WoD: Path-working experiences

Hello all, I am a fairly new practicing magician (Occultist for 2 years, with rituals only preformed in dire circumstances) until just recently when I discovered EA, and using his methods and metaphysics, have been practicing regularly something I always had in mind to do.

All of my rituals have yielded results, some more potent than others, but here I would like to detail my experiences with the demonic path-working found in Works of Darkness including the introduction to Darkness ritual, as I preformed it as a preliminary rite to this path working.

Introduction to Darkness ritual:

The altar was arranged in a small corner of my room, utilized only for ritual work, and kept free of clutter, my athame and chalice flanked by a black candle and a violet candle. To my right was a consecrated “inscriber” for drawing the inverted pentagram, and a red lighter also only used for ritual and consecrated to that purpose.

After a brief meditation before the altar, I rose athame in hand facing the west and gave the orations to each cardinal direction raising the temple into the shadows of creation by the powers of darkness, and the authority of the Black God. I also proceeded to create an astral circle of protection as instructed.

This is where things get interesting. Has I reached the southern and last point to be raised into the shadows of creation, a presence so dark, and so tangible entered the room, that it shocked me out of my ritual state. I stuttered out the oration, feeling acutely aware of the invisible stranger, I recovered from the sudden sensation however and after opening the temple sat down in meditation again.

I reached out to touch my altar as instructed in the book to connect with it, and immediately got more than I bargained for, as I meditated on the living creature of blackness before me, I felt a heart beat. A literal heart beat was emanating from what should have been dead matter.

I was already more affected by the powers I had called forth at this point than I realized however, and this minor phenomena seemed a sinister foreplay that only served to spark my lust for power.

I opened the sigil and gave orations out to the abyss commanding that the veil between this world and the next be torn.

I felt an acute pressure in my right hand and ajna chackra as I transferred my intent into the sigil. The pentagram proceeded to flash violently, (The only sigil that had ever flashed more intensely was the sigil of Mestorat, who’s power I can personally vouch for (Kof)

I felt presences compound my small space, and by this point was under the sway of darkness, so much, that all of these otherwise noteworthy phenomena that would usually lead me to be content with the rituals success, did nothing but serve as an alluring gaze from the abyss.

I was ravenous for contact, for the power that these invisible and shadowed figures had flaunted. An immense emptiness and sadness filled me, I purposefully broke the circle begging for the demons I had summoned to break my mind (I think at this point they already had) When I intuited that it was time to end the ritual, I gave my final calls to the abyss as a comrade of darkness, and dismissed the entities.

I will be detailing more experiences as time passes, and I am interested in hearing about your early ventures into black magick, and especially with your experiences through these path-workings.

Next Entry: Martal

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The following night I knew it was time to call upon the powers of the First Demon of the Kingdom of Flames - Martal: Demon of initiation.

I set up the altar has described above and preformed my initial consecrations and temple opening, after the candles where empowered, and lit, I gazed into the sigil of Martal and was met with the same cooperative morphing and flashing as the previous rite, if not moreso. I continued chanting my incantations to keep my monkey mind occupied and allowed the transference of energy and intent to occur as naturally as possible.

It was at this point that I fell deeper into omnipotence then ever before, and for the first time this young magician knew what it was to “fall through rings of reality.”

For those who haven’t known the sensation yet, it isn’t actually like “falling” its more like an intense magnification of whatever your focusing on more of a “rushing forward” than a falling down.

At this point I recognized that I was in a unique psychological state for the first time, and doing my best to remain calm and firmly entrenched in that power, I gave my petition to Martal, requesting in this omnipotent state and speaking as “The Black God” that “This sorcerer receive the distilled knowledge of darkness and the mysteries of initiations from above and below.” In this state I began naturally referring to my human ego and physical form in the third person allowing my Higher Self - The Black God, to state its will for His incarnate form.

Over the next couple of days, my thoughts turned increasingly to astrology and the fire element was noticed over and over again. I started to admire the traits of those passionate, grounded, and clear-headed Leo’s in my life, and over and over again, the thought resonated through my sub-consciousness and into my awareness (sometimes painfully) that I needed more of this element in my life or I would dissolve in a heap of confusion and hedonism. The next demon in the path would bring these realizations into reality in the exact form I needed,
and will be detailed next post.

Next Entry: Kaltemtal

Inspired by the influence of Martal, and pleased to see that occult wisdom actually does mesh into mundane life in an effective way, I moved on to the next demon in the path- Kaltemtal: Demon who teaches the secrets of domination.

The ritual of opening Kaltemtal’s sigil was am empowering as the aforementioned rites (Note: The introduction to darkness ritual definitely gave me a magical boost that has since faded, but at this point under the guidance of Martal and Kaltemtal, I was a neophyte on spiritual steroids.)

I preformed the required visualizations, and reached new stages of psychological empowerment and quite frankly was starting to feel quite high on myself, like a kid who had just received his first kiss.

At this stage of the pathworking there was a noticeable shift away from the emphasis on phenomena however, I was becoming more used to the magical mindstate , and so the real meat and potatoes occurred after the ritual itslef, as it should.

I kept Kaltemtals charged sigil on me for three days, bringing my attention to Kaltemtals energies in my presence several times over the course of the 72 hour span, I would do this by imagining a black aura stretching out of me and impacting my immediate environment whenever I remembered or felt the sigil on my person.

On the morning of the third day however, some shift had occurred, as I brought my attention to the sigil, my mind crossed the border between “imagining” the aura I had been cultivating around myself for the past 2 days and experiencing it, the visualization spontaneously took on a life of its own, and instead of seeing a manufactured, and plastic fantasy of a dull but animated blackness emanating from my body, I was instead greeted by a shining darkness enveloping my form, not coming from within, but drawing near to my skin and working ON me.

My attention was brought more and more to what I needed to change in my life, sub-conciously, silently, Kaltemtal told me what I needed to do: And that was a very simple thing, it was to get into the gym at any cost. Exciting right? But an important aspect I found is that these spirits will work with one on an individual level, I had always loved the gym but various fears, and controlling circumstances had driven me far from it. Kaltemtal instructed me in no uncertain terms to forge my body and mind in the temple of Fire, to channel my anger and confusion into clarity and strength and that these traits would lead to godhood.

My gym is within walking distance of where I live, and has such I took the opportunity to walk there, unfortunately it started to rain that night. However as I walked home braving the damp winds that evening ,my attention was again drawn to Kaltemtals sigil, I was walking by a wooded area, and suddenly was stricken with the thought that it was time for me and Kaltemtal to depart, leaving his sigil here in the dark woods felt more dignified and respectful than tearing it apart on my altar in the claustrophobic and confined temple.

I unfolded the sigil and gazed into it one last time, some sublime beauty emanated from the paper as I held it in contrast to the stormy sky determined however, I destroyed the sigil and thanked the demon of domination for leading me to a mundane method of Ascent, understanding that Kaltemtal had truly taught me the first key of magickal sovereignty: Self-Control.

The demon had not stressed the importance of dominating others, but had stressed the importance of dominating oneself, and especially overcoming the icy chains of fear and doubt through the blistering inferno of Divine Will.

As I continued the short route home, I was immediately aware of being for the first time in several days truly alone, the powers and familiars of the spirit had departed as I had learned their lessons and brought it to fruition and to the time of this writing I still live by the information I received from the infernal during my time as a Theistic Satanist, and now reiterated by Kaltemtal:

“There is always pleasure in Strength.”

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The next entry is supposed to be the working with Paimon, however I feel that I still am and so I would like to give that time to mature.

anyways there are to many “I”'s in this thread, enough about me, lets hear about you.

What changes or suggestions have the spirits you work with given you? What do you notice now that you have taken their advice? Have you ever been steered wrong by the denizens of regnum spiritus?

I was enjoying hearing about you, great work.

As far as changes… Well mostly the spirits have told me to change my perception. A few times I would ask various spirits how I could become a Black Magician and their response was along the lines of a quizzical look and “Are you not already?” I had to change my perception and realize that every moment I am a Black Magician, not just when I am in the circle.

I have not been lead astray by a spirit. (that I can recall) But while I was learning to tell the difference between my inner voice and that of the spirit’s I lead myself astray into some dumb wastes of time.

My brother is a frighteningly natural clairvoyant (clairaudient) and described a very similar feeling when we where visited by a spirit during our early teens.

We where having a very emotionally charged conversation, and randomly he turns to me and says “higher forces are at work” I asked him what he meant, and he said he doesn’t know, he just feels something.

We continued talking and several minutes later he shushes me violently. I think somethings wrong and I ask whats up, he tells me that something just called his name. (Even though he possess the ability to easily converse with spirits, he doesn’t want to utilize it, it seems as it can be disturbing.) however recognizing the latent ability in him, I told him to open his mind and listen.

We went on to have a full on conversation with the spirit, me and my brother never receiving c contradictory impulses, although his senses being so naturally apparent he would hear a coherent explanation to a question, whereas at the time I only sensed if the answer was negative or positive, but the whole night we never diverged on what we where hearing.

The spirit also materialized briefly in the corner of the room, and politely told us to not go claiming that we are psychics or anything as it was doing all the work. At the end of the night it told us that it would visit us again in a month.

No doubt we slept with the lights on that night…huddling.

Hi all, feeling that I have assimilated Paimon’s advice, I have just entered into contact with Belial and am exicted to see what the next three days will bring.

Speaking of Belial, Orismen’s binding spell which he details in the thread “shadows” works like a charm, take a few minutes to memorise the phrase and commit it firmly to memory so that you can call on it effortlessly.

The next time someone actively is hostile towards you, bind them with the incantation “Ar Rak, Mulz seth Kor dah”. And as the darkness and the hatred emanates out from you, you may be greeted by a satisfying mental projection of your enemy reduced to a beast of burden under bronze sky and surrounded by desolate feilds, their fragile animal forms subjugated under the dominion of the Ascendant.

Works of Darkness: King Paimon

I debated for several days how I could utilize the powers of King Paimon effectively in my workings. In “Works of Darkness” this whole path working serves as an introduction to darker powers, and it is during this part of the path that the neophyte magician calls upon King Paimon and asks him to manipulate someone or something to be visibly affected by his influence, alot like a magical science experiment.

Has I sat back and considered all of the possible people I could influence, I realized that magically manipulating any of them wouldn’t really serve any purpose other than to disrupt the balance I had created in my relationships.

However I knew I had to work with Paimon, it would be inappropriate to skip him, and beyond that, I wanted to work with this entity.

Days passed and as I mulled the subject over in my head, I decided that I would ask Paimon to change something in my life that actually needed changing, myself.

I had concocted the idea that since magical initiation and guidance is what I sought, surely King Paimon could bestow the dignities of magical initiation, and since he holds presidence over the things of the mind, could likely lead me to the right mind state which is such a critical part of things.

The ritual to King Paimon, I must admit, was not one of my greatest success’s in terms of getting into TGS, or even opening the sigil,(it didnt flash open) however I did what I know I am supposed to do when these things happened and believed in myself and the working regardless.

As I visualized what I wanted I saw myself first stepping through a black and ancient stone door, representing magical initiation, as I kept this up the visualization took on more a life of its own, and I was guided to seeing myself holding a scepter symbolizing power and control over my own affairs, with a glowing path cutting through the darkness, symbolizing a road of ascent to be traveled.

I thanked Paimon, and closed the temple.

Over the next two days nothing occurred, in fact I became a little bit more confused, to make a long story short, this was because of my pride, my previous magical success’s had led me to believe that I was more powerful than I actually was, and also, the emphasis on self-godhood, and the sort of non-servium attitude one tends to pick up during journeys down the left hand path, left me unwilling to acknowledge Paimon has a higher authority.

When I recognized this however and openly stated to Paimon my willingness to submit my ego to his teachings for the sake of Ascent, the floodgates of knowledge where immediately opened to me. Again this occurred on a sub-conscious level but built up into having conscious thoughts being very solid, clear, and enlightening, over the course of 24 hours after I spoke reverently to Paimon, my whole mindset was cleared up and recharged. I knew specifically down to the letter what changes I had to make to ascend.

I assimilated and did my best to live by those changes over the next days (as I still am) and I opened Paimons sigil and gazed into it, to see what I could discern. During the meditation I felt an intense pressure in my Ajna, and I found myself visualizing a conversation with Paimon, He was sitting on a black throne in the middle of an inky void, his skin muscluar and glowing blue and also with the head of a horse. (I know this isn’t how the grimoires depict him so take this with a grain of salt, but in dealing with Paimon I was repeatedly shown this blue horse headed king, with neptuniun, and sea-faring influences also imparted) He gazed down fiercely at me, and restated what he had led me to consciously realize rephrased below

“Rise early, ritual in the morning, scholastic’ s, and then the gym and indulgences.”

“It is not appropriate for you to be rising when the world has been awake for a half-day, this nocturnal schedule is the result of Fear, conquer it, make the changes needed, and you will enjoy the power flowing through you.”

“No longer are you to feel owned, through discipline of the Self, you will find freedom. Be elastic and through proper foresight maintain that which needs to be maintained.”

“Before you retire know what the goals of the next day are, Take control of yourself and control of your circumstances will follow.”

“Go now and walk the path that has been illumined.”

At that he materialized the scepter I had visualized during the ritual and handed it to me, which I took to mean that he was handing me the reigns, seeing how I would do alone with the advice that he had given, and that he would not be sticking around to help, only watch.

Any experiences you’ve had with Paimon are welcome, and I’m wondering why I kept seeing him as an equestrian and water-based entity… I also experienced him has a being separate from Azazel, though I don’t claim that as a fact it was just the impression I received.

Your thread’s so entirely great I don’t want to say anything except that…

[quote=“Cogitation, post:8, topic:2043”]“Rise early, ritual in the morning, scholastic’ s, and then the gym and indulgences.”

“It is not appropriate for you to be rising when the world has been awake for a half-day, this nocturnal schedule is the result of Fear, conquer it, make the changes needed, and you will enjoy the power flowing through you.”

“No longer are you to feel owned, through discipline of the Self, you will find freedom. Be elastic and through proper foresight maintain that which needs to be maintained.”

“Before you retire know what the goals of the next day are, Take control of yourself and control of your circumstances will follow.”

“Go now and walk the path that has been illumined.”[/quote]

… All of these are so close to the good advice I’ve had (which changed my life for the better over the past few years) that I can only say you’re onto something.

I speak as someone who used to have to take herbal St John’s Wort for depression, for example, and I had all sorts of minor problems and stuff, and by following stuff given like this I got all that crap sorted out, and although I’m not “perfect” (whatever that is) my life is unrecognisable from before I started to work with “dark” entities and the whole LHP thing.

You’re posting brilliant stuff: please continue to update when you have more to share, because it’s inspiring and affirming to read

Many magicians on this site have inspired me including yourself, for the brief time I’ve been here. This site has the highest concentration of serious practitioners I’ve encountered (And I don’t mean the owners necessarily)

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I’ve done all of the pathworkings and nothing happened. Oh well! I’ll just start over. Hearing the confirmations like this make it so much easier to pick up and try again.

“Tasa Lirach Welch Belial” the enn had been emanating from my lips for the last 30 minutes and had taken on a very vibratory quality about itself, I felt the heat of the Sacred Flame wrapping itself around the temple and sensually convalescing with the supersonic particles infused with my intent and emotion bouncing off of the temple walls, offering the Sons of the Lawless one refuge within our slowly vibrating plane, inviting them to take shape in our reality, and they did, one by one, my visualizations became more spontaneous, more vivid, A crowd of imposing and cloaked wraiths had gathered round my gibbering husk, as that which is divine in me tore the veil between the here, and the not here, apart.

My attention was brought to the physical momentarily, and I noted that one candle, the right one, had in fact extinguished itself, or had been extinguished by something else. I turned my attention to the temple and its guests, and greeted them fondly, we had a lot to do.

I wont mince words, or attempt to be poetic describing the affects of this ritual and in fact I am instead going to bullet point what occurred, because to be honest if their was an overall theme to my 3 days with the familiars of Belial, I have not fully uncovered it as of yet, though I have a few hunches.

The most immediate affect of the working occurred right before the ritual was closed, In giving my orations to the spirits, I spilled candle wax on myself, eerily enough the wax splattered on Belials sigil and a goodly portion stained my floor, and an even larger smattering scalded my legs, the odd occurrence being that both the sigil, and floor wax maintained a liquid viscosity, the wax that touched me “shelled up” not burning me as badly as it could of, and took on the consistency of dead skin. This could be a normal occurrence but the instant transmutation of the substance is what first surprised me, like it occurred on contact with no delay and not as a process.

The next day can really only be described as euphoric. I felt like I had woken up from a long, and foggy dream. As I walked to the gym, I looked up at the grey sky and was suddenly hit with the strangest feeling, I just thought to myself, “Damn, I’m glad to be alive.” as if I realized that I had been “not incarnate” for a very long time, and was just now realizing how good it was to be on this plane. During my workout itself, I could feel the familiars with me, and I utilized them to lift much more than I had before effortlessly, the heavy breathing and endorphin rush of the exercise left me in a potent, and accidentally achieved, TSG, during which I felt the distinct presence of at least 4 individual spirits, which pleased me greatly. My will seemed to be wrought on its own, and especially if I directly asked the familiars it would be done, people I did not want to see where driven away from me, enemies subdued their rage as if on a primal level they could hear the digestive system of the hell mouths salivating to dominate their very souls if I gave the word, I was truly the happiest and most fulfilled that day than I had been in a very long time.

The day after is admittedly foggy, though I do recall making sure to keep the sigil on me, I also preformed a ritual, and it took me a good 10 minutes to remember what for just now.

My last day with the familiars was very difficult. All of the clarity I achieved turned to dismay, I was risen to the heights of self-actualization, and was promptly shattered, the presences that had filled me with such elation upon arrival grated upon my sub-conscious, their darkness infecting me. However I beared with it, and took the opportunity to skry and I again, was at the gym, which houses a long mirror, attempting to to reclaim that power that had pulsed from the depths of my being only hours before, but that seemed an eternity removed from my present mind-state, this is what I saw:

Static covered my face as I deliberately unfocused my eye’s, and not long after an ethereal blackness covered that static like a forest fire’s smog, and in that smog formed a face layered across my own, a beautiful woman with long black hair, red lips and face-paint looked out at me, startled, I broke my concentration, and tried again, and she did appear, exactly as before.

Then, a man in tribal facepaint, appeared layered over my face, his visage became that of a skull layered over my own image which I was gazing into, not panicking as I had before, I let this image stay, controlling my breathing, not finding a reason to move, I let the skull sit there and I knew it symbolized a death of some sort, hopefully only a death of my bad habits, and even more hopefully a rebirth, I was very concerned at the vision and considered asking for help on the forums about it but decided against it, however if you have any ideas or intuitions please do tell.

The next part is where things really get weird. Feeling a little bit more like my self, I decided to keep pushing and to see what I could uncover, I repeated the process, and eventually a Hebrew symbol resembling a "y’ appeared and I heard the word “yessed”

(Important Side note: I have been running into copies of the Zohar, and jewish mysticism in my day to day life, and I attribute this to the first demon of the path Martal, as indeed the things of the dark have come to me.)

I knew that a sephirot bore a similar name, but I had found myself quite dissapointed with kaballah, and Hebrew magic altogether finding it a self-deprecating, and essentially, well, judeo/judeo-christian hodge-podge of white light morality and some esoteric ideas.

I did however look into the closest sephirot that the voice could have meant, and that is Chesed, the sephirot of love and good-will.

I dont want to detail the realease of Belials familairs back to the acausal because I feel that this is long enough as is, however I did feel a real sadness in dismissing them as if I was saying good-bye to very close friends, this sadness even out-weighed the grief described in the Introduction to Darkness rite, as it was not a sadness of unfulfilled power lust, but a good-bye, it was surprising to me at the time, considering how, frankly, the presence of the familiars could not be shaken off my etheric bodies quickly enough just before the ritual.

Since then, I have felt at time’s overwhelming compassion(!) and the urge to work with white light entities, mixed with a feeling of apathy. I don’t know if that was just the result of being introduced to Zohar energy currents… Or Belial was/is telling me to work with angels? Like I said, I’m not sure.

However as usual, writing this out has helped me detail, and document my own thoughts on this working, When all is said and done, I really recommend going through this path-working, I wanted and was expecting, to receive a message or advice that I could make “the moral of the story” from this last teacher, however Belial has proven to take a more mysterious approach to things.

EDIT: During the day that the Chesed energies where upon me most heavily, I saw a rainbow, in the eastern sky, and the setting sun in the west, and was stricken by the glory of it all, in a positive way realizing that I had created all of this on some level, and that hell stood at my left hand, heaven to my right. That was the main message of that day, the happiness and elation was also more apersonal, as if removed from me in some subtle fashion. If I had to chose, I would take the ecstasy of power that the familiars offered me that “grey” day, the darkness that day, only seemed to make “strong” or more vibrant colors seem more alive, over the glory of the rainbow and golden sun filled with good-will towards my fellow man and appreciation of natures beauty. But I think the point is to experience both. Maybe Belial was illustrating that mortals are both darkness and light, and that trying to alienate one or the other was on some level, going to result in self-denial and self-loathing which will take you no where fast. If I had to make an educated guess, maybe Belial was poignantly illustrating what most of us here already intellectually comprehend, it sounds a little like a platitude even as I type it, but I think it holds water nonetheless and warrants repeating

Use both hands and accept yourself for all that you are.

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I must say, I’m really enjoying these posts.

Its hard for me to read “long” posts usually but I’m glad I took the time to read these. This a good thread with practical advise and detailed experiences. Keep it up!

Hi all. I’ve been off exploring and making some progress on my own path, but I’ve been keeping an eye on the forum and keeping watch for some things.

I’ve experienced alot of internal shifts during the last couple of months, and also want to comment on the evolution of my magical ability and increasing prowess to compare notes with people that have ascended past this level, to inspire those who haven’t and to entertain if possible. I’ve crossed several ritual milestones (First visible apparitions, and energy becoming a physical sensation.) and I’ve also encountered some of my first struggles.

(Disclaimer: Anything past this point was authored by an acquaintance of my dog and is a work of fiction*)

New Years Rite: In an effort to stay somewhat detached from my working, I’ll simply relate that Mammon has often manifested through the flame of the candle, making it flicker very low, down to its blue base, however the demon that manifested just as strikingly during this rite would count has the first visible apparition I’ve summoned forth in ritual and my first arrival at the crossroads of rapture. Me and my magical partner had infiltrated a closed off natural enclosure that we had to access on foot to avoid detection, adding to the surreal feeling of the work, we chanted invocations (Alash tad alash…) to take advantage of the physical strain of travel as best we could as a type of immersion process. We reached the gate to our desired location, and I joked to him that “Hey somewhere right now, a mage is breaking into a graveyard, so this aint so bad.” Secure in the darkness past that point we journeyed to a crossroads underneath the constellation of Orion.

I erected the candles and established the temple, I was in the process of preforming a modified LBRP when it happened. “Before me… Azazel…” The words powerfully ejected from my diaphragm in a vibrato, in my own mind I sung Azazel’s song and feeling his presence I opened my eyes, before me was no longer the dark woodlands that I had shut my eyes to, but a a chaotic and swirling mass of black and grey energy, the sight took the words from my mouth, and I stared dumbly, mouth agape for several seconds before the energy dissipated and there stood the bushes again. Refocusing, I continued the ritual to completion, afterwords my partner detailed to me that he had seen the gates of the sky tear open, that he had seen creation and destruction blossom at once and shatter. I couldn’t doubt his sincerity as he almost walked into a fence talking about it, after the ritual he described a sense of awe and amazement, but was also disoriented.

During an intense banishing ritual, an elemental lord manifested as a solid black figure(!!)

I strongly feel that this leap from feeling presences, and energetically being able to pretty much only see sigils opening, to seeing my first materialization’s and making conscious contact with the other side is a result of a steady regimen of LBRP practice.

I’ve been preforming at least 2 a day since, EA posted his instructional of it, which has led to me studying more hermeticism, showing me some aspects of the Eternal Source, the Elements, and Tarot.

It is awesome for learning to invoke omnipotence and especially finally catapulting yourself into much deeper Theta Gamma Syncs than before especially if you are a relatively new magician, which I admittedly am.

But these are awesome experiences that I wanted to relate to BALG to hopefully give a little back to those who I take inspiration from here.

I’m about to talk about EA, but don’t take it as a nut hug or as a criticism, He’s a great magician and artist, but he cant be expected to have all the answers, nor can he possess them all himself as some Grand Guru of Modern Occultism, I’d caution against falling into any teachers Idolatry, but especially his, one because he has obviously cast a glamour about himself through low and high magick that will tend to draw people towards him, I’ve made my peace with his intentions, and I do support his methods because they work for me (and I’ve never paid him a dime, so I don’t have to convince myself otherwise to save face.) however do be aware that he is a LHP magician, in other words a spiritual predator, that glamour is there for a reason…

More importantly however, is that if we all set up EA has a sort of Captain of the Ship we are vesting our collective faith, and spiritual growth not with his ideas but on HIM. If EA died tomorrow, would you still be a Living God? After this site goes down, would the word Ascent ever cross your mind again? This method and philosophy is workable, I’d hate to see it go the way of the COS post-Lavey. The only way to use it and make it something eternal and impactful is to walk it ourselves, not fetishize anyone elses progress, ideas or claims. With that ramble out of the way:

For you BALGER’s who don’t do it already, be sure to watch all of EA’s videos on Youtube, especially the interviews with Nate Bales they are entertaining, but EA drops hints on how BALG developed, on ritual methods, and on his current workings. The thing is he does it has if it where a second thought. They are also great resources for further knowledge and have led me to the likes of Robert Bruce, Winter Laake, Lon Milo Duqette (Go to grimoar, and download his stuff asap, read his evocation of Orobas, it mentions theta-gamma synch, rapture, directing the spirit energetically into the triangle, just mind-blowingly
similar to how EA posits the metaphysics of things Ea definitely either read this at some point or was influenced by it, or it is a massive synchronicity. (Duquette- illustrated Goetia Page 30) This book is like a precursor to Evoking Eternity focusing on a delightfully practical approach to Goetia while remaining firmly steeped in the GT tradition - I’d venture to say that some is a little steeped in religious dogma, but 99% is pure gold.)

Every day, I personally am improving my situation, financially, emotionally, and otherwise. Everything I have ever wanted has been pouring into my life like liquid gold since I cast my first spell, and that has only multiplied after discovering BALG. Remember that perspective is everything, truly the internal precedes the external, and that if you keep practicing faithfully, even on through the rituals (especially daily LBRPS) that can sometimes be admittedly sterile, you WILL improve. Even if you don’t sense it directly just the actions of meditation and ritual will advance you. Within 3 months of daily work with this system I’m seeing results, materialization’s without needing a base or even tools, and I’m damn excited about it.

Do be warned however, that I have found the tongue-in cheek warnings are a lot easier to read about and dismiss than experience. I have gone through periods of instability and pain even during my Ascent as a result of increased sensory perception, black magic can unbalance you, no joke. Even this forum I have found can mess with my mindset and be a hindrance at times. Trust yourself, press on, and don’t compromise with what you deserve in life and it will come to you.

I’ll step off the soap box now, thank you for listening.

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Awesome, Cogitation! I 'm glad the daily El-Burp is working for ya. Keep it up!

Mind’s eye is receiving some major improvement after daily visualization of the Pentagram’s and its invoked denizens whatever they may be.

It was such a bizarre feeling the other day when I found myself half asleep looking out at my room and then realized that my eye’s where closed…that explained why everything was glowing.

I’ve also been seeing astral energy and impressions at random time’s of the day, some more intense than others, it can be a little unnerving to suddenly be able to sense spirits calling to you at night.

In any case, I made contact with King Paimon again, and encountered a remarkable level of consistency in his unique signature and presence at evrey level.

I started by entering rapture (through a relatively painful ego-death.) and visualizing his approximate sigil and energy in front of me, allowing him to “answer the call” so to speak before I directly invoke him after months with no contact, immediately a vision unfolded that cast my visualization to the back of my mind, there illumined on a field of his own energy was King Paimon in the shape of dromedary with obvious royal heirs, he retained his neptunian and authoritarian aura as I had first known him. I employed him in that state to grant me further Self-mastery.

It seems to me that an odd occurrence behind my most powerful episodes of contact and psychic successes is that at least in terms of seeing the spirit, it becomes effortless at some point, its suddenly just there, it hasn’t been a process of imagining it into place, so much as emotionally connecting with its essence, connecting to my will, and persevering, and all of the sudden the mundane pops way into the background and boom there they are in whatever shape beautiful or terrible they bring.

Fotamecus: The sigil turned godform. Fotemacus is the at one point egregoric spawn of several Chaoetes. He turned out to be such a potent manifestation of a certain aspect of the universe that he became a Godform.

Read his story here: [url=http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/chaos/texts/fotamec2.html]http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/chaos/texts/fotamec2.html[/url]

This afternoon, during a particularly slow-dragging work day, I invoked the power of Fotemacus, I had read about his abilities, and his story struck a chord in me that I could not forget. I requested that the hour and a half before my break pass quickly (pathetic I know, but caffeine man, caffeine.)

Fotemacus is a spirit engaged in an interesting back story, but his most important feature his ability to manipulate the flow of time, especially to facilitate time travel, and to alter the perception of time.

Most Time-spirits share one similar side-affect to the usage of their powers, that is, if one measure of time is sped up, an opposite and equal amount of time must be slowed down and vice-versa.

Appropriately enough time seemed to pass more quickly, as I suggested the same to myself, in the spirit of succeeding with contact. Minutes passed by in painless little gaps, the major difference being that my mind was afforded distraction by communications, responsibility and thought, on just about anything but the passing of time. Humorous or enthralling synchronicites increased.

I figured I had taken full advantage of this little time recompensation effect by scheduling the slow hour to be my break, my yoke would be lifted swiftly, and I would spend figurative eternities basking in the glory of idleness!

When I sat down to my speedily arrived repose, I pulled out my phone with the intent to listen to my favorite podcasts. However YouTube was not being so agreeable, a strange error either with the software or the server connection kept occuring - there would be no youtube.

Just about as I came to accept this, activity swirled into the usually silent alcove of the break room. This made it difficult to concentrate or get lost in what I was doing. I wasnt angry, but oddly amused because I could feel that this was also Fotemacus, the tide was turning.

Indeed it was a long hour. It wasnt torturous or even unpleasant but the speeding up did result in an slowing down. Notice the methods this was accomplished by:

In both cases time- or at least what we call time, which is in essence a trained perceptory experience (Sensing time is the act of being sub-conscioussly counting, you know how someone says come back in 5 minutes, how do you think you know when 5 minutes has passed intuitevly? We’ve grown to measure time on a subtle level.

When this sub-conscious process of time measurement is interrupted,when you are engrossed in a pleasurable activity (“Time flies when your having fun.”)
you are not “counting time” thus the idea losing all physical grounding in you as it is not being observed rendering its passing ambiguously without definition and when you snap back into the pattern of counting time (as when glancing at a watch) You recount, and realize how far off track you are (Wow, it went by so fast." )

So is “Time” a thing? Fotemacus is also reported to have made time pass in different ways (As in consuming less fuel in a car, by speeding up the time around it to accelerate it to its destination.) Cars and oil cant perceive time, so them being affected would clue at a physical layer of time that can be directly manipulated.

All opinions welcome, and most importantly, experience Fotamecus!

I have been using time based magic for a while to slow down the time in my meditations and speed up my drive to work.

Strange side effect I noticed. The Cosmos seems to have noticed that I meditate when time is slowed down. Now the new rule I seem to have inadvertently written into my reality is “When Orismen meditates, contemplates, or is in anyway reflecting on things; slow time down to a crawl.”

All I can say is “Go flow go.”

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The following is a work of fiction /wink

The worst time in my life began about 2 years ago, and is just ending now.

However in April of 2011 I found myself far to the Northwest several thousand miles from home, or at least where home used to be before I lost it, driven from my stomping grounds by various malefic circumstances and escaping by the seat of my pants into the dreary Seattle city scape out of the frying pan and into the fire as far as I could tell.

In any case my budding spirituality would not be put down so easily, and I spent most of my time getting high and meditating in the one bedroom crackerbox I had scurried into along with my resilient kin, who had suffered this atrocity with me.

One day, I consecrated my Mary Jane to Dionysus, and sat down on my red sheets the constant construction noises the only sound in the room apart from snippets of conversation.

“Those are the sounds of waves.” I told myself over and over again. All of the sudden something peculiar happened. I was really hearing waves and even detecting the subtle scent of sea salt. I opened my eyes and to my right where the sound was coming from was indeed an archetypal beach front, while phantasmal and blurry it was most definitely there, and a feeling of peace descended on me like a celestial mothers kiss.

I stayed in a very aware, and yet very tranquil state of consciousness, and allowed whatever was happening to develop at its own pace. Suddenly I was surrounded by a scene of immense beauty, the serenity within making the dull red and green carpeting glow with a brilliant fluorescence manifesting fully to what I thought where my physical eyes.

Bells twinkled in the distance and little fae figures descended draping what seemed to be a pure white and shining blanket of the type of love that can only be experienced by an innocent child over the entire room

A soft multitude of voices whispered something akin to “Everything is going to be ok.”

The blanket vanished and I had the sensation of opening my physical eyes.

The red sheets I sat no longer belonged to a bed but it was a sort of stone pattern or wall. I looked ahead and did not see the room, but a river brook I knew intuitively that I was wearing orange robes similar to eastern garb, and that my hands were not made of flesh but of a neon orange. I recall the strange sensation that I had no facial features at that point to speak of, that my face was entirely an outline and nothing more, but this did not bother me.

The vision shifted again and I was back in the physical room I had started in, the peace no less diminished, and the carpet sill aglow ahead of me I saw a guitar… the same guitar that I remembered putting by the door about 15 minutes ago and has soon has the conscious words came into my mind “That guitar isn’t there anymore.” The whole scene vanished and I had returned to the reality that I had just witnessed become so malleable.

I would go on to escape Seattle and wind up right here, your humble cohort in apotheosis.

Should my enemies seek me out this very night, they will not find the shivering child that ran from them so long ago, but a man that wields powers beyond their comprehension, and even without those, has become so established that he could not be shaken.

I went from being homeless, to now possessing 2 vehicles and being gainfully employed moving into management positions while staying in college.

I dont say that has a braggart as truthfully its not much to brag about as the battle is not yet over, but its more of a message and a testament to the powers of perseverance, a message to let you know that no matter what dark night of the soul you’re struggling through, if I can make it - so can you.

More on topic, and the reason I started this post in the first place was to emphasize the importance and power of meditation. I’ve been meditating every morning for half an hour diligently and am just amazed at the revelation and power that comes from being able to consciously control these states as is proving so important to my magical practice. If your not start!

I’ve consecrated my self to the inferno. I detest the dross of my samsaric ego and so I’ve let go of attatchments, like my precious pot.

I’m stone sober, Belial has made it all to clear that while such things may be appropriate for the sheep that will know no greater transfiguration of consciousness that it is not appropriate at all for the Magus, whose borders of perception are stretched far too wide to introduce random and haphazard pcp’s and and neuron over-stimulators to the mix.

What is more disgusting than achieving spiritual contact and the ecstasy of power that comes with it, and then having to wonder if it was just your toxic state that produced the effects?

What is more disgusting than having to dull your perception of the world, the very perception that is your Only hope of molding this reality as anything more than a slave, with prescription drugs and alcohol?

Instead I come home and throw myself into EA’s works. I read them over and over again as so far, every word has shown itself verifiable and testable.

Nate Bales is right! These works are meant to be meditated upon. And if the boot fits the boot fits.

As for me personally, I was excited to begin evocation because I had become skilled with sigil magick and wanted to take my practice to the next level, I went and got my brazier and copal and black 7 day candles.

Only to find this hundred mile detour of needing to truly master this crossroads state! However each meditation I’m getting closer, each morning I know I take another step. Each vision and revelation I receive I know it will not be long before with my own open eyes I receive the same flash of insight standing within the bounds of the circle.

Thanks for keeping me motivated Balg.

Godlike speed,