Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread

The estimated arrival time for a vaccine is 12-18 months, and there’s no guarantee it will be effective.
This will be rather too late I suspect.

As magickains, this is where your magick is worth practicing.

Raphael is a known healer, as is Marbas and others. I’d say working on a relationship now and follow up with taking care of your body, get great sleep, fix your nutrition if you can, get some exercise, and get going with learning how to control and raise your energy levels.
All this will improve your immune system, and give you more control over how your universe pans out.

As my old teacher used to say “You’re a qi healer, why are you sick!?”
He was better at it than me lol


I understand that very much but… what’s the point on staying healthy if everyone else is going to get sick?

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Everyone else isn’t going to get sick. You don’t have to just abandon everyone.

  • Not everyone will get it
  • Many people get it and have zero symptoms
  • Many people will have mild symptoms

You could teach them how to stay healthy too
You can help take care of friends and neighbours that get sick, like, buy helping deliver groceries to people under quarantine
You could step up, take responsibility, realise you’re not helpless.

Now is the time for us to pull together, and remember how to live in community. Humans have historically survived better in groups - in villages, families, towns, communes etc - now is not the time to abandon those around you.


New info about the lung damage shows it starts before people even show symptoms.

I think I want to recommend everyone start meditating with Raphael or with the entity or on the healing technique of thier choice now, tonight/this morning, every day for the foreseeable. Use the links above to get started. Doesn’t have to be perfect, really anything is going to give you an edge.

Testing is not available for many people, but exposure is more and more likely, since it’s spread without symptoms and not everyone can meet the criteria to get a test. Few of us can assume we haven’t been exposed.

If you can, start a garden, plant up some containers on the porch, might be good for you down the road. In the US seed sites are at the end of the seed buying period anyway, but demand has increased also, so they are selling out. Last call for seed purchases.


Glad to have found this thread! Funny that Marbas seemed to come to mind as the major solution for others as much as he did for me. I purchased a necklace from this Etsy shop with his seal on it, they also sent me a button.

I’m in Upstate NY, if you recall. New York is one of the big ground zeroes. We’ve had two deaths so far in my hometown. I don’t intend on letting this thing take my immunocompromised mom.

I’ll add another magickal working I did, I bought some angelica root and mixed it with four thieves vinegar, and bathed with it. Used to be a way to stave off the black death, so figured it had to work. Will warn you though, it doesn’t smell the best, so rinse yourself/your tub thoroughly.

Bit off topic, is there a study thread to get us through social distancing?

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I didnt share this because it isnt a way to fight it in totality, but I do do a few things to protect myself.

First off I wont leave the house without some white sage in my pocket. Secondly ive been showering with white sage about once a week. Thirdly, i made a servitor with an egg and dedicated it to protecting myself and my immediate family from the virus.

Ive come to terms with the fact I am not avoiding this virus, it will be in my body at some point. Its just a given considering my employment at the time. My main goal is to make sure I wont show symptoms and also not spread it.


Folks here are some sigils of spirits that may help!
Please excuse my handwriting!


What are you saying?. Please could you make me understand more?

He’s using heavy sarcasm to say that bleach can be used as a natural home therapy, and that you can searxh google or youtube to find out more.

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@Verdo I know you deleted your post, but I think that we shouldn’t stop the coronavirus, I think it’s supposed to do something, or something big is doing something which caused the coronavirus. I’m obviously just rambling here, but I think it’s something.


Jackson Crawford uses Rudyard Kipling’s “If” as a [hand washing] mantra, or dare I say it, galdr.

Love it.


Wow, hold on:

Closest I ever got to scripture. :thinking:


I make my own soap with hyssop and white sage and bay laurel. But carrying a bit around with you in your pocket like you said couldn’t hurt either.

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@Mulberry and @Lady_Eva you two are making my little wizards magick wand stiff with those two posts :sweat_smile: that galdr has me swooning and that quote gave me goose bumps. Thank you for sharing!


One of my favorite poems, “Good Timber” by Douglas Malloch and “Equipment” by Edgar Guest as well. Great for when you need that talk to fire yourself up during a rough time

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Just dropping this here. Saw the article shared by both a geopolitical analyst I follow, as well as obama. It’s pretty good


How does this not raise alarms bells? I don’t trust bill gates as far as I could throw him. And coincidently he gave a ted talk on exactly this kind of pandemic with this particular disease?


It’s interesting that China is number one for confirmed cases of COVID-19 cured. As of now China has 74,971 cases cured out of a total confirmed cases of 81,394, that’s a 92% cure rate. I wonder if Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is responsible for that extreme success rate?

But, I bear interesting news from the stars.

The Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn Conjunction happened on January 12, 2020 and the first confirmed case of CONVID-19 was January 10, 2020. I don’t believe that this is a coincidence. Saturn is the planet of time, limitations, and responsiblity and Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it contains similar traits. Saturn and Pluto are both slow moving planets so these conjunctions are very rare. The last time Saturn and Pluto had a conjunction was in 1982 (in Libra)

Then, as Mars makes its transit through Capricorn from February 17, 2020 to March 30, 2020 it makes conjunctions with the two other planets in Capricorn.

Mars-Jupiter Capricorn Conjunction on March 20, 2020. This time period, a lot of borders were closed between the bigger countries. On March 18 Canada-USA Border closed and March 19 Australia & New Zealand close borders. And on March 20, the death toll just surpassed 10,000.

Mars-Pluto Capricorn Conjunction on March 23, 2020. And Saturn goes into Aquarius where it’ll be for the next three years. And with Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius; fall in Taurus) in Taurus until 2025 it’s going to be a period of forcing change and changing stability.

And, as Mars leaves Capricorn on March 30, 2020 it’s going to conjunct with Saturn in Aquarius on March 31.

Then, we’ll get three Jupiter-Pluto Capricorn Conjunctions first on April 5, 2020. Then Jupiter is going retrograde in Capricorn on May 14, 2020. and it will conjunct with Pluto again on June 29, 2020. And after Jupiter goes station direct on September 13, 2020, we’ll get our final conjunction on November 12. Jupiter is the planet of luck, authority, and divinity. And three is a sacred number, so I’m confident that COVID-19 won’t be a problem anymore by November 12, or at least that we’ll have a vaccine out for usage near that date.


There is also siognificant cause for doubting the accuracy and veracity of their reporting, given the millions of cellphone users now mysteriously no longer active, and the thousands of funeral urns being photoagraphed. I don’t think America will be the country worst hit by this, I think that already was, is, and will be, China, and some of the developing countries where the only point in their favour is less physical mobility, fewer packed commuter trains, etc. :thinking:

But to put my mod hat on a mo, any pubication currently existing is most likely trying to score political points off this, and the WHO themselves are not above criticism, as a supposedly apolitical organisation, and yet any kind of counterpoint that’s too detailed raises political issues, and that’s an area we can’t discuss on here. :man_shrugging: