Yantras In Yer Pantras

@Lady_Eva I told you you would regret it.

So this topic is about Yantras… and apparently undergarments as well.

Here shall be a record of my work with assorted Yantras and associated works. This will include some unrelated spirits that have offered insight and blended well with it and a few of these might be of supposedly fictional characters. Just associate it with chaos magick and stuff not having to make sense to work because I don’t want to write a dissertation on my view of the universe that makes this possible.

There are a few rules for these workings for any that want to follow along exactly as I am.

  • All Yantras shall be drawn by hand.
  • A minimum of one hour a day is spent in meditation and union with the Yantra.
  • All preconceived ideas of the laws of reality on any level are disregarded during this time.
  • Silence in maintained in the work both from yourself and the environment.
  • The same relative time will be maintained for the schedule of meditation.
  • Practice shall be continued for at least one week and until full union and ability to tap into the Yantra is attained even without the physical representation.

Of special help in this due to abilities and altered perceptions granted by working with them are Loki and Jormungandr along with Doctor Strange. (Yes a bit of chaos magick there.)

Now rather than explain in full the benefits they give in relation to this it will be easier to summarize it and focus on the Yantras as the work with the beings themselves extends far beyond this single focus.

From Loki comes knowledge of the world tree and shifting phase in the layers of matrix that make up the multiverse.

From Jormungandr comes the perception and awareness of this matrix and knowledge of the minds power to command and manipulate it.

From Strange comes more structured training and knowledge especially of words and symbols in relation to the above.

Feel free to find your own helpers if any when you experiment with these. I do highly recommend Jormungandr as he is quite friendly… Loki… can be extra taxing though and Strange is well… needs a bit of chaos magick and patience.

Now the first Yantra shall be:

The famous Sri Yantra.

This Yantra is meant to represent the cosmos and the self and the connection of both. I have read that this is the main Yantra from which many others are derived from so it seemed a proper starting point to tune into the universal field as a whole and then work through specific levels if that is how it does indeed work.

The first day of meditation on it I did not get much at first. About halfway through it began to distort and ripple, its form and the wall around it starting to bend in fractal patterns and I noticed my perception falling and spreading through and past the physical and solid levels of the matrix and into the deeper energetic states and bordering the mental.

Second day, the morning session bore little fruit. Expectation and desire to attain the previous experience disrupted the experience. The Yantra is far more sensitive to these things than any other pattern or sigil used before. The evening session was much more interesting. By replicating the pattern within myself as I meditate on the external representation the internal mind and form attunes to it more deeply and this time the entire page started to glow and writhe in perception and the outer reality started to dissolve showing more of what lies underneath.

Third day(Today), Easier to let go of the ego and self and fall into the gateway the yantra forms and become attuned to the deeper levels of the matrix. The inner pattern forms a sphere of its form consuming itself and leaving the outer shell floating in space.

So far long term effects include a greater awareness of the underlying patterns in reality and ability to tap into and isolate them. Including oddly enough a better ability to distort time and a better understanding of the energy found in shapes and patterns. The understanding and awareness of the matrix and its patterns is incredibly hard to explain and I would say is akin to its own unique level of astral sight and someone without it would have a hard time understanding fully. There are lines and threads of energy like code and a pattern in layers making up different realities and times all in the same place. Pure layers of information woven tightly until they become energy and energy woven into matter. I highly recommend Jormungandr for help perceiving this initially.

I will update somewhat routinely every few days or whenever something big happens and to answer questions. Now to get to the promised part about undergarments.
What is your favorite color? I prefer black or dark blue myself for my pantras.


Skimmed for the moment. Will come back and fully read when I have time. Interested since you mentioned it to me


All yantras have a specific mantra attached to them. Meditating on a yantra without knowing the mantra associated with that specific yantra will not bear too many fruits, if at all. The Sri yantra is a heavy duty yantra there are a lot of pre-requisites when it comes to its worship.

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There seems to be quite a bit it conjecture on how to use Yantras. In either case it should be noted this is not an act of worship but of tuning into different parts of the universe represented by the Yantra and its geometric form. Based off the fact symbols and shapes have their own energies that can form patterns to represent aspects of reality.

I have seen numerous sources and few of them say a mantra is required to tap into these patterns. More seem to point towards the use of mantras when trying to direct their power or contact a represented deity that corresponds to that layer of reality which is not the goal here. Though I will dig up the mantras and run trials with and without them but it does seem by the progress so far that a lot of these prerequisites aren’t needed past a certain point or context.

So I would say it comes down context and intent and also very highly on the direction that is chosen to utilize these patterns. Just like there are numerous ways to call on various spirits and some are easier than others in certain situations and for certain people.


If I want to look into making a step into this would Azathoth be great to work with? I dont have any experience with Jorm or Loki, but I have some Azathoth burnt into my mind and soul


In most cases, there reaches a point where you can do whatever you want, however you want, and it will still work.


Azathoth seems meta reality enough to probably be able to grant you the trickster matrix vision. You could also try and do it alone to if you choose to try and experiment in that fashion.


Honestly if Im going to delve into this, even if I fully prepare I will choose to not do it alone. Kinda like a safety net in case I stretch my mind too far


It seems to me often times many prerequisites are there to weed out the unworthy, either those that would abuse it, those without the proper knowledge or skill, or some combination of the two. Much in the same way as evocation is suppose to require a lot of prerequisites and many people don’t have success without the use of some tools and mediums and yet it is completely possible to have the power of a fully decked out evocation seemingly with just the snap of one’s fingers if you possess the proper skills and knowledge. They serve as training wheels. Bardon does talk about something similar and he himself also mentions a form similar to some yantras for the process of creating servitors.

@Haplo you might have that a tad backwards lol. I think more mind stretching is involved when some entities start showing you cheat codes.


Exactly! Training wheels for the newfags.


Either way Ill find out when I get there


Lol, everyone has to start somewhere.

@Haplo good luck and definitely share the results.


This will probably be next after I delve into working with my Djinn and being on Smoke



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Path of Smoke. Been coming at me as a suggestion and Nemesis and I discussed it a little so he knew what I meant which is why I shortened it


Well a quick update in regards to the Sri Yantra.
Distortions during meditation are slowing down but the after effects are growing stronger and surfacing at random. Yesterday spent a few hours with my mind completely unanchored from normal layers of reality. Randomly drifting and jumping through different planes and locations. It is very easy to get lost in the underlying matrix and currents of energy.
Every thought, pattern, and energy has its own plane, its own dimension and tuning into these allows for drawing that power and energy forth. Potentially unlimited power so long as your will can control, and body withstand it and can tune in deep enough to open that gate. Why try to generate and empower a thought or intent when you can tap into the entire reality dedicated to it and pull power for it from there. Just shifting phase to get what is needed.


It seems to me now that I cannot make any more progress purely through meditation and observation of the yantra or by assuming its energies. They must now be directed and utilized. My limited tested of how far my mind can delve and direct the energies and thoughts through the matrix without becoming lost in them. The challenge now is to hold its image in my mind throughout as much of the day as possible through a constant meditation through all action.

To know, To will, To act.

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Not only mantras are important to yantras but also mudras as well, especially when it comes to the sri-chakra. If you do not vibrate the proper mantra and the specific related mudra to that specific avarana the Goddess or Yogini in charge of that avarana will not allow you to progress to the next avarana.

Yantra meditation or worship without knowing the specific mantra related to that yantra will yield little result.

The pre-requisites are there to prepare your physical, astral and spiritual bodies for the work ahead. Each avarana in the sri-chakra vibrate at a specific frequency. Each Higher Avarana vibrate at a higher frequency than the lower one. The human physical, astral and spiritual bodies will not be able to withstand the vibration of these avarana. Consider these pre-requisites as a shield or armor that protect you. There are not there to weed the unworthy.

Yet at the same time these shifts in vibration can be performed without the mantras or mudras if the proper knowledge and skill is attained to tune the bodies into the given samples and fequencies. In case you have not notice a lot of progress has been made already. Either way I will perform trials with both as I said before and compare the two together.

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