Writing a "contract" with a demon/diety/spirit?

Hello I plan on in the near future making a pact with a few spirits and wondering what should i know before performing such as a task (Besides the obvious and not, breaking it)

Anyways I took the liberty of whipping something up I’m originally interested in using

http://i68.tinypic.com/2i7s4tx.png (Written as a regular contract template as i worked on a shared computer)

The outline is where I’ll write what im actually requesting to be done.
The Stipulation will be where i basically say "Want it done by this date and also no harm to come to me or people I know"
And the payment will be what im offering up to said Demon/Diety/Spirit

The First Box will be a copy-pasted image of the sigil of the spirit with the name of whom im requesting on top, While the square on the bottom will be written down once they agree to the terms during the ritual, Signed on the right side of it with perhaps a small drop of blood.

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Don’t forget to search pact by author E.A. on here using the Search function, he’s posted some interesting stuff.

I put most of what I personally know about pacts in this post - remember most pacts go both ways, that spirit IS likely to ask you to do things for them, and unless you get boundaries in that reflect who you are, and not who you wish to be (or - worse - think you “should” be) you may be confronted with requests you’re just not capable of fulfilling.

Tl;dr version: don’t over-commit, and don’t try to brag or impress the spirit by over-promising, “shoulding” yourself into a corner, or assuming you’ll somehow magically be a different person tomorrow than you were today. Under-promise, over-deliver.

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Says the post doesnt exist =/ or its private?

This thread is four years old, so the link likely did not survive the move to the new Discourse software.

This was pretty informative: