WoD: Path-working experiences

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Sometime last week I had a humorous experience with Andromalius, the 72nd demon of the Goetia.

I had noticed that an unathourized charge had been made to my debit account for about a hundred dollars. It was late at night after a trying day, and I knew I had no choice but to wreak some vengeance on the would-be-thief.

I went straight for my black candles but a little voice said (“No. not those tonight.”) so I stuffed them back into their drawer and did a standard sigil opening, I called out to Andromalius and requested that the theif be identified and the 100 dollars returned to me promptly. Andromalius consented.

I woke up the next morning preparing to deal with the hassle of explaining the situation to my bank when a family member who I had informed of the situation called me and reminded me that I had authorized them to make those charges and that they were probably just clearing now. I breathed a sigh of relief and gave a little chuckle glad that I had not hexed myself or my kin the night before.

A couple of hours later I was called into work and made about a $100 that day.

So within 24 hours I was made aware of who “took” the money, and had it returned to me. So thanks Andromalius, this one’s for you.[/quote]

Andromalius is Incredible, he Find the Stolen Cellphone of my Sister in two Hour as intended! HAIL ANDROMALIUS!

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Brilliantly said Cogitation…Can I summon Lord Dammon just with his Sigil and green candles at midnight, is there any citation or particular script to summon Him. Please advice…Trishul