Working with right hand path students on Kundalini (Lord Krishna/Ganesha/Kali)

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Hello, my name is Dana. This account is new, but I been lurking around the forum here for a while.
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Before trying Kundalini awakening (by yourself) there are a few things you should know.
Warning: Just the warning I wish I had before I began this journey.

Anyone new who has not done any meditation/rituals etc, you will probably encounter Gods, demons, angels, djinns, trickster spirits, imposters, astral projection, sensitivity noticing details everywhere, pineal gland throbbing, nightmares (waking up screaming), insomnia, insects/animals, strange events, life altering changes, succubus/incubus etc.

The spirits may be physical (possession, sexual, violent, gentle, forceful, tricky etc.)

Before trying this, you should accept the consequences and place no blame on me, anyone, any deity, any demon etc. The spirits act independent based on your actions and their own desires.

If you are not ready, do not get involved.

This method involves meditation in the right hand path. I have no issue with the left hand (especially since I am using Lord Kali), but she is known as the demon killer, so I would advise against joining if you are LHP.

For this method, you wake up early, take a shower (required), do a Lord Krishna recitation, then a Catholic psalms, then a Ganesha mantra. The Psalms/Ganesha prayer is done 3x a day and possibly another deity in the night (optional).

Eventually you build yourself up to Kali Ma.

In the future, you might be able to get to Narasimha, Chinnimasta/Chamunda, Bhairava, Kateri etc.

This is a long process that takes years.

Warning to women joining: Any women worshiping Lord Kali and Lord Chinnimasta has to understand the risks. Unfortunate situation may occur to the men in your life (so preferably a lone women). I believe that women worshiping Lord Chinnimasta/Chamunda will be transformed into Dakini (high spiritual female entity) in their afterlife.

Warning about Goddesses: You should not jump right into meditation with Goddesses such as Kali Ma (male or female). I suggest Durga Ma first. Feminine energy is different. Think of how true feminine energy is. An example would be witchcraft. Some feminine energy is very dark and cannot be controlled
or supressed.

This is for people interested in elevating their Kundalini energy. Thanks for reading.


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Hello. I’m very interested. I’ll pm you


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