WTF - Reborn and rebuilt in the core of the black sun

Okay so i just got done with this rite which i didn’t really plan, i sat facing a black wall and sat for an hour vibrating " Ahriman ", then i recited the Litany Of the Black sun, After reciting that rather lengthy litany, i could feel the atmosphere change the black sun was ignited in the atmosphere and within myself.

I then could feel the pressure and atmosphere reach such a critical mass and intensity, i fell backwards and stared at the ceiling all i saw was a huge black sphere which seemed like a black sun and black swirling mass of energy around me, i then lost consciousness.

I woke up, out of my body floating above my physical body was that black sun which i gravitated to, i entered this miniature black sun, it took me beyond the roof of my home, beyond my street, then at a mega fast speed i sawed through the atmosphere.

Then while i was in this black sun, it moved into the core of the true sun in our solar system, i entered it, but the black sun joined with the core of the actual sun, spreading its darkness and power, corrupting the sun itself.

The sun became the more macrocosmic version of the black sun i was pulled into, inside this black sun my spiritual form disintegrated, i was nothing but floating mind and observation in the core of the black sun.

Then the black sun exploded and spread its darkness, eating through all of existence, everything was darkness this was no light except for the burning blackened fire which gave off a purple hue, then in this total darkness.

Rose all of the Div’s and Az Jahi and The Druj Nasu, i could feel ahriman but couldn’t see him i asked Akoman telepathically …

" Where is Ahriman " ?

Then i heard a loud echoing voice

Ahriman - " I am darkness eternal, i am everywhere ".

I saw the Druj Nasu, the legions of dark powers, build a body of rotting evil flies, then Azi Jahi poured her extremely dark blood to stick the flies together, then The Divs pushed their essence to attach into the body, as a type of bonding to keep the form together and empower it.

From around me the darkness, ahriman’s total darkness condensed it’s power into the body, i looked fucking shocked, this body consisted of the powers of the Div’s, the legion of death, The Druj Nasu, the power and blood of Az Jahi and the Darkness of Ahriman inside of it.

This looked terrifying i looked shocked but the Div’s began chanting in a dark staot a powerful evil speech, which was pulling me as consciousness into that body, then i heared a click and i was in that body, this was my new symbiotic form of darkness.

A new energy body, the most dark and deadly, so i embraced it and the Div’s demanded i speak so i spoke in a backwards evil speech in the ahrimanic tongue but to give you the translation i said …

" I am the child of the lie, i am the Zanda and Apostle of Ahriman, i am the darkness incarnate, i am therefore i am, i am Kunda, I am man turned Div, i am ahriman i am the dark god of becoming ".

I then traveled with this new body, before i entered my physical body with this form, i solidified the energy body, then when i merged i woke and gasped for air, my body was buzzing with tingles, pins and needles and i started shaking.

I sat up i grounded this godly body of darkness by performing the seven asanas backwards, allowing that body to blend and sink in my physical self, i was completely shocked and in awe.

It was a fucking incredible experience, i feel … so fucking different … FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS.


Darkness :wink:


Not much i can say to that besides wow. So, wow! That’s amazing as all of your posts are. Congratulations! And thank you for answering a question that i had. Talk about synchronicity!

You are truly inspirational C.Kendall. I hope to reach your level of expertise someday!

This is the reason soul travel takes much more priority for me. You can do amazing stuff like this and attain equivalent power of years worth of meditations in only a few minutes.

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