Born into one of the oldest covenant laws of the ancients.

Practices White Magick and reads the signs that nature gives on a daily basis.

Deep respect for Dark Magick, as one can pull truth from it immediately.

On a journey of self discovery. For those trying to place spells on me, I suggest you walk away. What we do in anger and grief cannot be undone. I breathe kindness and leash fire when annoyed.

I’m hidden by the ancients. I speak in riddles. Only those within the Dragon Current will understand.

My dragon is not Lucifer. She’s from the ancients, sent from the East to help the West understand the merge between two cultures. I’m merely a vessel between two worlds. I seek the good. And walk a path of peace.

I’m merely human in a world where the unseen are seen. Where the silver dragon turns back into Sparrow when needed by her clan. I’m a daughter of the earth. A student of life. And giver of understanding.

I’m grounded in who I am. I respect what is to be respected. For the folly of life are those who laugh and scorn of their own misunderstandings.

Practices Kundalini and Prana yoga. Eastern spiritual practices.