Safe way to work with Lord Kali

Hi, my name is Dana. Feel free to check out my previous posts. Working with right hand path students on Kundalini (Lord Krishna/Ganesha/Kali)

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You should first get familiar with the other feminine energies of the Hindu religion.

I suggest meditation on deities like Saraswati, Mahalakshmi, Parvati etc. are a great way to start.

You can recognize and learn how feminine energy feels/works and eventually build your way up to Lord Durga.

The reason you want to build your way up to Mahakali is because you want to experience how powerful feminine energy truly is.

If you jump right into it, it may overwhelm you. Feminine energy (mantras and meditation) cannot be controlled and is extremely fierce.

Then you are ready to try meditation and mantras with Lord Kali.

Kali ma is easily approachable and extremely kind and caring. She will forcibly rid you of your ego and guide you on the path to Moksha (enlightenment).

She is recommended for brave individuals. Once you invite fierce energies into your life, there may be no turning back and it may consume you. Proceed with caution.

I know many people use her for both LHP and RHP, but the usage depends on you. You get what you ask for.

My suggestion is to focus on spiritual advancement and along with other deities like Lord Krishna.