Work Life and You

One of the biggest things I struggle with is job life. It eats up free time, drains energy, and you always have to put on a fake face to appeal to people. One of my most precious treasures is time, and I absolutely hate trading it for currency.

Despite having a degree in applied science, the only jobs in my area are retail and fast food. I have plenty of experience with retail. I put on a great face thanks to Lord Belial teaching me. However, I am not a people person whatsoever. In fact, at my first job, I had a mental breakdown and it didn’t end well. I held back my real self for two long years and it decided to burst forth. Enough was enough. I was forced to take a leave of absence and was terminated shortly after.

Due to recent events in my life, I am once again put back into retail. I struggle with the day-to-day drudgery and constant interaction with people. The best way to describe my experience is: it’s similar to a glass filling, little-by-little everyday. When that glass fills, it not only overflows, but explodes. Every interaction in a work setting, fills this glass. Getting two days off a week is never enough; however, I need the money to sustain everything. I’m sure others can relate to me; it is simply something that needs to be done. At this point in my life, I have no choice but to push myself beyond my limit. I can’t lose this job.

The whole process of walking into the building and instantly being bombarded by people. Not having enough time to myself at work. I love to be left to my own devices and despise being interrupted from my thoughts and communications with spirits. Being constantly brought back into the mundane and forced to tend to the trivial needs of people who can’t look beyond the mundane. Everything about the work process is mind-numbing.

I have considered looking for a career that I am interested in. Work wouldn’t be so bad if I was passionate about it. I am very passionate about demons; however, I know of no career that could sustain me consistently in that regard. Also, not sure how I feel about making money from something I deeply care about like that.

The only other options I’ve considered is working with animals. I like animals, but I’m not passionate about them. It simply comes down to: it’s easier to work with animals than people. Also, finding a job like that also depends on where you live. You have an easier time finding a job with animals in the country than in the city. Even still, most places, like farms, are usually run by families. So, they don’t look, nor pay for outsiders. Though they welcome volunteers sometimes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the bills.

My tolerance towards people has diminished greatly over the years.

How do you guys deal with this?

How do you not get crushed by the drudgery?

How do you make ends meet without trading so much time away?


So I think I have a definite idea of what you mean. There is no easy solution to this, but the good news is there is a solution. You, amigo, have become disgusted by the rat race, and it sounds like you are not feeling fulfilled. What worked for me was finding something that made me feel like I was adding value, and then engaging in that very thing. It helped make an unbearable doldrum bearable when I knew there was something greater waiting for me once I left it. When there is a focus to one’s existence you can take most anything and laugh about it. Basically I am saying goals are essential, but the action of pursuing them is far more profound.

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Ive been there worked retail gor lil over 3 years and that was enough. Did the mundane and magic leg work to get the hell out and into that job with more autonomy. It worked but it was a dull job, thing was i wasnt as sure of my goals as I am now so it doesnt surprise me looking back at the results.

So I learned and tweaked the rituals I did but with a better idea of what i wanted. Now i am with a smaller local company that gives me almost full autonomy over my work, making more money than the last job (was working 50 hours at 10$ an hour, now working at 15$hr usually 40hrs plus commision on some services).

The owner is now determined to train me up so i have the training for a career and so i can take advantage of the opportunities the field has. After the shit storm the company, the owner and I went through separately He is determined to teach my crazy ass all he knows and simply because i stuck it out and thrived through the chaos of it all.

You can do the same, it will just take some vision and some work. The clearer your vision of Where you want to be the easier a time you will have getting there.

Some irony here as well i trained as an electrician as well, also in HVAC, STILL didnt find no damn work. So i understand the frustration.

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Well theres one simple solution you could try. You could do a simple spell to make you invisible so people atbwork wont bother you. Specifically you could summon Bael to make you invisible to coworkers like @Antichrist described here

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Thanks for the advice.

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Thank you all for the responses so far. I appreciate it. All very good notes to take into consideration and help steer everything in a direction that’s worth striving for.

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