been a different story, very similar to my demonic experiences, but with a component of submission to me. Enochian magick sometimes is like old Goetia, you summon the angel and then make him obey you. If you had the Knowledge and Conversation with your HGA, then you will experience how they react to him, which is sometimes very amusing.
Orthodox art and 40k Imperium art have been a gateway for me to the angelic powers, because they depict those forces and aspects in a way that is appealing to me, is that simple. I also find Orthodox theology more Qabalistic than Western theology.


Angels will not harm you on their own unless sent by another. If you yourself is working with them, there’s no reason for them to harm you.


Damon Brand says it’s pretty hard to piss of an (arch)angel (unless you do it on purpose of course.)
If you respect them they have no reason to fuck you up imo. Unless they are sent to attack you of course.


I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. I also kinda related to Archangel Azrael too (Hades and Hel vibes) but the rest gave me creepy vibes. I decided to stop working with Angels and Demons all together by the end of last year. This is because both Demons and Angels have their own agendas and so I rather work witb deities who are a bit more balanced and who’s agendas seem to be more trustworthy.

My theory is that all beings will treat you the way you treat them and that all our experiences will be different.


Angels seem to be more tricky than demons. They have too many layers. Demons hit it you hard and make it obvious. Angels are sadistic, they make you feel hope and the big push is rather hard to grasp. Both ways are good ways. Choose one. Go through with it.


I can’t say anyone who works with these entities on this forum would agree with your equation of these angels and Christianity. They came before Christianity, and did absolutely nothing to create those strains of dogma that define it as a religion.


Your family!!! Omg… i don’t know what to say…
Im just glad they didn’t make it and you are now here with us :muscle::purple_heart:
@Prophet i m also working with angels, recently I evoked Sandalphon which is the angel for the musicians, and Raziel. However, My endless respect and devotion go to Archangel Michael :sparkles:
I would just like to know the other side, that does exist…


This what still surprises me :smile: (in a positive way) . It took me many months to accept that demons and angels can work together and just


Hard times, almost homeless.
It’s okay now :wink:


angels and demons individually get along but there’s some beings like Baal who has a distaste for some angels, there was one experience I had with him in etheric projection where he attacked an angel and I got caught in the crossfire (it was fun personally but later on I felt regret lol)


@Twilight_Dragon @MagusOfGamaliel @Ophelia @Prophet could you point out some big differences between demons and angels, regarding their ethics? Their way of changing / influencing things?
For what matters would you choose to work with demons and for what the angels…?
@Velenos as im typing this, i can see you re replying too, so i would appreciate your opinion also :slightly_smiling_face:


Like a crazy cacique?

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Depending on the group of angels like Ma’ati angels they stay to themselves and out of people’s way, judeo angels do have ethnics as a whole but smaller compared to their own personal ethics. Think of it like a person who has their own ethics but joins the military and also adopts the ethics taught to them by it.

Demons and angels both can be either insanely direct (for me Baal and Zadkiel are really direct) and some are indirect in their teaching like the demon Mastema.

he found it fun, but it turned into nearly being swarmed


Angels are more connected to the light energy while Demons are more connected to the dark energy with the exception of Lucifer. Both are divine beings in their own right and each individual entity have different ethics and ways of getting things done.

I personally work exclusively with Deities and Totems so yeah but you should work with whichever ones you vibe with.


Angels began to answer to me as soon as I became more moral, while demons began to work smoothly with me as soon as I became someone that they could respect, however, that respect didn’t come from what I did or didn’t, it was because of how I was, the Thelemic concept of true will.


@Helena @Velenos So except the 2 big categories of the races angels - demons we have also different groups and multiple smaller races among them, which can give various of characteristics ofcourse.
And I Know this forum is associated only with the goetia demons, which are the kindest form of demons i suppose. But there are also the real “evil”, banevolent ones who are not being mentioned here… and probably they re not so popular as the goetia ones.
And nowww, the big question: … (Tararaaam)
Do you guys know, any duo demon-angel which is forbidden to Evoke together? Who are reaaally not compatible with each other??!
I don’t want to do such a mistake in the future and cause any kind of spiritual …malfunction :joy::joy: