WoD: Path-working experiences

Awesome, man! Thanks for that. After all the crap that’s been posted lately, that is truly refreshing, and much appreciated. What form of meditation have you been doing?

Thanks DK, every morning I connect to the Source though the Shining Light (invoking omnipotence) meditation, I then clear my aura, and my chakras systematically from top to bottom, using either the mantra Sat Nam, or if I want to open up specific elements of the that chakra chanting its name, the original one in the vedic language if I know it, as chanting say “Ajna” reduces far more potent results than chanting “Third eye” or “Solar Plexus” in my experience. It seems to be a more direct archetypal conduit to the chakras concept.

That meditation is hard to perform at night after my body has collected stress like a filter collects muck, I try to do void meditation or sigil ritual nightly.

My idea being through establishing this routine, to become much more comfortable and able to enter altered states of awareness, and to strengthen my energy body and my awareness of it massively for evocation.

I know it was fictitious because you said negative things about Seattle, how dare you sir.

Lol just kidding, great post. I am going to reread this several times.

I probably would have liked Seattle under different circumstances. I plan to revisit to experience it like it should be one day. Washington is gorgeous for sure.

I’ve manifested some major life changes since my last post, and I’ve reached one or two more milestones in my personal practice.

Due to Sinister Shadows generous sharing of his occult collection, I was able to assimilate some much needed information and take the next couple of strides in my development.

Through my workings with Satan I learned the first secrets of invocation, ritual magic, and the discernment of spirits and was introduced to the methodologies that that would go on to form who I am now magically and as a person.

Through Belial, I learned the thunderous power that can be called into my perception of reality. The mind-bending ferocity of the fiend even partially loosed into the world, manipulating events that decided the lives of men. More importantly, I learned that where I going to continue to presence this ancient perversion of the Dayside, I would need to adept as well.

Somewhere after my most recent evocations of Belial, I was introduced to the dead. And the Dead still are with me, darting in and out of the liminal spaces in my home, the home the spirits brought to me, I have also called them in to. The decompostionary and rebirthing nature of death, of undoing and transference was called into my reality and I have changed accordingly. For the better mostly. There is however a certain level of recoiling slithering deep inside my stomach as I wonder about the next ritual to presence and recognize the ancestral dead as even this can be sinister. Loud whispers and the wailing of the grey of death accompany their answering to the call of the consecrated altar.

Below are the rituals I have used to devastating and revolutionary effect

Before approaching the dead I found it necessary to first know Death, to acknowledge my own mortality, my limited nature contrasted with my seemingly unlimited potential of some distant yet constantly engaged higher self, that in its total autonomy of its own perception, is god.

Below is a meditation to induce the death of a certain part of yourself, and to connect to your own death, to facilitate contact with those who constantly dwell in that unilluminated light.

To simply consider ones mortality is not enough. One must experience the touch of death, to shatter the illusion that they are going to live forever or even for a long time. While a car accident or sudden sickness are often sudden and explicit reminders of this fact another and altogether more practical and pleasant way to stimulate the gnosis that indeed the flies will one day eat the jelly of your eyes and every other living thing is to induce extreme fright. for well being, you may want to confront a phobia to open up your gates of perception and to shatter your existing mold of yourself, to utilize the transitory power of death and fear for a necrosophic understanding of sorts.

Rite of Death Posture:

Enter your temple in the dark and still of the night. Contemplate and vividly imagine your own death ideally visualizing the confrontation you had with your phobia ending fatally. (IE: Someone who sky dives to induce the gnosis will imagine the chute not opening recalling the real fear that it would occur . and thus opening powerful links to your own death through utilizing the power of visualization, emotional charge, and a spiritual linking with death you know mortality. Next presence yourself in the future where your corpse already lies at various states of decomposition, watch yourself rot, not emphasizing the horror of it, but contemplating the nature of consciousness, life, its end, the cycles of change, and most importantly this death actually occurring in the spiritual to induce change in your waking self.

After some time dwell with your bones, the same bones inside you now, that you are now dwelling with in the ground. in the silence of the damned.

Your body will become numb as mine did, and you will fall backwards barely sensing it, and not caring at all, your only goal to presence the death within you, that is occurring about you, that you fall into a cross armed death posture.

Eventually an immense sadness overcame me. It had happened. I knew it was true. I am dead and will die. In that realization 2 presences had taken notice of me and I fell out of the trance with the keen sensation that I was being watched. It is then necessary to contemplate and reawaken this link to death in mundane life as often as possible contemplating your fate.

Rite of Sheol:

I use death as a purifying essence when applied to the negative or dross aspects of my personality and also to purify myself for ritual. This is great for those who suffer from intrusive thoughts before or during workings. Standing just before your circle, or entrance to your temple, visualize the depths of the grave, of sheol, opening as a spiritual vortex into the ecclesiastical Pit. A bottomless, and melancholy blue beneath your feet accepts the refuse of your soul, rolling off your auric body as brown oily effluvia.

“I consecrate my fear to Sheol” the essence of fear rolling off of you and into the grave where it will not return to see the sun again.

“I consecrate my intrusive thoughts to sheol” relinquish your chemically controlled ego to the godself who declares your self-messiah hood, an autonomous consciousness being reawakening to its right to power.

Continue this process for as long as needed until only your most perfect self-actualized qualities remain, hovering as a golden figure above the abyss that devours. Only then, cross the circle, to enter your temple space as a refuge for the conscious and unconscious power of your Higher Self manifesting your will that you harbor and direct through the coming ritual actions to conjure the presence of the Sacred Dead.

Defining the Sacred Dead: "Your ancestors connected to you through the blood of your body or the Witchblood of your soul, those dead who are willing to aid in your ascent, if they are true, are Sacred Dead.

By defining them this way, you will be able to connect to those dead who primarily desire to aid your understanding and ability.

Rite of Anubis:

Involves a tearing of the veil, usually a "N " shape tore into the fabric of the astral realm and then gripped and ripped down like tearing a sheet. One should perform this action in each cardinal direction visualizing a gate guarded by twin statues of Anubis, a circlet of gold taken from the gods neck ensorceling the temple is to be constructed about you astrally that only the Sacred Dead are given passing rites through the spears of anubis.

Standing East, Tear the Veil and call: “I petition the Sacred Dead of the east, those ancestors whom died of diseases of the mind, and knew the power of speech, those quick of thought that will buffet my enemies psyches with the winds of despair and raise my vultures wings on the stinking winds of violent death.” I call on those who where magicians and wise men, lead me to the wisdom of the long passed."

Continuing with each cardinal direction, calling on the dead who were passionate, driven, or died in war to the south, the emotionally intuitive and those who died in waters to the west, etc

effectively performing this ritual will result in the dead passing through the gates and gradually increasing the spiritual pressure in the room. There will be no doubt as to the presence of the multitudes who are now present with you.

You Should be sure to graciously inform the dead when closing the gates and repairing the veil, which you may do in the way that most effectively solidifies it for you, so that all who wish to return to their unlife and opt out of your mission may do so.

During the rite, present incense that they might know substance from the fine particles of smoke, and the pleasure of scent. That they may travel through the gates of flame and alchemical burning occurring in the substance.

Present Flame that they may know will, security, and identity again.

present Water that they might know emotion and moistness again, for the arid places they inhabit are parched.

Present food that they may taste of desire and fulfilment again.

Be forewarned that after you draw them to you for aid and knowledge they will demand more of these things.

"…All the rivers run into the sea: yet the sea is not full, and from the place where the rivers come, thither they return again. "

  • Ecclesiastes

^ That is just one FANTASTIC post, THANK YOU for sharing your experiences!

Lots to think about there… awesome. :slight_smile:

Its always my pleasure to share with balg when I can, as I’ve taken alot of fuel for my inner fire from here. Your post about the twilight nature of doors and stairwells has proved an important way for sensing the presence of the other side.

These rituals induce an atrophy of ones current self, to make room for new growth. I just evened out so to speak, and I’m anxious about approaching the death current again, but due to calling on them the the way that I have I know they will not be ignored.

Its like crawling into the crypt, accepting it, climbing out to presence the beauty of life, and knowing you must return again soon.

Balg I really don’t have anything to say in this thread anymore. I’ve sat at my keyboard about a dozen times over the last 8 months and started to detail some cool experience and to try to convey something inspiring and motivating. Its not that I haven’t made progress or that some interesting phenomena hasn’t taken place but that I’m passed the point in my development where I need to speak of it. I’ve also realized that not one of you needs to hear about it and here’s why, black magic is an action, it’s a verb not a belief system or a story. I figure if someone is wondering whether or not this can happen (paranormal activity) than they haven’t been driven brutally enough into hopelessness or inspired into the frothing madness that drives someone to need to set up an altar and spill their blood on it, or drive off into the woods and hope that if you scream loudly enough some chthonian, far off figment of your mind will echo back at you through the tree’s.

Furthermore writing itself is a left brain activity. It’s pretty vile when you’re trying to take a right brained gnosis and render it linear enough to be read, be intellectually digested, and still retain its essence. The code just doesn’t compile!

I’ve had enough reading. I was lead by my own infernal guides to Koetting’s works and that proved to be the last set of books I’d need to read before hopping behind the wheel and taking this shit for a spin myself. I’ve read about a hundred books after on every occult subject you can imagine and they all left me half satisfied. Like a jerk off session with whiskey dick as my only companion. I’d trade them all for the visceral hot erotic stimulation of that nameless whore who whispers into my ears that all of my dreams are capable of being realized if only I pact with myself and my surroundings that I will flay the flesh from my bones before I let them slip by me in this life.

We have our own initiations upon us, each of us truly touched by the darkest spirits of the western world and that should leave us little concern for the musings of others on their own paths.

If I could leave you with anything of value I would recommend this:

Work with Belial you wont (soon) regret it.

Financial trouble? Seal of the House of Kel (Evoking Eternity)

Want better luck in daily life? Better establish an ancestral altar.

Have trouble hearing or seeing spirits? Start paying attention to your dreams especially if you can become lucid.

Looking for a bridge between opening sigils and full blown evocation? 2 words, black mirror.

If I post anything further in this thread it will be about the more practical aspects of demonic possession, ancestor work, and black mirror scrying. The rest is up to you.

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It’s my opinion (and personal experience) that life is a series of cycles - you seem to be in that phase of knowing silence, a “seeing through” the utter inability of words to convey the heart and soul of this work.

Here’s one of my favourite British modern-day shamanic teachers talking about this cycle: http://www.conts.com/shamanism.htm

We all travel many times round this on our different paths (yes, even badass black magicians who think everything else is fluff and bullshit :slight_smile: ) and each time we close down into that seedlike silence, a new spring usually awaits us when we move onto our next big adventure. :slight_smile:

Amazing … Reading Thank u. Cogitation …

Hi all,

Last I posted here I was in the midst of a skeptical insight role. I had to sort of halt and catch fire. To disintegrate, deny, reject and oppose the system of belief I have been integrating into myself constantly over the last few years.

A couple of factors prompted a sudden and violent reality check where I found it necessary to denounce and turn against all of the occult thought which I had formally supported.

The most prominent factor in this revolt was not failure, but success. I had finally completed the ritual of evocation to visible appearance, and a separate occasion had witnessed an instance of what I call “Hollywood clear” audible communication between me and a demon. The only issue? The most phenomenal evocation I have preformed failed to produce a rather directly needed and simple result (The spirit in question explained why this occurred just two nights ago.) and lastly this same spirit in the instance of Hollywood clear screaming right into my eardrums clairaudience… had been entirely wrong.

I was very upset by these things, and found it necessary to reevaluate my whole psyche from scratch, no spirits, no magic, no supernormal influence, just my will.

I have since returned to manifesting my desires through the demonic communion.

The practical reason given to me in meditation, was that I had had called “several instances” of this spirit into my life to work on various goals some of which had to be redefined along the way before manifesting the way I thought they would.

Essentially I had the spirits energy running in several directions at once, the solution given was to evoke the spirit in question and formally recall all of its attention, energy, and being from the sort of paradoxical directions I had sent it in, and I saw positive movement in my life the next day.

This issue speaks to the point of burning and disposing of sigils, the formal disposal of offerings at liminal points, etc. and also keeping your own goals and intentions unwavering so that your spiritual powers can keep moving in a cohesive direction. Another thing I noted was that the communication that takes place at gut level, or seems to be a foreign thought taking residence in your mental dialogue are often more subtle but far more reliable than the completely overwhelming presence of a disembodied voice that most of us starting off would have viewed as a fool-proof and ideal means of communication. Actually for me, the louder the voice got, the more falsehoods it contained to the point where I was in doubt that I was even in contact with a spiritual source, and had to make sure I was not having a sort of schizophrenic episode.****

**and of course this was a work of fiction. I have never communicated with disembodied voices, or feared that I was going through a magically induced psychological breakdown. // end disclaimer.


This post is dedicated to the powerful assistance of the Goetic President Marbas, he is renowned for his mechanical knowledge and has a reputation as a healer (specializing in the typically infernal region of the “lower chackras” or the healing of the very fleshly body. In other words, he can really mend (or rend) in a visceral way.

I found myself in need of travelling a great distance suddenly and enlisted the aid of Marbas, calling for a beneficent familiar to accompany me on my journey in return for a few small tokens of gratitude, this post being one of them.

During my day trip (which exceeded a few hundred miles) I was keenly aware of the hired hand which tinkered and monitored silently behind the scenes, keeping things running smoothly and sheilding my shuttle from harm. I have had fantastic results with Marbas twice relating to fixing or protecting vehicles, Marbas in my experience, prefers a small offering in return for his work, which in light of his professional and succinct effectiveness is well worth it. He does real work, he prefers to be paid!

Hail Marbas!

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This has definetly peaked my interest, as well as the interests of others. I’m bookmarking this.

Sometime last week I had a humorous experience with Andromalius, the 72nd demon of the Goetia.

I had noticed that an unathourized charge had been made to my debit account for about a hundred dollars. It was late at night after a trying day, and I knew I had no choice but to wreak some vengeance on the would-be-thief.

I went straight for my black candles but a little voice said (“No. not those tonight.”) so I stuffed them back into their drawer and did a standard sigil opening, I called out to Andromalius and requested that the theif be identified and the 100 dollars returned to me promptly. Andromalius consented.

I woke up the next morning preparing to deal with the hassle of explaining the situation to my bank when a family member who I had informed of the situation called me and reminded me that I had authorized them to make those charges and that they were probably just clearing now. I breathed a sigh of relief and gave a little chuckle glad that I had not hexed myself or my kin the night before.

A couple of hours later I was called into work and made about a $100 that day.

So within 24 hours I was made aware of who “took” the money, and had it returned to me. So thanks Andromalius, this one’s for you.

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Totemic Healing

“Shit!” I cursed to myself out loud and tore off my shirt wadding it into a ball and throwing it carelessy into a corner. Its an expensive work shirt but I’m sure I wont be needing it tommorow.

My throat had started dripping like the ominous first few drops of rain that falls from black clouds. I was heating up and there was no denying it anymore. I was sick fucking sick if how fast I was falling apart was any indicator of what was to come.

I cancelled my plans that afternoon as my head started to clog with whatever fluids my body was pumping into it to resist the microbrial invaders.

It usually wouldnt be a big deal to miss one or two days of work to feel better but the next few days are critical to my plan. I’m almost there. So close I can taste it.Now is about the only time I cant afford for this to happen. And after a few hours sweating in bed I’m sure I’ve got the flu.

A chill comes over me, that kind of cold were you cant tell if you need blankets or to kick the whole damn comforter off of you. I cast my eyes over to the altar in the corner and cant imagine getting up to do a ritual for healing.

I blow another tissue into snotty oblivion and cast it aside. Convinced that I had to aid myself along somehow I closed my eyes and started to meditate. I had been feeling pretty spiritually disconnected as of late. I have an animal that I consider a totem and that I have respected and treated kindly whenever possible for a long time. I had never tried interacting with it magically though beyond taking its presence as a good omen.

Recalling some helpful posts on the topic of core shamanism I fell into a light trance, my ally lives in tree’s anyway and so taking its normal tree and using it as the archetypal world tree was no problem. I “shapeshifted” into its form and climbed and climbed and climbed.

Eventually I reached an obvious dwelling and my totem was there. His black eyes peering into me with an intelligence that challenged my assumption that I was visualizing him. I expressed my desire to be healed and he gave me some food to consume. I thanked him and started descending the tree so that I could take the healing down into my body.

During the descent suddenly I found that I was looking “up” directly under a blazing hot white sun, I had done it. I was in “alignment” my feeling of just not “connecting” to my source evaporated as quickly as my visualized meditation had yeilded to this greater spiritual reality and I drifted off into restful sleep.

later in the evening I popped Vitamin C and Echenacia and I wondered if snorting some would help things along. Of course I knew it wouldnt but I wasnt far from trying as I guzzled water down a throat that was torn up like an old lumber yard.

I was jarred awake by my alarm clock the next morning, imbetween fever dreams I was planning to just decide wether to go to work at the last minute. I sat up in my bed still congested but something was diffrent. My nose was dry.

I swallowed. By god my throat wasnt sore anymore. I got up and tentatively brewed some coffee taking things slow. I cleaned myself up and got dressed as I tightened my tie in the mirror I gave a quick smirk and grabbed a good luck charm, I was gonna need it today but thats fine.

I had recieved a little taste of what kept medicine men in business so long before actual, well, actual medicine came along.

I guess this magic stuff works pretty damn well after all.

SO cool, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Marbas The Lion-Faced

I just wanted to quickly recount and thank Marbas for his swift assistance (yet again) in repairing a sudden breakdown. My Vehicle fell into disrepair at a truly inopportune time and from the outside it looked like the repairs would be in the hundreds of dollars. I had no time to lament my fate and so I hopped into ritual action. (The eerie fact being that I had thought of Marbas on my last ride before the malfunction.)

I banished, invoked the blessings of the 4 Crowned Princes of Hell, and opened Marbas’s sigil offering him a portion of my essence along with the sparkling red grape I poured into the chalice. (When I poured this libation into the dirt after the ritual the next day, my mouth and nostrils actually flooded with the scent of blood which leads me to believe I preformed a successful transfiguration of “wine” to blood.Woohoo for phenomenon.!)

I managed to patch up the parts of the car that needed fixing well enough to fix around over the course of the next day but still had no plan to repair it. The next day followed suit, but something special happened. During the course of a regular business transaction an individual pulled an old antique out of their pocket - nothing less than a 150+ year old brass lions head. I fixated on the object immediately and would have purchased it on the spot if I could have as I knew it was a major spiritual sign that Marbas was moving.

I searched for a suitable repair shop to go receive my death sentence of a cracked engine block and a raking over the financial coals. My eyes caught on one not 3 miles from my home that I had never noticed before. “Thats the one.” a small, quiet voice suggested to me. I booked my appointment for the next day.

The good news started early, the mechanic walked back into his small but well chilled waiting room and qouted an unbelievably low price to me, with only one part being the issue. He then said that he could get the part to his shop by 3:30 that afternoon. I pumped my fists into the air and had a jolly walk home. Within an hour I was summoned back to the shop (don’t ask me how the part arrived so fast online everyone had to order it.) and by mid-afternoon I was cruising off in my repaired vehicle. I burned Marbas his candle, poured out some more libation, and retired his sigil to the underworld. Hail Marbas!

I swear the best high in the world is the moment of manifestation when you are savoring the sweet moment when your ritualized visualization becomes present reality.



Hail Leviathan. You twisting serpent of the outer darkness, who maketh the waters to boil and froth with the churning of your infinite coils. Who becomes as Lord when the Waters stand still over the face of the earth. From whence the fish claim the fields, and the toads the granaries.

What spear can thrust into your side? Who raises a blade before the wrath of Rahab, or violates the sovereignty of Judge Nahar? Go before me primordial manifestation of the Abzu, swallow my foes into the Briny Depths of Damnation! Let the waters overcome them unto their last desperate shrieks for clemency. Nema.

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On the Infernal Path

If one sought out the Devils in their infernal abodes and asked

“Teacher what is the greatest virtue?”

Doubtlessly the Being would answer thusly:

"There is always pleasure in strength. Love Wisdom, love Power, shun weakness and hate foolishness. Hate the weakness in your self, that is love. Say unto yourself “My own right hand will be my salvation!” this is righteousness.

It is written before the throne of Satan and Moloch, proclaimed upon the lips of the damned in Hell –

“No Remorse is the one command!”