Working with other demons

Since a lot of y’all have been very helpful with so many things I wanted to ask if anyone on here that is close to beleth, seere, king piamon, Lucifer and Beelzebub… if what I asked is being worked on and if I’m someone they truly like… I came to all of them super respectful

Dude, you have asked this already in multiple threads.

I understand that you’re desperate, but we don’t pass on messages between people and spirits. The spirits don’t like it. Plus, your desperation is negating your magick. It’s what is known as the “lust for result.”

You need to back off, and let things work.


And another: Is there a psychic that can help me with some questions

OP, you are spamming the forum please stop.
We heard you the first time. If someone wants to jump in for you for the practice, they will, but it’s not what this place is for. We will discuss your magik but not do it for you.