Wolf_Flame, Introducing Myself, Please Read, Here to learn about the Dragon Breath

Hello, my name is J.H. Not new to the world of Magick. New on the forum.

My ancestors hail from Denmark, Scotland, and the Western Plains (United States). In me, I have always had the desire to seek an answer of the unknown. The natural fources that occur on a daily basis.

Rumor of my linage has it pinned to the Cherokee Nation - through marriage to a white settler. My third great-grand mother was rumored to be full-blooded. I had a great teacher, who is of the Apache and Navajo tribes, tell me that our ancestors DNA live inside of us. And when listened to, will direct us on our path. If the rumor is true, I am 1/16 Cherokee.

I practice Prana and Koundalini yoga. And Eastern spirituality. Along with the Kamra Sutra. I identify closely with those who walk a path of self discipline and discovery. Throughout my life, I have seen and identitfied with several spirit animals at different parts of my life.

Those include:

Bird - this has always been most dominate.

Elephant - came after death of my Mother. I’m now the Maternal comforter of my family.

Horse - allowed me to remember my strength.

Dolphin - reminder to be fluid and playful.

Most recently, the wolf. The answer has not been given on this yet.

I’m here for two reasons. One, to understand more of the development process between my spirit animal and my soul.

The second being the dragon breath. Two recent experiences have lead me to believe my ancestors from Denmark and Scotland are reaching out to me to remember something. Two words have come to mind, which I am to keep under lock and key, until I can find others who understand the dragon. And can be a teachers and guides in this life path.

I’m excited to see where this leads. Pinned to this are words that resonated with my soul.



Is this the fabled breath of the Hadji-Ka I’ve heard so much about or more related to the breath of the Arasatma?

Welcome to the forum.


I’m not sure, as this dragon current is a very new introduction into my life. I am here to learn more. Do you follow the Dragon Current?


Thank You.


My readings at best have not produced the name of the one who appeared beside a white wolf.

The wolf is more dominated right now in my spiritual housing. Will have a name by the end of the week. My answers generally come slow, as my meditation lasts only 30 minutes per day.

Since it’s late and I am tired, I will bid you good night. Still must make a living to pay my bills.


Excuse my stupidity! It’s Hadji-ka.

Something I am not familiar with.

The dragons often speak of the breath of the Hadji-Ka. I’m not entirely certain what they mean. Often times they are esoteric beyond interpretation.


Most dragons are fierce, correct? However, has anyone maybe thought dragons also have to be meek and aware of their fierceness?

Fire equals cleansing. Cleansing equals new opportunities for change. For growth. It can also cause hurt if we breath fire. Fire can also equal anger.

The forces of life run through you - what are you doing to when you meditate? Have you sought to understand where you come from? Do you understand you are bound by DNA?

I wrote this in 2015, my Mother passed away in 2014. I share this only for reference and understanding.
My Mother, my grandmothers — my brother who died as an infant — are part of me. We share the blood bond; expect the blood has been tainted. There is no pure blood that exists among men today — it’s tainted with anger that heaves upon the heart of all. And yet, this is what I don’t understand: Families are enteral, bound by a sealing — and yet, it’s more. I’m connected to a family buried long ago in the deserts of Afghanistan, England, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, France, and possibly Spain. The dead rise up and I hear their voices: Don’t let us down. Stand for something — follow the path, follow the bad, make love with the devil, be a rule breaker. Follow the wing of the dove and drop the feather into the river.

Watch the ripples. Grow them. Break the rules of society — be different. I want to ask: How? There is no answer. Again, the silent screaming: Be different. Break them, break the rules. The answer has always been inside of me: It’s up to me to make the world different. To wake up the dead, to secure the dead, to make sure they aren’t forgotten. Spiritual places of the dead is noisy, a one hybrid street of noise and dust.

I ask you three questions:

  • When was the last time you talked to your dead, or paid homage to them?

  • Do you know your ancestral lines? (I do, because the work was done by those who came before me. Not all the lines are there. But enough to know who I can trust.)

