Working with Azazel's nethers (Suhn'tal'ock, Halah'thor, Hent'yos, etc)

Can someone that have not made a pact with Azazel, work with his nethers?
Will the rituals work without the pact?
I mean, with the circle of pacts (universal circle), the candles, some offerings


Yes they will

Yes. I work with Azazel’s Nethers regularly and I have never made a pact with Azazel.


yes. Suhn’Tal’Ock and I work together time to time.

that’s what I want to do too. Although I’m so sick of my life that I would make a pact if it could change it to ever be normal


That’s great to know, I’m very interested in him too

It would depend on whether he likes you in that way


I have zero energy now to evoke, it’s rly late at night, almost dawn already.
Have you guys been succesful evoking them during the day?

I do a lot of work during the day. If its baneful intent though, its better at night when the target sleeps.

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How long did it take after each evocation to get results?

The answer to that question is completely dependent on what the task is and what variables need to be moved. Everyone is different.

What takes a week for one person could take a month for another.

When I called upon Salas’ash, it took three days to bring me $200.

When I called upon Ant’harraru, it took a month and a half for the result.

With Mammy’aon it was an instant result.


Thanks for your reply @DarkestKnight :slight_smile:

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I have a question for you. In one of EA´S books, he mentioned putting the sigils of these nethers on walls and the floor…is this nessecary or just dependant on intent? Also, how does Ant´harratu appear to you? Ive only successfully called him once and I wasnt fortunate enough to get a vision of his form, only energies that were very vague.

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I believe you are referring to the gateways, not the seals of the Nethers themselves. In the Book of Azazel, EA talks about placing the gateways, which represent the Houses, on the walls of the Temple.

The first gateway is the Gateway of Pacts, to be draw around the Operator, or used in the place of a Triangle of Manifestation.

The second gateway is to be placed upon any object as a way to consecrate it and connect it to Azazel’s legions.

The third gateway is for the House Anatel, the Demonic Warriors. This is the House to which Salas’ash and Suhn’tal’ock belong. It is to be drawn on a wall.

The fourth gateway is for the House Retztael, the Demonic Priests. This is the House to which Ant’harratu and Fro’ghla’'tasch belong. It is drawn on a wall.

The fifth gateway is for the House Malkash, the Demonic Informers. This is the house to which Mammy’aon and Tah’ka’yat belong. Also to be drawn on a wall.

When you summon a Nether from one of the Houses, they will enter through the appropriate gateway (I’ve never used the gateways but I assume they would make it easier for the Nethers to materialize though)

Ant’harratu appeared to me pretty much like his description in the book, a black hooded figure.


Ah, thank you for clearing this up. lol I guess i need to revisit the book of Azazel.

It can definately be done without the gateways or any props for that matter. I had called forth one of the spirits in the grimore with no intention of actually physicality seeing it and it manifested in full visable form. Without preparatory immersion or even pre ritual meditation. 0.o


@DarkestKnight I never really placed the gateways - the only thing I did was to draw the universal circle (‘circle of pacts’) on the floor.

I was wondering if I could just draw the gateways on paper and find a way to stick it to the wall - since I don’t really have a temple and am unable to draw on the wall!

I still kinda feel like I have not unleashed their powers yet - I don’t think I have contacted them very successfully yet.

I appreciate your posts!

@Ashtar I would like to read more about your experiences with them!

Yeah, i don’t see an issue with that. In the book, all EA says is that they should be drawn on the wall in a non permanent material like chalk. Paper should be okay.

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An even better way would be to have the gateways printed onto cloth like a sheet or blanket. and Then you can hang them from the wall or even lay on them.

Snuggle with Azazel’s gateways! :thinking: