Petition Ritual

Found below is my proposed petition ritual for your chosen demon, it must be noted that this is largely based on Winterfield’s method, with a few modifications such as the omission of the angelic portions and writing in cyphers.

I am of the opinion that you should bathe first.

Things to have before hand:
Written favors

  1. Face the given direction of your chosen entity
  2. Light your candle
  3. Imagine yourself under a spotlight
  4. Recite and visualize the following
    Leaves crushed in my fingers
    The blue of twilight
    The taste of blood
    Gravel crackles underfoot
    Iron into sparks
    Ice into air
    Flame into smoke
    Breath into air
  5. Recite enn of your chosen demon at least 3 times
  6. Gaze at the sigil and call out the demon’s name at least three times, use the evocation keys.
  7. say “I call on thee __, hear and grant me this favor and in exchange I offer you _____”
  8. Read out your favor while gazing at the sigil.
  9. Say " So mote it be", fold the paper and burn it.
  10. End the ritual with “(name of entity), thank you, you may now leave in peace”.

Comments and criticisms are encouraged as long as they are respectful.


Overall, it looks good. I would like to point out two things, more for anyone who is first reaching out to spirits for a petition. First, not every demon/spirit has an enn or chant (and even if they do, saying it may not feel appropriate). In those cases, I find chanting their name slowly to be just as effective. Names can be a substitute for sigils as well. The second is that while three is a good number, feeling should be one’s guide in ritual. If you feel the need to repeat it more than three times (or even just once), go with it.

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As to writing your petition how would you phrase it? I normally write mine in this form " That I acquire ____." Would it be better if it were phrased in the present tense?

It’s been a long time since I have done a petition, but I normally worded it as " In exchange for help with this ____, I offer this _____." This helps remind the magician that the spirit does have free choice in the matter. But writing it how you had it can be just as effective. It is one of those feeling sort of things. I would recommend the individual to speak it aloud before ritual to make sure it comes across right. Once again, another gut feeling thing, as conflicting emotions can really kill a ritual

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