Can someone please speak to king paimon for me?

I didn’t want to ask someone this but I’m kinda desperate to know what’s going on with my specific working. Especially after being suggested a divination for it.

I asked king paimon to help me manipulate some simpletons to help me get this truck back on the road and the results have been very mixed.

I think I can see him working for me but the end result is still the same. Truck isn’t back on the road.

Can someone ask him what’s going on ?

Has he done all he can ? Am I sabatoging with internal thoughts ? Why do I keep running into problems that set back the goal ?

Is he trying to convey something that I can’t clearly decipher ?

I can sense energy if it’s strong enough and get yes or no answers but my clairaudience needs work so I can’t really have a full conversation with him yet.

I figured a good payment would be putting his sigil on my rear window if he did after all help get the truck on the road. This way he also gets a lot of public exposure.

His name and sigil will be known wherever I go. I have it right here on the nightstand next to my bed but haven’t put it up yet because the truck isn’t running yet.

Also ask him what he thinks of me ?

Please. A huge thank you to anyone who does this.

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Are these guys backed up with work? Are they professionals or just some guys doing you a favor?

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In the name of L A D Y E V A T O N! I conjure and evoke thee oh @Manosman that thou appeareth in a familiar form!!


Anyway, he says you’re sincere, but you keep moving the goalposts. You’re getting in the way. Your offering is fine.

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Nah my friend who is a legitimate good dude and the only one out of all the people I’ve asked for help who’s shown up.

I’ve offered a fair amount of money to several people and have gotten ghosted time after time ( remember just because a shop earns 1k doesn’t mean the mechanic gets 100% of that).

He used to be a mechanic but just does it on the side now and has his own landscaping business.

He’s the one who took me to get the damn transmission.

He’s been so swamped with work though he hasn’t been able to really help with it since then.

try calling on marbas he has been known to fix someones car in the past maybe he can help you here

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Hmm I see. I guess that makes sense. I also didn’t get specific in telling him to get the truck running but to manipulate my friend into helping me. I’ll be more specific and apologize to the great king and explain what I need to him more clearly. Also my fault for not accounting for the little shit that could get in the way.

I’ll evoke him tonight. Even though I’m not that great at evocation yet I got a strong connection to him I feel so it’s almost like he’s there before I even open his sigil.

I kinda thought it was implied but it’s ok. If I could open my clairaudience this wouldn’t be a problem.

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I mean…I can as well make a sigil for me, to make it easier for you to summon me. Since I seem to be your number 1 summoning preference XD.

However, since people have been asking me to talk to King Paimom for them, I have stopped doing that. It was just getting out of hand with all of these requests. It’s not like I offered to do it for them or anything. And I didn’t want to say no back then either. But also, King Paimon doesn’t really like it when people ask others to talk to him.

@username666 what happens in such cases though, is that the summoner:

  1. Didn’t give specific details
  2. Is blocking the results
  3. Can’t just wait, since King Paimon is waiting for the right moment to strike (he’s a great strategist after all)

My guess here, probably the number 2, since you feel his energy and he’s trying to give you results. I suggest you work towards it, but don’t lust for results. Also, call him and ask for his advice on that.


No he doesn’t. He’s had some choice thing to say about the op at first, but he calmed down after a bit.


Refreshing to hear someone be honest about what they think of me tbh. I hate fakeness.


To be clear, he was exasperated at how you were handling the situation. I had to listen to him vent for a bit before he got down to actually telling me something that I could pass along.


I understood what you where saying and I had a feeling he wouldn’t approve of how bad I was sabatoging everything. It’s more like how you get annoyed when your child throws a tantrum.

If KP didn’t want anything to do with me the petition wouldn’t have been accepted.

This is my first working so I’m definately still learning.

Hard lesson but I’m glad a spirit is giving me constructive criticism because how else will I learn ? Especially this early on ?

These entities are very patient and willing to help. Even after they get frustrated with you.

Surely I’m not the only one who sees the hypocrisy in Judaism ? “Evil” demons like king paimon look like the saints to me when compared to Yahweh.

Yaweh is so quick to strike you down for “ disobeying” him … because how dare you

Lmfao. My dad is a hardcore Christian. Can’t believe buys that ridiculous shit.


I mean, I know he was angry about that. He gets really annoyed by stuff like that. I mean, it’s hard to improve your astral senses. But it’s something that must be done.

Is clairaudience all telepathy though ? Like what I mean is do you just hear it as a voice in your head or when you hear a spirits it sounds like if they where physically there speaking to you ?

What’s the best excercuse to develop this ? Sometimes I swear there’s a deeper stern voice in my head but I can’t tell if I’m physching myself out or if it’s actually KP.

It’s probably King Paimon, if you think he’s talking to you. Also, clairaudience is both of those, it depends on your level of mastery.


Ummm Belial for me??? Is this a thing?

Why not?

Honey, my “truth spell” worked too well 5 years ago and I have embraced being a witch … and now I have pints of blood in the fridge for Eligos and Belial (seriously I’m a 38 yo MOM) idk shit!!!
I think I do… I KNOW I make things change, I still wondering when the demons start speaking

Belial says make yourself able to hear. We are always speaking.

And that’s it for tonight.