  • Are you cloaked in white when you go to your chants or meditation? (You may be hidden.)

However, dragons existed in pagan and viking traditions, as well. Nordic and Pagan traditions fell off the radar as the Catholic faith rose into power. The dead talk back. And very loud.

How open are you to non-traditional meditation? If you’re open, I can post what I have done in the past.

You have a right to ask to feel the ancient ones presence. But it’s not promised. All I get is grounded. Breath. Strength. Past. Connected.

Dragons are known as fierce however I’ve always found them to be quite likeable. Their fire is used mostly for defensive purposes and they are annoyingly intelligent.

I know my origins but I do not practice ancestral magic. I cut the energetic ties to my ancestors long ago for several reasons. Foremost is that the ancestors exist in a different world than we do. They scream for things that no longer exist,but how would they know? Time has passed them by. The changes they once sought for the world are not there anymore.They may have had ancient magics to share,but no knowledge is ever really lost and if I wanted those magics I would search the hidden libraries or the akashic records.

As far as being cloaked. Yes I’m constantly cloaked,I have spells and sigils tattooed all over my arm for those very reasons.
I wouldn’t mind trying out any meditations you would like to share.
However a question remains for you. Why do the bidding of ancestors long gone when your own bidding remains undone and why take on their intent instead of your own?

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Good introduction and and you are very much welcome.

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Ahhh! Thank You.

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There is knowledge I have about the dead, you would not understand. Most people are not open to it and will automatically shut it down. There are rites and rituals within a temple most will never enter. Nor understand the dealings between three world’s - the dead, the living, and those yet to be born. The world I know of the dead do not ask for things long gone. They still progress in light and knowledge.

I will post again on Friday on something you can do to help you progress. In the meantime, go and ask the gate keepers for permissions to see the eyes of Hadji-ka.

I highly advise you to not tell anyone what you see. Nor hear. Nor what you come to understand. Unhinge yourself from the spine, go in with purity of heart. Do not ask for anything. I can say this - Hadji-ka is more powerful than an entity mostly known only to a hostile world. And one who rages war of fire.

Keep yourself hidden when you go to the gatekeeper of dragons.

search the forum for Kunda force,
and how to harness it.

Once you’ve learned that,
the rest is kind of simple.

Exori Thummo.
is the base spell.

For variations:

Exori Thummo Frigo - creates ice breath.
Exori Thummo Agni - creates Fire breath (well, a more consciously controlled from of it)
Exori Thumma Terra - creates “earth” breath, usually turns out to be mostly earth quakes.
The next one,
however is more useful and is why i mentioned that one:

Exori Thumma Agni Terra Vis - creates a stream of Magma.

be careful tho.
you shouldn’t use that one while in physical form,
unless you’re really incarnated / possessing a Dragon,
which is clearly safe to use it.

It can easily hurt the caster,
in ways you don’t want to expierience.

Exori Vita Vis Nagroth - Strikes life energy and turns it around into Death Energy.

And this,
should be more then enough information,
on such a topic.





You’re a truth seeker and dearly loved by the dragons.

Thank You.

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Not Really.

You’re welcome.

Here’s some background,
on what I actually am! :wink:

If you’re interested and don’t mind the long read. :smile:



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Intriguing. Why would I not understand?

I’ve been beyond the crystaline dragon gates many times and I’ve learned much from them. They know me as a friend to the dragons. I’ve no reason to hide from the gatekeeper. Nor to ask them for anything, they know when the time is right to pass knowledge and they have given me great tools before.

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Thank You. Will read when I have more time on Thursday. It’s sleep time.

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The dead cannot be made whole without the living. And the living cannot be made whole without the dead. Seek the ancient. For water and air make steam.

It’s the gate beyond the gate. When the full moon rises and the night is quiet. When the thunder bird wakes and the sparrow speaks. Meek becomes strong. And the strong become meek.

You ask nothing. You take nothing. For you are the dragon. You realize what you are, yet the morning sun rises and the sparrow speaks. The riddle has spoken.


Love it!

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