"Work For Your Idle Hands" ~ Signed, The Devil 🖤

Lockdown or spooky news got you in a spin? :thinking:

Don’t despair! :black_heart:

Find the magickal method or crafts skill you enjoy the most and write a simple tutorial on it, add images, diagrams, or photos, then post it with the “tutorial” tag.

Once completed, add it to the Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍 and watch the “Likes” (or, “What crazy shit is this, and where do I find an armadillo dick anyway?” replies) roll in. :smiling_imp:

If you know a surefire way to relax, or have a great guided visualisation you use, share that, hunt online for good photos to help others get in the right relaxed state of mind.

Or, if you haven’t already, start a Forum Journal, even if you’re at Day One of doing magick, it will help others to learn and see how you progress - doesn’t have to be 100% magick chat, you can add art, recipes, music you like on YouTube, poetry, or inspiring pictures.

Speaking of recipes, if you know good ways to liven up canned and dried basics, get that rolling as well - here’s an old thread where people talk food: Hells Kitchen: The Thread Ft. ArchBishop Gordon Ramsey

If you’re still bored, search the forum for old posts (pro-tip, search before Jan 2017 for a higher ratio of info-to-questions) on a topic you want to know more about, and then consider making a list of the best ones you find to share for other people. :+1:

Getting active is the best cure for mental indigestion!

Let’s flood the internet with some real magick! :black_heart: